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Chapter 535
Chapter 535: Parting

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Leilian's headquarter was attacked, senior agents including Kelly and other employees, for a total of eleven people, all died under the merciless muzzle . To business spies, the revenge was too malicious by normal standards .

Luke was sitting inside his manor while he glanced through the report with gloom on his face .

He didn't mind the losses suffered by Leilian Company, nor was the death of his strong subordinate that always did the dirty work for him, what he minded was if Future Group knew BHP hired them .

Although when he hired Leilian to investigate Future Mining, he didn't disclose any information . With how these private investigators typically functioned, they would usually secretively figure out the information of the hirer just for the sake of protection in case they get sold after they complete their mission . Their work was not protected by law after all .

If Future Group managed to figure out that BHP was behind all this, it would without a doubt interfere with their cooperation .

Luke rubbed his temples to soothe his headache .

Other than this, there was one point he didn't know . How did Future Group discover Leilian's coordinate in such a short period of time and execute the revenge mission on the other side of the globe in a rapid fashion .

Was there still unexposed hidden power in Future Group?

If so, BHP must go back to the table to discuss their strategy on Future Group again .

When the completed mission summary was placed in front of Jiang Chen, he didn't feel too surprised .

With the assistance of optical illusion, the Ghost Agents' first mission outside of the country didn't experience too much of a hiccup . Leilian Private Investigator Company lacked combat experience despite their wealth of commercial espionage experience compared to other intelligence service agents such as CIB .

After this warning, BHP will think again and reevaluate their attitude toward their partnership .

Li Jinyan was sued by Future Group for commercial espionage and received a life sentence by the Coro Island municipal court . Jiang Chen obviously could kill him, but that was letting him go easy . With his pretty face, he must be welcomed in prison .

As to Su Fei, when she heard the news of Li Jinyan being thrown in prison, she just then realized how foolish and dangerous her actions were . In anxiousness, she spent a few days of peacefulness . Just as she thought that this event had been settled, one day after work, Yang Yuan came back home drunk .

When she saw her boyfriend's expression, she realized something was not right .

Without much context, Yang Yuan said .

"Let's break up . "

"Wh…Why?" Su Fei looked at the boyfriend that always agreed with her in disbelief .

Yang Yuan didn't say anything and threw his phone in front of her . The anonymous email contained videos and pictures with the protagonist being her, and the male being the already in prison Li Jinyan . Su Fei stared at the blinding pictures as her face turned hot, but her hands were so cold as if they were submerged in ice water .

Until the moment Yang Yuan brought up them breaking up, she realized that if she left him, she was nothing . She just realized what he did for her .

"I," Su Fei's hands were trembling . She looked at Yang Yuan pleading, "Sorry, I, I—"

But Yang Yuan didn't want to hear her explanation . He suppressed his anger that was about to erupt and calmly said .

"Get out . "

Yang Yuan didn't know why he would so calm . The entire break up was so peaceful as he didn't curse at her at all from the beginning to the end .

When he saw her board the plane, he noticed the regret and longing on her face . But what made him feel incredible was that he didn't have a single thought in his mind of wanting for her to stay .

He watched the plane depart and disappear into the horizon . The past flashed in front of his eyes like an old film . Until the last soot fell, he squished the cigarette bud against the garbage can, it felt like he just squished their past .

He threw the bud away and left .

Jiang Chen sent the anonymous email . It was the best method he thought of . Future Group only sued Li Jinyan and spared the accomplice Su Fei, it was the last saving grace for Yang Yuan . In Jiang Chen eyes, the peaceful breakup was the most appropriate conclusion .

The night when Su Fei left, Yang Yuan called him to drink . He didn't hesitate much before accepting the invitation . But when he drove to Yang Yuan's place, he discovered that he was half drunk already .

"Do you feel okay?"

"Burp—, I'm okay… Sorry, I started drinking first . "

"It's okay . " Jiang Chen took the bottle from Yang Yuan's hand and poured himself a cup .

Jiang Chen originally thought his old friend would dump all his sorrows on him, but he didn't even say a word of complaint . He just chatted on and on about what happened during university . In the end, he used his drunken eyes to look at Jiang Chen while saying with sternness .

"Thank you . "

"Why are you thanking me, you paid for the alcohol . " Jiang Chen grinned and glanced at him .

Yang Yaun laughed and hid his thanks deep in his heart without saying much more . He was thankful that Jiang Chen spared Su Fei and gave him the choice to end the relationship on a peaceful note . He was thankful for Jiang Chen not pursuing further in his oversight and thankful that Jiang Chen could drink with him as a friend .

Since in this unfamiliar kingdom, the only person he knew was him .

The two just drank cup by cup until they could no longer drink .

Midnight, Ayesha drove over and carried Jiang Chen on her back to the car .

When they got home, she didn't mind the pungent alcohol smell as she removed his clothes for him, wiped the sweat off of his body, and put him into bed .

Ayesha looked at Jiang Chen in deep sleep as a tender smile surfaced on her lips . She gently kissed his lips, crawled in beside him, and fell asleep as usual .

The next morning, Jiang Chen crawled out of bed, hungover .

He didn't plan to drink that much last night, but he couldn't stop when they started . Based on his schedule, today was the day the vessels would arrive, and he would attend the ceremony for the exchange of ownership . Although no media would be present on site, it would be inappropriate to review the Navy marines that finished their training abroad smelling like alcohol .

Jiang Chen swallowed the sobering pill with water and finished washing up . Just as he finished the breakfast Ayesha made, Natasha came knocking on the door .

As he opened the door, Natasha came sniffling and looked at Jiang Chen with ridicule .

"You drunk?"

"Mhmm, a little bit . No worries," Jiang Chen replied ambiguously .

"Do you need some cologne? I can lend it to you . "

Jiang Chen stared at Natasha with mockery all over her face and headed straight to the garage . Ayesha who changed into formal clothes locked the door and caught up to Jiang Chen in quick steps . When she passed by Natasha, she cautiously looked at her .

To her cautious, Natasha only smiled and spoke to her back .

"Don't look at me like that, I won't eat him . "

She shook her head, turned around, and got into her own car .