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Chapter 536
Chapter 536: Vessel Docking

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The ceremony of vessel docking was held at New Moon Island .

The representatives attending the ceremony from the Russian side were Russia Pacific Fleet's General as well Russia's ambassador at Xin . The representatives attending from the Xin side were Celestial Trade's president Jiang Chen as well as the vice president of Xin .

In this friendly atmosphere, Jiang Chen boarded the vessel to shake hands with the Russian General . To complete the handover agreement, he reviewed the navy marines who completed their training in Moscow .

The two "Guardian" class frigates were arranged in a line formation and fired at the target ship to demonstrate the Celestial Trade vessels' excellent firepower . Looking at the splashes of water into the sky as well as the shredded target ship, the Russian General smiled at Jiang Chen in a friendly manner without disguising the pride on his face .

The manly-looking Russian felt proud about the weapons produced by their country .

Jiang Chen didn't look too shocked as he politely smiled and clapped with the personnel .

The firepower was indeed powerful, but it was still weaker compared to the apocalypse .

With the improvement of the construction robots, Jiang Chen had the confidence to increase the firepower two-fold . The type-50 J-unit electromagnetic pulse cannon produced by research from Fallout Shelter 027 was the vessel version of the original type 50 cannon . It could launch a 50 kilogram bomb with a maximum range of 250 kilometers, which far exceeded the capabilities of normal vessel-equipped cannons . With the help of early warning aircraft or satellite and equipped with the electromagnetic pulse cannon, the frigate could extend its combat radius from 70 km to 100 km, far wider than the radiuses of conventional warships .

Compared to the electromagnetic pulse cannon installed on the "Milino" joint high-speed ship, Type-50 J-unit electromagnetic pulse cannon was much more petite . However, its slim figure didn't mean that it was less lethal . Jiang Chen knew in the future that it would display its fierce firepower and become a rampant surgical scalpel in the Pacific!

Although the problem of overheating had yet to be solved, with development and research, it wouldn't take long before the technical problem would be solved .

The two Type 636 Kilo-class submarines fired torpedoes at targets under the sea and displayed their firepower to the people on board through combat videos . Then the two submarines floated to the surface and displayed their flags . The whole crew boarded the deck and saluted to Jiang Chen and the other representatives .

While raising his hand to salute back, Jiang Chen stood side by side with the big-bellied Russian ambassador and whispered:

"Unforgettable firepower . "

When Valery heard Jiang Chen's words, he grinned and used his fluent Han: "Our firepower has always been reliable . If Mr . Jiang is interested in adding more security to your backyard, please contact us . "

The ambassador with the big belly was inexplicably endearing; maybe it had to do with his funny big red nose or his suit stretched by his beer belly .

Jiang Chen only smiled at the word "backyard" without refuting the ambassador . To the intelligence departments of the five major powers, it wasn't a secret at all . Considering his relationship with Russia, his cooperation with them would also direct the attention of the major powers to him .

Of course, when Valery saw that Jiang Chen didn't correct his wording, his smile grew brighter .

"There are only a few fishing boats in South Asia . The Kilo-class submarines are more than enough for you to dominate the area . Your only threat will be fighter jets, so are you not going to consider buying some anti-air artillery? Trust me, our S-400 anti-air system will please you . "

"I'll consider your suggestions seriously . But at the moment, we don't have plans to expand our forces . " Jiang Chen used the excuse of maintaining area stability and rejected Valery's suggestion .

Of course, Jiang Chen wouldn't explain the real reason . It was because Russia's new S-500 wouldn't please him - he could easily bring compact anti-air weapons from the apocalypse .

But Valery seemed to have accepted his reason . He shrugged and didn't push any further .

The vessel handover agreement soon reached its conclusion .

Based on typical procedures, the Russian representatives would leave first . The Russian General and Valery shook hands with the Vice President of Xin and Jiang Chen .

"In my opinion, you are shrewder than most dictators in the world . " Standing at the military harbor on New Moon Island, Valery told Jiang Chen before he boarded the boat back to Coro Island .

"Oh? Why do you say that?"

Valery nonchalantly looked at the Vice President chatting with the General . "Most dictators are eager to display the supremacy of their power and are eager to let the world know their dangerousness . But you're different - what you did was ingenious . Xin possesses the most democratic policy in the world, whether it's the elections or freedom of speech, but the economy and national defense are all under your control . Xin would never introduce an anti-monopoly law, so your actions will always be legal . "

"Thanks for the compliment . But may I ask? Is this Russia's view or Mr . Valery's personal opinion?"

When Valery heard this, he laughed audaciously .

"Please don't think too much - of course this is my personal opinion . But could Mr . Jiang Chen answer a question of mine? Personal question . "

"Of course . "

"You're already really rich - rich enough to buy a country . Based on my years of work experience, a dictatorship and a monopoly are usually 'lazy' because they don't compete and maintaining the status quo would be the ideal state . But with traits fitting both titles, you are doing the complete opposite . Even now, Future Group is continuously expanding into new markets while Celestial Trade is continuously upgrading its arms . I am personally curious… What are your aspirations?" Valery asked .

"Mr . Valery, your question is quite odd . Microsoft has a lot of money, and by some definitions, they have achieved a 'standard (1)' monopoly, but they never stopped expanding their market . Future Group is an enterprise, so we must continuously ensure we remain competitive . Also, I have to correct your perspective: a lazy dictator is just a shortsighted dictator . "

"Then as a dictator with foresight, you still haven't answered my question . What are your aspirations?" Valery joked .

"Aspirations?" Jiang Chen laughed .

"This is only a personal question . If it's inappropriate, please forget it . " Seeing as Jiang Chen didn't answer, Valery courteously offered him an out .

"It's not inappropriate . Before, it was purely about making money, but now…" Jiang Chen paused . "I want to see further places . "

Just like Valery said, Jiang Chen already amassed wealth he never imagined one and half years ago .

In the next ten years, even if Future Group didn't introduce any more innovative technology, just with virtual reality alone, it stood at a height insurmountable by any other enterprises in the world . Even if scientific research on multi-polarized worlds was faster than research on three-polarized worlds, the world here couldn't make immersive virtual reality technology into a reality .

If it wasn't for the ship sent by Harmony named Evolution that was en route to Earth…

When Jiang Chen saw the Russian representatives off, he found Ivan and ordered him to move the frigates and submarines to the harbor on Coconut Island . The construction robots would complete modernization improvements to the weapons onboard .

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