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Chapter 532
Chapter 532: The Heart of the Sea
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

When the communication ended, Jiang Chen's expression was perplexed .

Just moments ago, the Ghost Agent at the hotel used the tactical recorder to send videos of the hotel . He didn't know how to describe the feeling of watching the livestream of his friend's girlfriend with another man .


Not necessarily, since he only knew recently about Su Fei cheating . When the two first met each other, Xin's intelligence department had yet to form .


A little bit .

Ayesha gently squeezed Jiang Chen's hand as she seemed to have guessed what was on Jiang Chen's mind as she simply looked at Jiang Chen .

"Ayesha, do you think I should tell Yang Yuan or should I take care of this without him knowing?" Jiang Chen asked in a quiet voice while closing the tablet .

It was easy for him to take care of this without Yang Yuan knowing . He could take out the spy and then create a "traffic accident" to also get rid of Su Fei .

Ayesha held onto Jiang Chen's hand and replied to his question with tenderness and determination in her eyes .

Jiang Chen looked back into the bright pupils and rubbed her head .

"Mhmm, I know . "

If it was Ayesha, there would only be one answer from her . Even if what he did may not be correct, in her mind, he will always be correct .

After lunch, Jiang Chen arrived at the construction ceremony site of BMA . The manager responsible for this project from Future Group was Wei Yun and previously a professional manager for hire before being headhunted by Jiang Chen . He previously had experience in tourism projects and was certainly a qualified talent .

When Jiang Chen arrived at the destination, he was waiting at the door .

When he saw Jiang Chen, Wei Yun in a suit standing straight immediately came to greet him with a smile and then guided the boss to the location of the ceremony .

The wave-shaped building was half-submerged in the ocean . BMA's architects cleverly used modern building techniques to mesh natural beauty with reinforced concrete . The U-shaped coastal area included a beach for leisure and a port to dock boats . The entire area combined restaurants, hotels, and shopping together with the sole purpose of providing all tourists with the best experience possible .

The name was the Heart of the Sea .

The meaning was the brightest gem in the entire Pacific .

The entire building had a total bill of 600 million USD; the price even exceeded the world-renowned Bird Nest . It was the most expensive landmark building in the entire project and the face of Pannu Island's tourism industry .

"Including Sheraton, there is a total of nine world-renowned five stars hotel that signed the lease agreement totaling 8000 square meters in hotel area at the "Heart of the Sea"; the leased area will be renovated to their hotel's brand . The lease is 5000 USD per square meters with a total of 40 million in lease payment due each year . "

"In the shopping and restaurant areas, we have received 8501 applications with 6510 coming from international bidders . Out of the 450 thousand square meters total area, 250 thousand has been leased out . Based on the 3000 USD per square meter of lease payments, earnings are expected to reach 750 million USD . "

"After the cost of electricity, labor, maintenance, if the projection is accurate, the Heart of the Sea will produce at least 200 million USD in profits for us . "

Based on the benchmark, using the international markets, the lease was not expensive . The consideration was partially due to Xin's tourism industry being in its infancy as the companies that invest here must also bear a high degree of risk . If the rent were too expensive, it would be unattractive for international food, service, and retail companies to invest .

If only a few stores exist in the massive the Heart of the Sea, the tourists' experience without a doubt will decrease . And the tourists' experience and reputation would determine future traffic of the Heart of Sea . And what will dictate the price of the lease of the remaining 200 thousand retail area was precisely the traffic .

Although the annual profit of the Heart of the Sea was only projected at 200 million a year, Wei Yun had full confidence that the number could increase ten times in five years!

As they walked to the location of the ceremony, Wei Yun reported to Jiang Chen Future Tourism's current operations . While Jiang Chen had to respond to his report, he still had to deal with the cameras facing him .

Wei Yun paused and then replied wryly .

"Of course, it is… it is just that it is hard to see you . "

"Of course, it is… it is just that it is hard to see you . "

He had been working in Future Tourism for a few months now but the number of times he saw the president could be counted with his one hand .

Normally speaking, it was Future Technology CEO and Future Group's Secretary Xia Shiyu executing the responsibilities of the president with work being coordinated through work conferences .

Although it was odd for the secretary to do the work of CEO, when Wei Yun thought that Future Group is not public and there are only two shareholders in the entire Group, it didn't seem too out of place .

There was also a story worth mentioning . At the start, Wei Yun looked at Xia Shiyu with judgment as he always thought the CEO climbed to her position with "alternative methods" . It was not that a female CEO was uncommon in international companies, but usually, they were middle-aged or even elder women . But Xia Shiyu was not only young and pretty; she looked like she just graduated from university a few years ago .

After a period of working together, he started to stop looking down on her ability . The ability she demonstrated in her work was indeed worth her position . As to her age… he could only use the word genius to describe that .

When Jiang Chen walked to the front door of the Heart of the Sea, he saw Hanna who was being interviewed by reporters, as well as the chief designer of BMA Willison .

When Willison saw Jiang Chen, his eyes lit up and immediately shooed away the media around him and welcomed him with open arms .

"Haha, our protagonist is here . Welcome! Mr . Jiang Chen . "

"Mr . Willison, nice to meet you . "

Jiang Chen shook Willison's hand with a smile and shook it firmly .

Surrounded by cameras and representing Future Group, Jiang Chen was to deliver a speech celebrating the success of the construction . Then BMA's Hannah and Willison, as well as Future Tourism Wei Yun, all provided their speech .

Surrounded by cameras and representing Future Group, Jiang Chen was to deliver a speech celebrating the success of the construction . Then BMA's Hannah and Willison, as well as Future Tourism Wei Yun, all provided their speech .

In the end, with the guidance from the master of ceremony, Jiang Chen with a gold-gilded scissor cut the ribbon tied to the door . With thunderous applause, Jiang Chen and Hanna announced the completion of the Heart of the Sea!

As well as the completion of the ten billion dollar mega-project .

"This will be my proudest work . Thank you for giving me the opportunity to make it into a reality," At the party after the ceremony, Willison with champagne walked to Jiang Chen and told him sincerely .

To Future Tourism and even Xin, the significance of the Heart of the Sea that will be printed in the tourism advertisement didn't need to be mentioned . To BMA and Willison himself, it was something worth celebrating as they were part of this project .

"Haha, it is you that made the masterpiece into a reality . " Jiang Chen toasted with him with a smile .

At the latter half of the party, President Zhang who just finished a conference with the neighboring New Guinea arrived and provided congratulatory remarks to Future Tourism in front of the media, he then praised Future Group's outstanding contribution to providing 24 thousand jobs in Xin .

What's the highest level of monopoly?

In the country that will never introduce an anti-monopoly law, Jiang Chen felt like he had achieved the ultimate state . Two-third of the country's labor force worked directly or indirectly for him . The military, the intelligence services, and even government officials all serve his company .

While he was having a drink with the smiling Zhang Yapin, Jiang Chen randomly reached this odd conclusion .

The more advanced, the easier it is to achieve dictatorship .

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