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Chapter 533
Chapter 533: Capture

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As the ceremony was underway, a hidden intelligence trade was taking place in a creamery on Coro Island .

A Caucasian woman, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a straw hat, in a tourist outfit sat at the window of the creamery while constantly checking her watch . When the hour hand struck three, a taxi stopped in front of the creamery . Li Jinyan, who got off the taxi, sat across from her and ordered a strawberry smoothie from the server .

Li Jinyan took the strawberry smoothie and displayed a charming smile to the woman who sat across from him .

"Do you know why I ordered a strawberry smoothie?"


"Because it reminds me of you . "

"Where is the thing?"

"It's in the bag… You are as cold as always . " Li Jinyan shrugged and pushed the USB inside a ring box in front of her .

"Oh? You made love with that girl for two hours, and you still have the energy to think about that?" The woman raised her eyebrows and scoffed .

"It is not too difficult to get in bed with that girl . I like challenging and difficult work," Li Jinyan said heartlessly .

"This first sentence doesn't work on me, but the second sentence is okay . I like men who are direct . If you come back alive, perhaps I will consider rewarding you . " The woman bit her seductive red lips .

"Haha, then I'm looking forward to it . Go back, wash up, and wait for me . ' Li Jinyan joked .

"Don't underestimate the situation . Xin recently formed a national security department," the eyes behind the sunglasses scanned her surrounding environment as she said emotionlessly .

"Don't worry, Kelly . Even Mexico has that, but who cares?" Li Jinyan dismissed this concern .

"I heard that the newly formed special intelligence department is called Ghost Agents . "

Li Jinyan laughed, he bit on the straw and slurped on the strawberry jam in the smoothie .

"I know you don't believe it . I'm just explaining this as a fact . " Kelly shrugged, stuffed the ring box in her bag, smiled, and got up, "Thank you for your ring . I'll leave now, best of luck . "

Kelly headed for the door .

Li Jinyan licked his dry lips while staring at the charismatic figure . Although he had shot his bullets inside the Han girl, just after a short period of time, he felt aroused again .

Because of "work", he made love with a lot of people . But to his female superior, he had been drooling over her .

After ten minutes, Li Jinyan finished the smoothie in the cup, got up to leave the creamery, and waved down a taxi .

"To the port . "

"Okay, sir . " The driver headed back onto the road .

It was a smooth ride . Li Jinyan sunk into the seat in the back, loosened his collar, and took out his phone .

Just as he was preparing to send a text to Su Fei, he out stared at the screen and was completely stunned .

No signal?

The feeling of alertness began to arise in his mind . With multiple years of experience as an agent, he immediately realized something was off . But just as he was about to ask the driver to stop the car, the steel-made blinds suddenly dropped down and locked him in the back of the car .

Then, a light fragrance flirted with the tip of his nose . Li Jinyan knew he was in trouble, but consciousness began to drift away from him…

When he woke up again, he realized he was in a room without a window . His hands were tied behind the chair . He tried to break the rope but quickly gave up .

Two soldiers with rifles stood at the door of the room . He didn't think he had the ability to escape .

There was a young white female sitting in front of him .

'The Ghost Agents?'

The word sudden surfaced in Li Jinyan's head .

He pretended to look around anxiously in front of the expressionless face . Then he glanced at the rifle in the hands of the soldiers at the door while speaking nervously .

"What happened? Who are you? Why did you capture me! I'm a legal foreign worker, I have a visa! You don't have the rights to…"

The woman ignored his acting and flipped open her notebook .

"Li Jinyan, Male, 27, UA citizen, employed by Kadar Mining…"

"That's right! I—"

The woman slapped the notebook shut and looked at him expressionlessly,

"I don't plan to interrogate you, you can stop with what you prepared . "

She picked up a miniature syringe on the table inside a tray and walked toward him .

Li Jinyan began feel nervous as he stared at the approaching figure and the liquid dripping from the needle . He had drug training, therefore in theory, the low-level interrogation method should be ineffective against an experienced agent like him .

In theory .

But the truth-telling liquid came from the 22nd century .

Li Jinyun confessed everything . Including the color of his underwear, where did he got his plastic surgery, the organization he serves, as well as the hirer that paid the commission .

Night began to fall .

Jiang Chen gazed at the confession script in his hand as his finger tapped the table rhythmically .

Leilian Private Investigator Company; there are many similar companies in UA . But they didn't register for an operating license, and their primary focus was not investigating in cheatings and scandals, but rather a mercenary organization that provided clients with commercial espionages .

That was not the key; the key was that BHP hired them . And just weeks ago, Jiang Chen and Luke signed a 5000 tons low price ore contract . In theory, they should have a partnership relationship, but with what just happened, their motive was worth scrutinizing .

He finally understood why Luke was so familiar with Future Mining's operations . BHP hired commercial espionage that had long been hidden in Xin .

Ayesha pushed open the door and placed a cup of steamy coffee in front of Jiang Chen, she then leaned down to kiss his forehead .

"Don't work too late . "

"Mhmm, you should go sleep now, I will be done in a bit . " Jiang Chen smiled .

Ayesha blinked as her eyes spoke .

When she left, she closed the door behind her .

Jiang Chen watched the white fog ascending, his finger still tapping on the tabletop while he fell into deep thought .

Li Jinyan's confession was enough evidence to pursue a criminal charge in commercial espionage . Future Mining had the confidence to sue BHP in any country and win the lawsuit . But even if they won, the fine would be nothing for BHP . Since they only stole information related to undisclosed production capacity and nothing related to their technology, the most they would have to pay is a million dollar penalty .

But if they really separate ways with BHP, it would mean that the 50 million tons contract would go down the drain . Although they could mine themselves, it was a waste to use deep water mining technology to extract iron, aluminum, and other low cost ores . Jiang Chen had big plans for the 50 million tons of ores, where would he find another "generous" seller?

But if he didn't do anything, it was hard to guarantee they won't be more vicious in the future .


Kill the chicken to scare the monkey! (1)

Jiang Chen's finger stopped on the tabletop . Instantly, the desire to kill appeared in Jiang Chen's eyes .

(1) Kill the chicken to scare the monkey: To kill a non-significant thing to scare the enemy .

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