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Chapter 530
Chapter 530: A Traitor

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"I heard you have a close relationship with the Rothschild family?"

"Just in business dealings . "

"That's what we thought . Based on the information we acquired, they sent out an agent to approach you . If you have a close relationship, they wouldn't have this lack of trust . But speaking of that, you allowed that woman to get into your bed?" Natasha's fingers tapped Jiang Chen's shoulder and adjusted his collar .

There seemed to be a layer of meaning mixed between her words; he didn't know if it was jealousy or mockery .

"I drank a bit much that day . Also, I acquired information from her mouth . " Jiang Chen awkwardly looked away .

Indeed, if he was sober, he never would've done something this reckless .


"For example?" Natasha looked at Jiang Chen, quite intrigued .

"For example, the Golden Apple . " When Jiang Chen spoke, he carefully observed Natasha's pupils . "They seemed to be searching for something called the Golden Apple . When… we were doing a certain exercise, she asked me the color of the Golden Apple . "

"What color is it?"

"It's not gold . " Jiang Chen shrugged .

When Natasha heard Jiang Chen's words, her eyebrows furrowed and she looked down .

"I provided the information to you . In return, I want you to clarify for me: what exactly is that thing called the Golden Apple?" Jiang Chen zoomed into Natasha's eyes and he used a serious tone .

"Sorry, based on my level, I only know a bit," Natasha said .

"You're lying . " Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"I'm protecting you . You won't gain anything if you know what it is… Even the KGB doesn't have a solid understanding if that thing really exists . " Natasha sighed .

To be honest, it felt suffocating to lie with his eyes open . (1)

Jiang Chen really wanted to tell her that the thing really existed, but the functionality wasn't as good as you thought - it could only receive information at a certain time from a time point in the future through a special communication channel . And right now, he brought the mimicked communication channel to the apocalypse . It was currently sitting in the corner of Lin Lin's lab .

But he obviously couldn't do that .

Although he didn't think Russia would be able to do anything, to avoid unnecessary trouble, that secret was better eternally sunken in the bottom of the ocean .

"Okay, if you insist on keeping it confidential . " Jiang Chen sighed with defeat and ended the topic .

"I hope you won't misinterpret anything…" Natasha looked away, paused, and spoke again: "Returning to the topic, the Willie Society orchestrated the terrorist attack and used refugees' bodies to fake the identity of the gunmen . Not only in Frankberg, but all of Europe is a mess because of the refugee situation . "

"When did Russia become the world police?" Jiang Chen joked .

"This has nothing to do with the world police . Do you know the beneficiary of this terrorist attack?" Natasha stared at Jiang Chen's eyes .

From Natasha's eyes as well as what he saw in Ber, Jiang Chen already had the answer in mind, but he still chose to ask .


"The Rothschilds . " Natasha gave the answer Jiang Chen expected . "The Frankberg New Party, Austria Rightwing Party, as well as Fran… They have been betting on the right-wing parties at the start of last year when the refugee problem began to escalate . They are continuously using the media to bring attention to the refugee situation and ignited the fuse at Ber half a month ago . "

"What do they want to do?" Jiang Chen asked .

"Regardless of what they want to do, they're extremely dangerous . Also, not only us, but CIB is also investigating the dog on their leash as well as the financial monster known as the Rothschilds hidden in the public's eyes . If you don't want to be part of the gamble, it's best for you to steer clear," Natasha said with seriousness .

Jiang Chen met Natasha's solemn expression, gave it a thought, and spoke quietly when he raised his head .

"I'll remember your words . "

A pleased curvature appeared on Natasha's mouth when she heard Jiang Chen's reply .

"This was the first order of business . What about the second?"

"The second order of business: the two 'Guardian' vessels and two 'Kilo' class submarines are prepared along with the navy marines you sent . If all goes smoothly, they should dock at Coro Island's harbor by the middle of the month… If you have the deep water harbor suitable for vessels to dock . "

"Don't worry, once they enter Xin's water, our people will guide the vessels to the harbor . " Jiang Chen smiled .

The construction robots he deployed at Coconut Island had already constructed the military use deep water harbor with six docking spots . Two of them would be used to dock the "Guardian" vessels and two would be used to dock the "Kilo" class submarines . In that harbor, the construction robots would complete the transformation of the vessels, for example, change the 100mm A-190 cannon in front to an electromagnetic pulse cannon .

As for the two "Kilo" class submarines, Droplet One would complete the improvement work .

"I'm here today for these two things . After we've finished talking business, are you not going to have a drink with me?' Natasha smiled .

"No problem - champagne and whiskey are all in the fridge . Of course, because I have a construction completion ceremony to attend in the afternoon, I won't be joining you . "

"Lame . Where did the girl who always follows you go?"

Just as Natasha's words faded, she heard Ayesha's voice from behind .

"Here . "

Natasha turned around with shock and looked at the girl who was sitting in the chair Natasha was just sitting in . She didn't notice when the girl moved behind her at all .

And with the clothes on her, her appearance was certainly…

"Your clothes…" Natasha checked out her pure black attire .

Ayesha didn't respond and continued to look at her without any expression .

But Jiang Chen still noticed a curvature appearing on her mouth when she saw the shocked Natasha .

"It's just a full body suit with a unique appearance . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Even a KGB agent couldn't detect a Ghost Agent with optical illusion activated . Jiang Chen was extremely pleased with the actual ability of the stealth suit .

Of course, it also had to do with Ayesha's superb stealth abilities; optical illusion would only disguise the figure, while the sounds of walking, breathing, and turbulence created by moving wouldn't disappear .

Because of Ayesha's sudden appearance, Natasha lost the mood to tease Jiang Chen . She took two bottles of Whiskey from the fridge in the kitchen before she left .

She still didn't understand how Ayesha managed to do it .

When Natasha left, Ayesha took off the carbon Nano suit and changed into normal clothes .

"Did you distribute the stealth suits yet?"

"Mhmm . They're all reliable people . " Ayesha nodded .

"I trust your judgment . " Jiang Chen stood at the window to watch a car leave his garden with a smile .

A heartfelt smile appeared on Ayesha's mouth . To her, there was nothing happier than receiving recognition from Jiang Chen .

Suddenly, she pulled on Jiang Chen's sleeve as if she remembered something .

"Hmmm?" Jiang Chen turned around and looked at her .

"The Ghost Agents found a traitor . "

"Who?" Jiang Chen's pupils contracted as his eyes narrowed .

"Not part of the force…" Ayesha hesitated for a moment before she spoke again: "The significant other of Future Mining's Manager . Based on investigations, she provided Future Mining's information to foreigners… Her name is Su Fei . "

(1) Lie with eyes open