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Chapter 538
Chapter 538: A Unique Product Lanuch Conference
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Caron_

At twelve midnight, Los Santos, located in South Cal, was covered by the veil of the night . At this time, most of the people in Los Santos had already fallen asleep, but the Future Group UA headquarters was still lit as bright as day .

Inside the circular conference room on the first floor, the room was crowded with people . The reporters inside the venue had set up cameras while waiting for Jiang Chen to appear . The employees were busily running between places to setup sophisticated-looking equipment .

Danny gave his assistant a few key notes in recording then he took out a notebook reviewing the questions he prepared . There were a lot of reporters from Los Santos Times as everyone wanted this reporting opportunity; it wasn't easy for him to obtain this opportunity . Considering how addicted people were to the Phantom helmet, the attention this conference would get wouldn't be insignificant .

"Do you think he'll come?" Maybe he was confident with his questions as the reporter sitting beside Danny stuffed his tablet into his bag as he asked Danny casually .

Danny noticed that the logo beside his microphone belonged to the South Cal Journal . His nametag in front of his chest stated that he was: Charles John

"Probably . The media here are all top notch in the UA . Even Microsoft doesn't have the gall to just leave the media hanging," Danny joked .

Charles laughed and lowered his voice .

"I have an interesting piece of information . "

"Oh?" Danny adjusted his posture and moved closer .

There was still some time before the conference officially started . It would be beneficial for his news report if he could gather some information previously unknown to him . The information could be used as a source regardless if was fake or real .

"Yesterday afternoon, I asked a contact of mine to search through the arrival list for all the airports in Los Santos, but I didn't see his name among them at all .

"Maybe they took a private jet," Danny said jokingly, but he mocked this reporter in his mind .

[What kind of information is this? If he really wanted to keep a low profile, there's no way he would let you find him . ]

At the same time, the lights inside the venue suddenly shut off . Everyone stopped chatting amongst themselves while they trained their complete attention to the front .

[He's here!]

Danny put his notebook away, took a deep breath, and adjusted his tie . But when he saw his peer from South Cal Journals, he almost burst out laughing . Although Charles was sitting, his feet were in a position ready to run .

[So fu*king shameless . ]

Danny cursed in his mind, but he clenched his microphone tightly and prepared to swarm the person at the front .

Future Technology didn't make the reporters wait for long . The General Manager of UA behind the scenes looked at his watch, nodded to his employees, and signaled them to turn on the equipment .

A beam of light shone on stage . Using the guidance of the light, a young Han man in a suit walked to the front of the stage .

Just as expected, thunderous applause erupted beneath the stage . Although the UA media present maintained a reserved attitude toward the Hua-based Future Technology, their technology still gained everyone's respect . So the reporters weren't stingy with their applause at Jiang Chen's entrance .

The screen in the back lit up as English letters surfaced on the screen . The reporters present weren't unfamiliar with Future Technology's real-time translation technology .

"I'm grateful that everyone could attend our company's product launch conference . I also have to apologize to our friends from North America who must work overtime and our reporters in West Europe who must wake up early . "

When Jiang Chen said this, Danny, sitting at the front, smiled understandingly but soon, he was stunned along with the other reporters below the stage .

The introduction gave a lot of information to process .

Jiang Chen scanned the reporters below the stage . He smiled and continued with his hands open .

"That's right - this conference is being hosted simultaneously at the 12 region headquarters of Future Group . "

Jiang Chen's words were like a bomb thrown into the previously silent venue . All the reporters' eyes widened and looked at him with disbelief .

Product launch conference being hosted simultaneously at all 12 regional headquarters? What's going on?!

Although it wasn't the Q&A period, a number of reporters raised their hands including Danny; they needed an explanation from Future Technology .

It looked like Jiang Chen expected this situation as he acted rather calmly . He turned around to scan the reporters at the venue and his sight stopped on Danny in the front seat .

"Reporter 304, please ask your question . "

Ecstatic that Jiang Chen called him, Danny immediately stood up and extended the microphone in his hand .

Ecstatic that Jiang Chen called him, Danny immediately stood up and extended the microphone in his hand .

"You said your company is hosting product launch conferences simultaneously around the world . Does this mean that all other conferences are hosted by regional general managers? Why did you choose North America as the conference you attended personally?"

Precisely speaking, it was two questions meshed together .

Jiang Chen smiled .

"I can hear the misunderstanding from your question . Let me first clarify - even if the conference is being held simultaneously at twelve different locations around the world, I can still personally attend all of them . "

Danny looked at Jiang Chen dumbfounded; he didn't know what he meant . But since his question time was over, he had to sit down .

After answering the question from the Los Santos Times, Jiang Chen didn't call any other reporters because he knew what they wanted to ask . And what they wanted to ask was what he would now explain .

"I know everyone here isn't a stranger to a certain word . That's right - I'm talking about holograms . And it's my hologram standing here . Because of this, I must emphasize the importance of the order of questions .

When they heard what Jiang Chen said, there were whispers below the stage as all the reporters looked at Jiang Chen on the stage in astonishment . The reporters obviously couldn't tell it was a hologram . Before Jiang Chen revealed the truth, not a single person knew it .

"But… this is too realistic . "

Charles stared at Jiang Chen while murmuring .

But Danny's reaction was more dramatic compared to Charles . He often visited Silicon Valley and was aware of the technology on the frontier . Hologram technology was extremely advanced and it wasn't difficult to have an ultra-realistic hologram .

But Danny's reaction was more dramatic compared to Charles . He often visited Silicon Valley and was aware of the technology on the frontier . Hologram technology was extremely advanced and it wasn't difficult to have an ultra-realistic hologram .

But all holograms had to be set in advance . Holographic projection technology was applied to the field of instant messaging, and collecting images to form three-dimensional images wasn't something that NASDAQ companies highly skilled in "blowing bubbles" could arrogantly claim to be able to do .

Yet Future Technology put this technology on the table without a huge commotion .

God, is this just the launch conference of the Phantom Helmet?

A crazy idea emerged in Danny's head . He stared at his notebook full of notes and felt speechless . Future Technology's unconventional move completely disrupted his train of thought .

[Once the Q&A starts, what am I going to ask?]

Danny's problem was the same for all the reporters present . Jiang Chen stared at the expressions of the reporters below the stage as a smile surfaced on his face .

This was the impression he wanted to leave .

The product launch conference was intended to launch the MMORPG , but the product "Phantom Helmet! The virtual reality technology! MMORPG" was the tip of the iceberg for virtual reality technology . If he wanted to make users around the world depend on the product launched by Future Technology, he had to make them astonished and fanatical .

Jiang Chen spoke again .

"Also worth mentioning is that I'm currently in Xin and conducting the conference through the Phantom Helmet . "

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