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Chapter 531
Chapter 531: Betrayal

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

In a hotel on Coro Island, there was heavy breathing followed by a high-pitched moan inside a room .

She lied against the muscular chest and reminisced about the great pleasure of life . The lips with bright lipstick respited for a while before she finally recollected her breath .

"Am I good?" The cute-looking man grinned .

"Too good . "

"Where is the thing?"

Su Fei rolled her eyes at the man and unwillingly twisted her hips .

"It's in the bag . Why are you rushing? It is not going to fly away . "

The man with the perfect smile hugged her around the waist and courteously put Su Fei on the bed, and then he lifted the sheet and sat beside the bed . From the side, his body looked muscular and fit . The handsome face was even comparable to some Korean celebrities .

Of course, the most critical part was the "length", unlike most Asians .

It was the part that intoxicated Su Fei the most .

"This is for our future life, honey . " The man used sweet words to woo her and then walked to the table .

Su Fei used the sheet to cover her body, her face beginning to blush .

Two months ago, they met on Weibo . Li Jinyan said he is a project manager at a food processing company in UA, because of work requirements, he was sent to Xin to conduct market research . When he saw the photos posted by Su Fei on Weibo and private messaged her asking her to be his guide for this strange country .

Li Jinyan's presence reignited the fantasy in Su Fei's heart, soothed the dried soil in her heart, and gave her the romance and longing Yang Yuan couldn't give her .

As well as the pleasure .

First Su Fei had a revenge mentality where "Yang Yuan didn't satisfy her desire to live in a big city and would constantly set her aside for work" as she half-willingly accepted Li Jinyan's pursue . Then days later, she had completely fallen for his "candy-wrapped shell" (1) and became his captive .

He promised her that he would take her to UA and gave her the life she wanted .

When Su Fei accepted his "proposal", he then mentioned that the negotiation with Future Mining is in a stalemate and they were unable to move forward . He hoped Su Fei could help him out and said that if the negotiation could be completed as soon as possible, they could fly back to UA and get married at the earliest date…

"Is this Future Mining's deepwater mining technology blueprints?" Li Jinyan took out a USB from her bag and played with it intriguingly .

Su Fei got off the bed in only her underwear . She walked toward the man, and hugged him from behind .

"Electronic version . Although he deleted the confidential part, he must have never thought deleted documents could be recovered . "

Li Jinyan raised his eyebrows and wrapped his arm around her waist like a gentleman .

"Oh? I didn't know Miss Su is a computer expert . "

"Don't be so surprised, at least I learned something in university . " Su Fei bit her lips and enjoyed the warmth between his arms .

She studied computer science at Wanghai University . While she was not a computer expert, she could do basic data recovery . It was just that she didn't know that this would be the opportunity where she could demonstrate her skill .

"Is that so? Please excuse me for underestimating you . Since if a lady is too beautiful, her beauty will cover her talent . " Li Jinyan put the USB next to his phone and affectionately spoke into her ear .

Su Fei's beauty could only be described as above average, and Su Fei even knew herself . But no woman would dislike being praised for her beauty, especially by a handsome man .

"Screw you . "

"Do you want more?"


She half-willingly half-resistingly fell onto the bed .

Just as there was an intense battle happening in bed, the two people in the room didn't realize the USB was secretively switched…

Li Jinyan left the hotel first .

Before he left, he left a stash of cash on the table for her to buy a few more clothes . Although Su Fei didn't choose him because of money, women never disliked men being generous with them .

As long as the method was right .

Su Fei didn't leave immediately . She savored the pleasure on the bed before she finally got off the soft bed . Based on his suggestion, it was best if they left the hotel at separate times .

She took a shower in the bathroom, reapplied her makeup, and sprayed perfume on herself .

After confirming there was no flaw, she picked up the bag while cautiously leaving the room .

Before she returned home, she had to visit an ATM nearby

Right when the door closed, ripples faded on the chair directly facing the bed with the figure of a black haired girl gradually appearing .

Zhu Yu, the UA Han from Michigan State . Because of her quiet personality, acute observation, and outstanding training result, Ayesha particularly favored her as she was named the executor of Ghost Agents . She was responsible for anti-agents surveillance work in Xin .

A few weeks ago, there was a suspicion that information was leaked from Future Mining with the Ghost Agents intervening to investigate . Just in three days of time, they gathered a list of suspects before determining the person that leaked the information .

Optical illusion had high battery consumption in motion, but in a still state, optical illusion could be maintain for a long time . Zhu Yu raised her left hand to check the hologram screen before she let out a relieved breath at the 10% battery remaining .

For a girl that never experienced sex, the two hours of live porn was too exciting for her . The Ghost Agents primary method to conduct work relied on high technology and not beauty, so they didn't receive any training in that area .

She took off the USB from her tactical vest, then took the card of a hotel worker and inserted into the card slot, and walked to the computer inside the room . She began to read the files on the USB that she had switched .

There was only one file inside . It was the electronic document Jiang Chen sent to the Manager of Future Mining – Yang Yuan .

Zhu Yu removed the USB after she cleaned the read history with professional technology .

She pressed her collar and connected it to her superior and also her trainer Ayesha .

"Target confirmed . The person that leaked the document is Su Fei, the girlfriend of Future Mining's executive Yang Yuan . The target document has been switched . "

"Excellent . Maintain surveillance; make sure you don't alert them . It is probably only a small rat that surfaced . I want to know the perpetrator . "

What shocked Zhu Yu was that Jiang Chen was the one that responded in the communication channel . But there was no inherent difference since the Ghost Agents were a special force directly serving Jiang Chen and Ayesha as the captain was the same as the Director of National Security of Xin .

"Roger," Zhu Yu replied .

When the communication ended, she opened the battery slot on her left arm and replaced the battery . Then she opened the hologram screen and in the screen marked the map of Xin . The two red dots separating were the coordinates of Su Fei and Li Jinyan, identified as spies .

Li Jinyan would have never thought that the USB contained a micro location marker and was currently sending his coordinates at a frequency of five times a second .

Zhu Yu took out the card of the hotel worker and headed out of the door .

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