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Published at 8th of October 2018 07:08:43 AM

Chapter 540
Chapter 540: Media's Reaction

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Translator: _Min_ Editor: Caron_

In contrast to the Los Santos conference on the other side of the world, the conference taking place in the afternoon in Hua had people watching the live stream on the official site . Due to the high volume of traffic, Xia Shiyu had to contact their service provider to immediately put the newly purchased servers online and she rented ten additional servers to manage the simultaneous streaming that broke the one hundred million mark .

Once the conference ended, the comments section of the video exploded .

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The heated debate continued on the internet, and the media's opinions were released soon after the conclusion of the conference . As the renowned news reporter of the , when Danny walked out of the conference, he expressed his incredulity on Twitter .

"It was the first time seeing a conference as extraordinary as this . It only lasted two hours, but I spent one hour feeling astonished . You won't understand the shock I felt without being there in person . "

The tweet was retweeted thousands of times in one day and even Danny himself was stunned by the reaction . The reason was because it was purely his opinion as well as the opinion carried by all other reporters .

With a similar reaction on the internet, the product launch caused a massive earthquake in the media and the financial world . 2016 was the year virtual reality was born, and the Phantom Helmet introduced at the end of the year added a colorful mark to the exciting year .

More critically, it was about the signal Future Technology sent out!

They planned to cooperate with other companies in the field of virtual reality!

"Currently, there are no visible benefits to releasing this news, but at least it saved some of the VR companies' stocks . When the Phantom Helmet was released, their stocks plummeted .

In the video conference, Xia Shiyu pushed up her glasses, and the curvature of her mouth raised up, perfectly illustrating the pride on her mind .

Jiang Chen hadn't seen her for a long time and she seemed more and more attractive . Her luscious black hair was curled behind her head to form a circle . Regarding the rectangular glasses on her delicate nose, if any other women dressed this way, they would've been ridiculed as old-fashioned and boring . But because it was Xia Shiyu, this not-so-fashion-forward appearance cast a lively and elegant vibe .

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Sometimes even Jiang Chen wondered: [What if she smiled more…?]

"Ahem, President?"

"Ah, nothing . Ahem, please continue . " Jiang Chen awkwardly adjusted his positioning as he accidentally let his mind slip .

Xia Shiyu looked at Jiang Chen with blame . She combed her hair over her ear habitually then she continued .

"Because of the news yesterday, a total of six VR companies as well as 13 tech companies submitted their letter of intent for cooperation in the Hua area . "

"Only this many?" Jiang Chen was surprised .

"It's already quite a few . We just concluded our product launch conference and our helmets are still sitting in the warehouse . Even if other companies want to cooperate with us, they must consider their own business and market size . Speaking of cooperation, do you still remember Zhongxin High Tech?"

That name sounded familiar, but Jiang Chen didn't manage to recall this company in his head .

Xia Shiyu sensed his confusion and reminded him .

"Last year, that military project . "

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"Oh! The… Zhou family's industry . " Jiang Chen immediately realized and paused . "What did they say?"

Because of that project, he, unfortunately, gained the interest of CIB . He burned his bridge with the General Staff Department "without considering the bigger picture," took out the people from the CIB then escaped to Xiangjiang . Because of that attack, it made him certain about the decision to establish his own area of control .

Although only a year had passed, since so many things happened in the past year, he almost forgot about the forces in the country .

Precisely speaking, the Zhou family was his "business partner . "

"Based on what they said, when the conference was streaming yesterday, they used our official site to follow the progress of the conference . They're interested in developing applications for virtual reality that we mentioned and immediately called for a board meeting after the end of the conference . They even sent out business representatives to Xiangjiang this morning and advised us of the potential for cooperation . " Xia Shiyu pushed up her glasses .

"Did they mention which area?" Jiang Chen asked .

"In the military field . They asked about the possibility of using immersive virtual reality training to replace live ammunition training . "

"The possibility certainly exists, but it will be hard to implement . " Jiang Chen sunk into his chair . "And it's impossible to replace it . The coordination and reaction of the body can only be trained by actual exercise . "

Unless training chambers with nutrients were used .

On the other hand, Jiang Chen didn't want to step into the field of military tech . It had to do with confidentiality .

Would a country allow their training modules to be run on foreign servers? Absolutely not! They had to protect their weapon specifications, which were confidential .

And Jiang Chen wouldn't hand over his quantum computer; he wasn't that selfless .

"I didn't give them a precise response," Xia Shiyu said .

"It's fine even if you reject them because I personally don't have any interest in becoming an arms dealer . "

As if she predicted Jiang Chen would say this, Xia Shiyu sighed .

"The domestic market is still massive, and virtual reality is a big piece of the pie, so there are a lot of people eager to get their hands on it . Take regulation for example - what should be regulated, who should be regulated, and how should it be regulated all haven't been addressed yet . Do you know what I mean?"

"Of course I do . Because it hasn't been addressed, it depends completely on what we have to say before it's adjusted . " Jiang Chen laughed nonchalantly .

In better terms, it was crossing the river while searching for rocks .

"As long as you understand, we can't make the same mistake as Google," Xia Shiyu reminded him discreetly .

"Don't worry, we won't replicate Google's failure because we don't have a copy-cat that could become our Baidu . "

Once the Phantom completely conquered the high ground of the market, the quantum computer at Coro Island would act as the server and the global virtual reality network would be established . By that time, even if virtual reality technology was made public, no one would be able to hinder Future Technology's control on the market .

Just like now, no country could get rid of the internet .

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