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Chapter 541
Chapter 541: Keep an eye on them

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After ending the call with Xia Shiyu, Jiang Chen closed his laptop, leaned back into the chair and began to think with his eyes closed .

Based on the news from Zhang Yapin, through arrangements with Han, the time of the visit was set for December 21st . During this visit, he will represent Xin businessmen as the President of Future Group to explore business partnership opportunities with Han enterprises…

At least on the surface .

Just like Xia Shiyu said, the country has an unclear attitude toward Future Group . Jiang Chen tricked Linhua Group terribly in the Xin tourism development project, he would never believe that the Wang family would forget the past and settle with him .

Not only the Wang family, the VR industry chain affected multiple fields . There were certainly a group of people that held a hostile opinion toward Future Group who came in as a powerful outsider .

Future Technology needed an ally, an alley with a strong enough voice .

That was the top mission for this visit .

As to the candidate, Jiang Chen had someone in mind . Zhou family was not bad a choice with reasons baring none other than that their family assets were mostly in the military tech field, therefore lacked the possibility of competition with Future Technology . And also their stance toward Future Technology last year caused divergence with the Wang family and a strain in their relationship .

Of course, the most critical part was that they had a powerful voice in Han .

The problematic part was that they became interested in the application of virtual reality technology in the field of military tech . While Jiang Chen didn't mind helping Han in this field, he didn't have the intention to give grounds in core virtual reality technology .

Just as Jiang Chen was debating how to reach a partnership with the force in Han, Ayesha quietly walked beside him with a plate containing golden fried rice and some milk and placed it on his table .

"Mhmm? Is it done already? You don't have to bring it up, you could have just called me down . " Jiang Chen smiled at the considerate girl .

"You looked busy so I brought it up . Are you done now?" Ayesha asked lightly .

"Mhmm . I just asked about the current work situation in Han . There was nothing important, so it didn't take long . " Jiang Chen smelled the aroma of the fried rice as he just wanted to devour them .

A beautiful curvature appeared on Ayesha's mouth when she saw Jiang Chen's expression, "A new recipe I learned from Aunty Li . "

Since the two elders moved to Xin, they began to enjoy their quiet and peaceful life . When Jiang Chen was not busy, he would go visit his parents and have dinner . However, most of the time Ayesha was the person that accompanied them . The cute Ayesha was particularly adored by Mommy Jiang .

"Is it?" Jiang Chen rubbed her head, "Thank you for spending time with them for me . "

Ayesha timidly lowered her head as she sensed the warmth from the hand on her head .

There was no plan this morning . After breakfast, Jiang Chen went to the backyard of the mansion . Other than plants tended by drones and a swimming pool, there was also a new shooting range .

Without wearing any protective gear, Jiang Chen casually took out a pistol from his storage dimension, aimed at the target 50 meters out and pressed the trigger .


Three consecutive shots left three bean-sized holes on the wooden target . One ten ring and two eight rings, Jiang Chen was pleased with the result . He hasn't practiced for a long time and felt unfamiliar with shooting .

If it were before, there should be no problem getting two ten rings .

He remembered in the beginning when Sun Jiao taught him how to shoot as a reminiscent smile appeared on his face . Only two years passed, but it felt like a long time has passed .

Just then, Jiang Chen's ears moved, and suddenly he raised his pistol while slowly moving to the entrance of the shooting range .

Faint ripples appeared in thin air as the blonde Ghost Agent with hands raised walked in front of Jiang Chen .

"Sorry, I was just curious…" Penny scratched her head and said in embarrassment .

Only the most loyal warriors could obtain a stealth suit, and Jiang Chen didn't suspect their loyalty . She was really just curious . Curious if Jiang Chen could really detect their presence without checking the EP map .

"Curiosity kills the cat . " Jiang Chen didn't get angry because of her intrusion; instead, he jokingly left this sentence and put away his weapon .

Seeing Jiang Chen was not angry, Penny didn't say more and awkwardly looked away .

"What about the mission I gave you?" He didn't persist further on this question as he reloaded the pistol and asked nonchalantly .

When Jiang Chen asked about the mission, Penny put on a stern face .

"It has been completed . "

Then, she took out the tablet computer from a tactical backpack . Her finger continuously pressed a few times on the screen before handing it to Jiang Chen .

Penny was the Ghost Agent sent to Norway to track the spy from Leilian Company . After she finished her work, Jiang Chen didn't call her back immediately, instead sent her to Frankberg to investigate the relationship between Willie Society and the Rothschild .

The progress of the investigation was not smooth as there was no evidence that directly suggests a connection between the two . It was not until some time ago did she finally make some progress .

"This picture is?" Jiang Chen took over the tablet and looked at the Slavic on the screen as he felt the face looked familiar .

Then, he suddenly recalled that he saw this person at Carmen's manor . It was the last day of the Frankberg trip, he and Ayesha were walking to the garage when they saw Carmen talking with a Slavic .

"Corso, originally a guerrilla of the Balkans, became active as an arms dealer in the Mediterranean after the end of the civil war and is now active in the Ukrainian area . He provides weapons and equipment to government forces under the authorization of NATO . "

"He is related to the terrorist attack in Ber?"

"There is no direct evidence suggesting he is related to the attack, but without a doubt, he has a close relationship with the Rothschild family . Also, when I followed him to Ukraine, I discovered he was in contact with Willie Society .

The three points connected into a line and the conclusion was certain . Just like what he had suspected, the Rothschild was connected with Willie Society!

The Ghost Agent looked at Jiang Chen in deep thought and waited for his order .

"Return to Frankberg, I need you to continue keeping an eye on the Rothschild and Willie Society . "

Although he knew curiosity kills the cat, to the ambition displayed by the Rothschild family, Jiang Chen felt concerned .

"Yes . "

The Ghost Agent nodded and hid herself away .

Jiang Chen couldn't help but laugh at Penny's deceptive exit . He then reloaded the pistol and aimed at the target again .

But then, his phone began to ring .

He took out the phone and looked at the number on the screen as a genuinely shocked expression appeared .

[They are here already?]