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Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Five Hundred Million USD

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“See you later . ” Jiang Chen extended his right hand .


Nick cracked a smile as he took his hand and shook it hard . Then in broken Chinese, he said, “See you . ”


As the black vehicles departed, Jiang Chen took a deep breath .


500 million USD .


Converted into RMB, that was 3 . 1 billion RMB .


Jiang Chen ecstatically gasped as the idea took root .


[I’m rich!]


3 . 1 billion RMB! It was a number he never could have fathomed in the past! If he put the money into a savings account, the interest would be at least a couple million a year .


He took another breath in an attempt to calm down .


The interest alone would be more than enough to sustain a luxurious lifestyle .


After he let this idea sink in, he slowly inhaled one last time, enough to finally settle his rampant thoughts .


If his only wish was to be a wealthy man, then this 3 . 1 billion was enough to last him a lifetime . But to create an empire that spanned across two worlds . . .


At this, his excitement gradually cooled down, replaced by the fire of ambition in his eyes .


Desire had to power to make people crazy, but it also made some people stronger .


Wealth? That was not enough .


[I can gain more . ]


“Hehe, not enough . 3 . 1 billion is a fraction of what Future Technology Corporation is going to make in market capitalization . ” He laughed loudly, disregarding the weird looks thrown his way .


[Not only a wealthy man, I will be the richest man! 3 . 1 billion would be an astronomical number in anyone’s pocket, but that’s for ordinary people! Am I ordinary? Since I already have enough for a mansion, why don’t I purchase a golf course?


What? I don’t know how to play golf?


So what if I don’t know how to play? I can still show it off!]


And even if it were to draw attention to himself, once the full-sensory, virtual reality computer and other devices were introduced to the market, he would be noticed regardless .


It wasn’t as though he did anything illegal either, so he wasn’t afraid of the authorities .


The government was not foolish enough to believe time travelers actually existed .


Even if the authority were to develop an interest in him, they would treat a corporation with such advanced technology like a precious jewel . In no way would they be foolish enough to kill the egg-laying chicken . To implement technology helpful to the military, the actual procedure would take more than ten years which was impractical .


With innovation also came the risk of prompting an arms race again, risking a technology leak to espionage activities .


But a top technology giant was different, bringing in billions of tax revenue for the country . It would fundamentally change the country’s status in the world .


Even if the authority were to forcefully buy the company and take over, he was not afraid .


With the interdimensional bracelet, no one could catch him . While he wouldn’t be able to do anything against them, he could always start anew somewhere else .


Of course, he sincerely hoped to never see this day come .


Maybe once he grew to become an immovable force, the authority wouldn’t be able to lay a finger on him .


Anything was possible .


With a cocky expression, he stopped a taxi and headed to Xia Shiyu’s apartment .



“You’re finally back . ”


Xia Shiyu squeezed the words out after letting Jiang Chen into the room .


“Umm, I encountered some problems,” Jiang Chen said as he scratched his head .


Xia Shiyu sighed at his careless expression .


She hadn’t been able to sleep well these past few nights, but now that Jiang Chen was safe, her heart was finally able to settle down .


As for why she was worried, she didn’t bother to think it through .


“If you have something for me, just give me a call . You don’t have to visit every time,” Xia Shiyu said casually .

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows with a grin on his face . “Why? You have a boyfriend now?”


Xia Shiyu coldly glared at his humor-filled eyes . “No, but you always find me during inappropriate times . Even if it’s work-related, it’s still not right . ”


It was already 8 o’clock—allowing a man into her home felt slightly weird . Despite her poker face, this girl took other people’s opinions seriously! If not, she wouldn’t have fired Jiang Chen over a joke .


There were probably already rumors circulating around with the neighbors .


Jiang Chen easily saw through her intentions .


Although he understood, he still wanted to tease this stubborn girl .


“No worries, overtime until tomorrow morning,” Jiang Chen said while laughing without thinking through the implications of his words .


Xia Shiyu’s face, however, turned bright red, so threatening that it seemed she would kick him out right there .


“Did I say something wrong?” Jiang Chen asked as he scratched his head once more .


[Seems like I teased her too much . ]


Towards this sensitive girl, Jiang Chen could never resist teasing her, but if she actually got angry enough to stop working for him, he would never be able to clean up the mess .


“…” Xia Shiyu’s chest heaved violently as she bit her lips before she finally calmed down .


Extra time until tomorrow morning? You plan to spend the night here? What extra night?


Being an assistant was a sensitive profession . Although Xia Shiyu was the CEO by name, she always felt that her work was more of an assistant’s .

But Jiang Chen didn’t seem to realize the meaning behind his words, and with how easily she became embarrassed, she would never say it out loud .


Xia Shiyu sighed again at Jiang Chen’s grin . She grabbed the document she had worked on for an hour before turning off the TV .


“Company growth . I’ve already submitted the required documentation for the mobile game to the authorities for approval . It didn’t have any sensitive information, and we’ll most likely receive the results shortly . Even if we released the game now, the loose regulations currently in place would allow it without many repercussions . In fact, this would solve the pressure on our cash flow, and many companies are already doing this . ” Xia Shiyu propped her black-framed glasses and logically explained the progress to date .


“Excellent, I’m impressed by your ability . As for the early-release plan, there’s no need to rush it . We won’t allow other people the opportunity to ridicule us, so follow the procedure as planned . ” Jiang Chen nodded with a smile .


“On the other hand, the company building renovation is almost complete . Including the furniture and one year of rent, the total cost is seventy thousand RMB . I’ve already submitted the cost to the accountant, and here’s a breakdown for you to look through . ”


“Not bad . ” Pleased, Jiang Chen nodded and flipped through the sheets .


Despite receiving recognition for her work, she felt more tired for some reason .


She huffed before continuing, “Based on my research, the minimum number of employees required to operate is fourteen . This is taking into account the fact that we don’t require game developers . A manager would cost six thousand a month starting salary, server maintenance, legal, customer service…”


“Wait, you can just give the spreadsheet for me to look over . Give me the key takeaway,” Jiang Chen said .


“The estimated salary cost would be sixty-eight thousand a month . The necessary equipment would cost around one hundred thousand . If we don’t develop ways to generate revenue,” she took a deep breath and said slowly, “the company is facing risk of bankruptcy . ”


No matter how stellar her management, she could not make money out of thin air, particularly for a mobile game that required time to gather the initial investment . Without a proper marketing and operations team to build a large customer base, even with methods such as in-game purchasing, everything was futile without people playing .


“Bankruptcy?” Jiang Chen started to laugh .


“What are you laughing at it? This is your company . ” Xia Shiyu gave him a dirty look .


Unfortunately, it had no effect on Jiang Chen .


“Ahem, equity infusion . ” Jiang Chen didn’t tease her further and said in a voice full of arrogance .


“This is the only way the company can survive through this initial rough period . Since we don’t have the necessary assets, it would be difficult for any bank or venture capital to loan money to us . How much is the president willing to give?” Xia Shiyu felt relieved . Even if it was Jiang Chen’s company, she still depended on this job since it all began with her owing him money . The fact that Jiang Chen didn’t outright demand it didn’t mean she would not pay him back; this was her own stubbornness .


“Is ten million enough?” Jiang Chen asked casually .


Swoosh, the files dropped onto the ground as Xia Shiyu stared at Jiang Chen stunned .


“What? Not enough?” He frowned . “What about one hundred million?”


“Are you making fun of me?” Xia Shiyu gritted her teeth and glared at him . There was no way she believed that Jiang Chen was that wealthy .


What kind of business would make this amount of money in just half a year? The only explanation was that Jiang Chen was joking with her .


“I’m not kidding . ” Jiang Chen laughed . “You can come with me to the bureau to finish the necessary procedures tomorrow . ”

Xia Shiyu fell silent . After a long pause, she finally said, “If you’re so rich, why would you open a company?”


Jiang Chen thought for a second before rolling his eyes . “Who set the rule that you can’t open a business if you’re rich?”


She was clearly not happy with this answer .


After another long silence, Jiang Chen didn’t expect Xia Shiyu to blurt out, “Do you want to pursue me?”