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Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Eagle’s Crash Part Two

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(Connected with Chapter 29)

<Communication Terminated>




He smashed a hanging piece of steel as the orange letters on the dangling screen made Chu Nan even more annoyed .


The corrupted electronic equipment sparked as the circuit was either shorted or destroyed . The shaking helicopter body made him hold his breath .


Once the helicopter body stabilized, he gritted his teeth as he pushed the metal frame on his body with all his might . He glanced at the assistant pilot beside him . That sucker’s condition was even worse as the bent steel frame directly penetrated through his ribcage, and his blood splashed everywhere . He looked at the metal frame that has stabbed through his arm and took in a gasp of air . Nevertheless, he felt lucky to be alive .


That distance was 1200 meters from the air .


Apart from his operating skills, it was pure luck to survive from falling that high up .


Chu Nan already used his best effort . When the machine lost its power, he immediately opened the mechanical revolving air turbine on the side of the helicopter . That was important because if he didn’t manage to open in the initial stage, then the high-speed air flow may have destroyed it .


Good thing that was still functional .


He connected to the backup circuit board, but the situation was looking grim . His assistant tried to establish a connection with the headquarter . However, he received no response .


He changed into manual operation as he used all his energy to stabilize the helicopter's body . The automatic stabilization system was destroyed, therefore if they started to roll in the air or the back wing gets damaged, even God could not save them . The backup mechanical turbine began to spin rapidly due to the airflow as the high-speed force generated “held” onto the helicopter like a parachute . Under the force of gravity, the head of the helicopter began to tip forward . Once the body turned at a particular angle, Chu Nan immediately pulled the plane up and maximized the upward force of the helicopter .

The head of the helicopter instantly lifted up as the fallen force was broken by the sudden upward force from the mechanical turbine . It was about to land on top of the roof that they crashed into .


Then they crashed into the top floor .


The control was fine, but it was hard to select a landing spot in the city's terrain .


Then warm blood splashed all over Chu Nan’s face as he witnessed with his own eyes his assistant being penetrated by the metal frames .


[This doesn’t make sense . ]


The sudden Electromagnetic Pulse . It was not a simple EMP . The Helicopter-51 was equipment was EMP protective equipment that was the peak of the industry, but the helicopter was paralyzed without being hit directly .


[What was that thing…]


Chu Nan resisted the pain as he took out a dagger and slashed open the locked seatbelt . He carefully glanced at the view outside as he awkwardly untangled his legs from the deformed control panel and slowly crawled outside .


What did this helicopter look like now?


A small portion of the helicopter smashed through the walls of the 12 stories high building as it got pinned down by the protruding metal frames . The ends of the helicopter hung on the edge . The building's quality was superb to be able to withstand the force of impact after a nuclear war . The metal frames cleared exceeded construction standard .


The smallest tremble of the helicopter body made his heart pump at full capacity . The friction noise made him even more nervous .


The bulletproof glass in front of the helicopter was completely shattered which eased his escape . When he was about to climb out, he hesitated and turned back to snatch the pendant on his comrade’s neck as well as the ammo clip .


After struggling, Chu Nan finally landed onto the hard cold concrete floor . He looked back at the deformed helicopter body as he quietly examined the pendant inside his palm .


The poorly made pendant was covered by a thick layer of blood .


<Carlo Billman>


He flipped to the back as a sentence was engraved there .


<If possible, I want to hang this in the Arlington National Cemetery>


The assistant pilot was a US Spanish decedent . He was previously a pilot in NATO . However, the concept of a country didn’t exist anymore as plenty of foreigners live in Liuding town with most being NATO soldiers before the war .


When PAC, NATO, and CCCP led World Alliance Council and left the torn land by sending all the “hope” into space, no one believed in authority anymore . When faced with zombies and mutants, all humans belong to the same species .


Not including mutated humans or cannibals .


He checked the equipment on his body before he lifted his hands and touched the back of his neck with his fingers .

It was a chip called “dictator chip,” but because it has added complex functions such as long range communication, the chip was less effective compared to the Sixth Street produced “slavery chip . ”




Chu Nan tried multiple times but did not manage to establish any connection .


“Dam* it, is this broken?”


The “bomb” behind the back of his neck was broken, but he couldn’t tell if he was content or sad .


Content that he was free .


Sad that freedom didn’t mean anything on the wasteland . There was food in Liuding town so who cared about freedom .


Returning to Liuding was not a possibility since the people there probably recorded him as dead . A rescue was even more out of the question as only the metal debris of a previous one hundred thousand crystal equipment remained here . The pilot’s worth was not even greater than the chip on the back of his neck .


“Whatever, I’ll see . ” He forced a smile as he put the pendant into the pocket and took out his pistol .


Including the one clip in the gun, he still had five magazines left . Two blood needles, a roll of bandage, EP was returning to normal, a dagger, and six B grade nutrient supply . Because he was part of the air force, the nutrient supply was higher quality .


He opened the EP radiation monitor system and determined based on the safe radiation level that this was a rural area, but he didn’t know where exactly he was .


EP did not download the map in the area .


He checked his equipment once again before he turned his head to look at the body and the crashed helicopter . He lowered his head and walked away .


Although he did receive ground training, he never encountered a situation like this . Ordinary survivors would never target planes . Air-based EMP weapons did exist but were extremely rare . Most of them were destroyed in the war .


It was also the first time he heard that a mutant could use an EMP or a similar pulse weapon .


Maybe his assistant pilot has encountered his situation before, but he didn’t manage to survive .


“Stairs cleared . ”


Just like practice, Chu Nan mumbled as he directed with his pistol and moved downstairs .


[If it is a zombie, then use the dagger to stab the eye area . If it is a screamer, then use shock grenade for cover . If it is Roshan or Death Claw… let’s hope that never happens . ]


The elevator was not functional . The building was an office complex before the war . The majority of the zombies were concentrated in the grand hall as the occasional straggler in the hallway was killed with his swift knife action . For small problems, it would be better to avoid using his gun . His body condition with the D level genetic vaccine easily handled the combat requirement .


The only disappointing fact was that he didn’t unlock a genetic ability .


When both of his feet touched the ground, Chu Nan let out a sigh . He gazed into the sky and determined it was around 3 in the afternoon .


5 o’clock was when the street was no longer safe . The night usually fell at 6 which meant that walking on the street would equal suicide .


The night in Wanghai city belonged to the zombies .


“I need to find a survival camp, or find a place to stay for the night . ” Chu Nan scanned around as he walked to the end of the street .


The abandoned cars on the road still maintained the same look since the moment war erupted . Since the hotspot of the war was in the middle of the city, people would escape to the rural areas .


Therefore, most of the vehicles would point in the direction of the rural area .


He had examined the cars before he walked into the direction away from city center .


Anywhere is better than the city center .


That’s the one common conception every survivor had .



The sky began to turn yellow as the sun had fallen to the edge of the horizon . The cast of the yellowish green ray through the radiation dust had a vibe of ominous to it .


He didn’t know how long he walked before it began to turn dark . Chu Nan glanced at the zombies beside him as they've already begun to howl . In a while, those zombies would start to prey on living creatures .


[Should I find somewhere to stay for the night?]


Chu Nan thought as he began to hasten his steps .


When he turned around another corner, he saw a scene that shocked him .


A woman was tied to an electric pole in the middle of the street . She barely wore anything as zombies circled around . She was afraid to call help .


With his pilot vision, he could even make out the look of despair on the rather lovely face .


Someone obviously tied her .


“Fu*k, which bastard did such a disgusting prank,” Chu Nan cursed as he cautiously scanned around before he walked towards the woman .


When he approached her, the pleading eyes full of hope locked onto him . He took out the dagger and cut open the rope .


Perhaps because she had just escaped the terrifying experience that chained her there, the woman hugged him as she cried .


“Thanks, Thank you . ” It was a soothing voice .


“Ok, don’t worry, you are okay now . ” It was the first time he encountered this situation which made him unsure of what he should do . He only patted the woman’s back clumsily to comfort her .


[The survivors in Wanghai are cruel to this point?]


He cursed at the heinous act that people committed to her as Chu Nan was just about to ask where the nearest survival camp was .


But at this moment, a barrel-like object pressed against his head again .


“Ha, buddy, you are the first dumba*s to fall for it . ”


Sweat began to roll down his back as his hand slightly move, but he realized a dagger was pressed against his back .


That dagger was held by a delicate hand .


At the same time, a bunch of men in mohawks and tattoos walked out from the empty shops . They held some knock-off rifles and one simply carried a bat .


The bald head, holding a cigarette, was the head of the group as he walked in front of Chu Nan . He raised his eyebrows as he patted the woman’s face and said in a mocking voice .


“Nice job, bit*h . ”


Just like a dog .


An unhealthy red flush appeared on her face as she tried to please the man that just embarrassed her .


The cruel reality sent a shiver down Chu Nan’s spine while cold sweat rolled down his face .


Despite living in the apocalypse for so many years, it was the first time he saw anything like this .


[Is she still a human being?]


“Two blood needles, one bandage, damn, six B-grade nutrient supply! Boss, it’s a big fish!” A man who took off his pistol and searched him shouted in surprise .


The zombies mindlessly looked in their direction, but despite the noise, there was still two hours before night fell .


The bald head looked at Chu Nan full of interest .




“Chu Nan . ” There was nothing to hide since his EP had all the information .


“Where are you from?”


“Liuding town . Pilot . ”


“Where’s your plane?” Greed flashed through the bald head’s eye . He did not look cautious at all when he heard Chu Nan say that .


“Crashed . ”


“Hehe . ” The bald head smiled and didn’t say anything . He signaled his men to tie him up .


“If you are only here to rob me, you have already achieved that . You can have everything, let me go?” Chu Nan said calmly .


The bald head raised his eyebrows as he suddenly threw a punch in his face .


He suppressed his anger as he resisted the sharp pain on his left cheek . Chu Nan glared at the bald head .


“You are a captive so shut up,” he cursed as he extinguished the cigarette on Chu Nan’s face before he waved his hand . “Take him back . ”


He looked at the dumba*s that took the bait as he laughed mockingly . He then kicked the half kneeling woman in front of him, but the same unhealthy flush of red and a smile to please appeared .


The woman had no name and was just a slave . Perhaps she just an independent traveler before? He didn’t remember when she was captured, nor did he care how they trained her to be like this . But he remembered clearly how she became part of his asset .


Last month, he managed to find a target and proved it was a big fish .


His boss sent an entire raid team, but the Lu Renjia dumba*s ruined everything . How confident was he to order all those men to go into a confined building? He didn’t even check if there were other entrances or sewerage exits .


Only one person returned out of a group of a dozen .


Although his boss was angry, he didn’t blame him as he provided the clue . He took Lu Renjia and the other captain’s woman and distributed all their assets to other subordinates .


It was a form of discipline, but also an incentive . For the bandits like Huizhong Mercenaries, they needed this type of brutality to bond together .


So, this dog like “thing” was given to Zhou Guoping . Although this boss didn’t punish him, he did remove him from the easy job of staying in the Sixth Street and made him rob survivors .


It was harder to capture a survivor on the wasteland than a mutant rat . Most of the people that survived till now were as sharp as a knife edge . The dumb ones were the people that never left the camps . Their return for this month was almost zero .


Pilot? That’s a big fish


Zhou Guoping put the rifle on his shoulder and led his men to the camp .