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Chapter 534
Chapter 534: Make an Example

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The headquarter of Leilian sat in the rural area of Norway, a coffee shop that was closed all year long . Perhaps because no one took care of the place, the wooden hat with a strong North European flavor was covered by thick snow .

Wearing a thick trench coat and holding a briefcase, Kelly scanned the street . After confirming that no one followed her, she walked to the door of the coffee shop and cautiously knocked on the door .

There was a particular rhythm to her knocking; it seemed like some form of code .

Quickly, a barely audible sound came from behind the door, then the door opened . Without stopping, Kelly immediately pushed the door aside and went inside . She closed the door and hung her trench coat on the hanger at the door . The server that opened the door greeted her and courteously returned to the front desk of the coffee shop .

Under the trench coat was a gorgeous body . Kelly with a turtleneck sweater sat on the sofa beside the fireplace as she elegantly crossed her legs while looking at the man sitting right across her .

The man under the hood in a black sweater grinned .

"Is that so? I don't feel anything . Where is the thing?"

"Catch . "

Kelly flicked her finger, and in the next second, the USB appeared in the man in black's hand .

"The concept map of the deep water mining technology? You finally obtained it . "

"Where is the money?" Kelly asked .

"Don't worry, it has already been wired to your account . " The man in black connected the USB to the tablet he brought along . He scanned the science fiction mining system and transportation track while he exhaled .

Moments later, he put away the tablet, and destroyed the USB .

Kelly expression remained unchanged, but she was shocked as she glanced at the USB crushed into pieces . The USB was not made of plastic, but rather aluminum . The person's fighting ability must not be underestimated by how easily he crushed that USB .

The man saw the look of caution on Kelly's face feeling pleased as he gradually leaned against the sofa .

"The next mission, I hope you can obtain the blueprints for the transportation track on the concept map . Of course, it would be better if you could obtain the blueprints for the tidal general or the mining module . "

A troubled look surfaced on Kelly's face .

"It's going to be difficult . Even Future Mining's manager has no rights to access such core technology . Based on the deduction by our people, Future Mining's technical department operates independently from its main operation and is directly managed by president Jiang Chen . "

Leilian Private Investigator Company had years of commercial espionage experience, but it was the first time they had seen such an odd operating structure . Modern enterprises promoted the interrogation of technical and operation management, so that technical could fully serve production . But Future Group seemed to have done the complete opposite . Operation management had a high degree of separation where technical could not serve the actual operation?

To the troubled look on Kelly's face, the man in black only smiled and pointed up with a finger .

"If you could obtain the technology, money is not a problem . We'll pay ten million for this concept diagram, and one hundred million for the blueprints . "

Kelly gulped as her heart pumped furiously .

Normally the commission for their work was around one million with the highest being five million . But this man started with ten million and offered up to one hundred million .

Was it BHP being a major player in the global mining industry? Or was it Future Group's technology really worth that much?

"Now, do you have a plan?" The man in black smiled .

Kelly nodded mechanically .

If Future Mining's manager was not enough, then they just need to go higher . For example, Future Group's president – Jiang Chen .

She heard that man seemed to love beauty .

Then she just needs to create a beautiful encounter…

When Kelly thought about this, a charming curvature appeared on her red lips .

"Looks like you have a plan already . I look forward to hearing your good news during our next meeting . " The man in black smiled and stood up . "I still have a flight to catch in a moment to Ber . I will head out . "

"Ber? I heard that Frankberg is not the most peaceful place now," Kelly said nonchalantly .

Precisely speaking, Europe was not peaceful .

"To ordinary people . "

He left those words as the man in black headed to the door .

Just as he reached the door, he suddenly stopped . The narrowed eyes locked onto the water stain on the carpet by the door .

Suddenly feeling alerted, he reached for the gun around his waist .


But he was a beat slow . The Ghost Agent with her crosshair locked on him pressed the trigger first . The man in black looked at the woman that appeared in thin air in disbelief before silently collapsing in the pool of blood .

The pitch black figure suddenly appeared in the room . The fluid-shaped rifle and black muzzle cast a vibe of deadliness .

With the unexpected change, Kelly quickly flipped and rolled behind the sofa . She took over the MP7 assault rifle thrown to her by the server at the front desk, loaded the gun, and began firing back along with the coffee house server .

She didn't know how the infiltrator managed to find their headquarter nor how the person appeared in the room out of nowhere . There was only one thought in her mind, kill her!

Her animal instinct thought told her that the person was extremely dangerous .

With the bullets flying, the Ghost Agent wearing a carbon Nano combat suit was calm . Two bullets managed to land on her chest and one hit her in the thigh . But their weapon only shook her body before she fluidly rolled behind a table .

The bullets left a trial of wooden specks of dust around her .

She ignored the enemy's firepower and fired back with the Reaper Assault Rifle at Leilian Company's people .

The bullets easily ripped through the structure that the enemy hid behind .

The server docked behind the front desk was shot in the head and smashed back into the counter behind him . Then the server hidden in the hallway had his chest shredded along with the concrete wall as he dropped the rifle in his hand .

With her people dying one by one, Kelly threw out a smoke grenade in fear . She fired back while retreating to the safety tunnel .

"Dammit, who is it!"

Suddenly, the words popped up in her head .

'The Ghost Agents!

Could it be them?!'

But that's impossible, regardless, they were just a bunch of newbies . Could it be BHP's enemy? Or people they had rivaled during previous missions?

Kelly used the bullets to bust open the lock, kicked open the steel door with a fierce kick, and ran for her life toward the underground tunnel .

As a contingency against the gathering spot being attacked, they had prepared a boat in the underground tunnel . If only she could escape to there!

Kelly smashed through the steel gate of the underground tunnel, hopped onto the boat frantically, and stuffed the key into the engine .

She looked back at the empty door before she felt relieved and started the boat .

The enemy didn't follow .

But before she could let out a breath, something struck her throat .

When she looked back, she met a black muzzle .

She didn't know when the person was at the front of the boat .

The cold gunshot echoed inside the underground tunnel .

Without the time to beg for her life, Kelly collapsed in the pool of blood .

The Ghost Agent agilely hopped into the boat, pressed on her collar, and replied in an emotionless tone .

"A total of 12 individuals killed, including primary target Kelly, BHP representative . 'Package' is retracted, over . "