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Chapter 529
Chapter 529: Tourism Project Completed

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After Jiang Chen met the pilots, he toured the military base at New Moon Island and met all the officials accompanying Ivan . Because the Netherland's BMA Construction Company's representative in Xin suddenly called, Jiang Chen returned to Coro Island .

The ten billion project was near completion . Once the messy scaffolds were removed and the anchored construction boats left, the beautiful island would display its perfect combination of advanced technology and natural beauty to the world like the concept art displayed .

Just like last time, BMA provided the highest level of greeting to Jiang Chen . They sent the general manager of their Europe Division, Hannah, to complete the project . After the last two phases of the project contracts were paid off, next would be the ceremony . Once Zhang Yapin signed a few policy documents in support of the tourism industry, tourists would come in, waving their cash .

As early as half a year ago, Future Technology used all its channels to hype up the tourism industry in Pannu Islands . The titles "The Maldives on the Pacific," and "The South Asian Hawaii" set the expectations high for the islands . As long as the islands weren't too terrible, Jiang Chen could easily count on cash from the tourism industry .

When he returned to the mansion, Jiang Chen discovered that Hannah was waiting at the door . But what surprised him was that Natasha was there too; the two ladies were chatting together .

When Hannah saw Jiang Chen, she ended the conversation with Natasha and shook Jiang Chen's hand with a smile .

"Hello, Mr . Jiang Chen, I'm happy to see you again . "

"Me too, Ms . Cavillian . Please come in . " Jiang Chen invited her in as he opened the door with the digital key .

Hannah nodded and went into the gate .

Jiang Chen stood at the gate and looked at Natasha . The tall girl played with the blonde hair beside her ear and watched him with a grin .

"Are you not going to invite me in?"

Jiang Chen didn't know what she wanted, but he sighed and also invited her in .

"Please come in . "

When they entered the room, Natasha didn't disturb Jiang Chen's talk with BMA . She took out a bottle of champagne from the fridge as if it was her home and disappeared for a while .

Jiang Chen didn't bother with her as the entire mansion was under the surveillance of cameras . With Natasha's intelligence, she would know this well .

Hannah sat in the living room with Jiang Chen and presented him a plan for the construction completion ceremony, the explanation of each infrastructure, quality assurance certification, as well as photos of the completed construction project .

Jiang Chen was extremely pleased with the work BMA delivered . As for the stacks of certification documents, Jiang Chen only scanned through them roughly .

There were supervisors he trusted who continued to monitor the construction, so he wasn't worried about work falling below quality standards . With BMA's reputation, they wouldn't do anything that would tarnish their own name . If there were serious construction quality problems, the lawsuit of the 8 . 7 billion contract would make them bankrupt .

After he signed the transfer of 4 . 7 billion in remaining fees, Jiang Chen sent Ms . Hannah to the door and warmly expressed that if there were future projects, he would definitely contact them .

After he sent away the representative from BMA, Jiang Chen returned to the mansion and began to search for the Russian girl who disappeared not long after she came in .

Jiang Chen previously thought she went to the third-floor pool or dining room since she brought a bottle of champagne with her . But to Jiang Chen's surprise, he didn't manage to find her on the third floor . Instead, she was in the first-floor gym, leaning against the chair and wearing the Phantom on her head .

Champagne was on the wooden floor beside her with the cap still unopened .

She probably discovered the helmet in the gym when she strolled by and changed her mind .

She certainly made herself feel at home .

Jiang Chen scoffed as he looked at the flickering green indicator light on the helmet .

Internal beta tests had already started and Future Technology's immersive virtual reality technology was no longer a secret - it was fine if she played for a while . The real secrets he had to keep were the smart medical chamber and virtual reality training chamber in the basement .

But speaking of this, Natasha was completely unguarded .

The massive softness was about to burst out from her T-shirt as the shirt revealed her attractive torso and seductive vest line .

Jiang Chen stopped staring at Natasha for a while . He then subconsciously gulped and went to wake her up . But just as he stepped beside her, the green indicator light changed to red . After a brief flickering, Natasha sat up and took off her helmet .

She tossed her blonde hair and noticed Jiang Chen who was standing next to her as a teasing curvature appeared on her mouth .

"Oh, what were you planning to do to me?"

"Planning to wake you up," Jiang Chen said without hesitation .

"Is that so?"

Natasha's long legs stepped down and she stood on the wooden floor in the gym barefooted .

"An astonishing experience, I don't understand how you're always the first to invent such amazing technology . " As she put on her sandals, Natasha raised her head and checked him out a few times with ccuriosity

"This is my business secret . " Jiang Chen smiled and returned the curious glance .

"Is it?" Natasha said uninterestedly .

It was clear that Jiang Chen's response didn't please her .

"The netcafe for virtual reality is now in Moscow… Of course, there are stores in Xin . I know you're not here just to experience Phantom . " Jiang Chen neglected the desire flickering in Natasha's eyes and redirected to the topic at hand .

Seeing Jiang Chen turn serious, Natasha also put on a stern expression and cleared her throat .

"That's right . I'm here today for two things . "

"Is there a quality issue with nutrient supply?" Jiang Chen joked .

"No, the effect of nutrient supply is stunning whether it's the preservation period or hunger satisfaction . The National Defense Department wants to increase the number of orders… Of course, I'm not here to talk to you about this today . Do you still remember Willie Society?"

"Of course . "

When he was in Veit, Ayesha killed one of their snipers . That was his first encounter with the Willie Society . Then their agent made their way into Celestial Trade and successfully escaped . Then Jiang Chen provided the personal information of the spy and documents cracked by Xie Lei to the KGB . He had been wondering if they caught him yet .

Willie Society was connected to the Nazis and the Golden Apple . Because of geographical and political reasons, they received tolerance and even support from NATO; that was all Jiang Chen knew about them .

"Do you remember the information you provided us about that spy?"

"Of course, what about the spy?"

"We caught the person two months ago," Natasha said .


Natasha took a deep breath, got closer, and whispered into Jiang Chen's ear .

"Half a month ago, the terrorist attack in Frankberg had their shadows involved . "

When Jiang Chen heard Natasha's words, he wasn't surprised at all .

From Frankberg Deputy Prime Minister Evelyn, he already knew this information . Natasha's words only confirmed the validity of the information .

"Based on the intelligence we gathered, the weapon they obtained in this attack originated from the Balkans, provided by a Slavic arms dealer . And the arms dealer is connected with the Rothschild family . . . "

Natasha moved away, stared into his eyes, and spoke slowly but deeply .