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Published at 8th of October 2018 07:08:42 AM

Chapter 542
Chapter 542: Rocket Launch

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Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

At the airport of Coro Island, a slim and tall man in a grey suit stood outside of the airport with a briefcase in his right hand, while his left hand continuously checked his watch . Although his family was not originally from Frankberg, as someone who was born and raised in Mun, he had the habit of the Frankberg people .

Such as, repetitively checking the time and a passion for BBQ .

An adorable little girl around the age of six was with him . She had a blonde ponytail and looked sweet .

A black Benz stopped at the curb of the road .

Jiang Chen got off the car, Amos' eyes lit up, immediately held his daughter's hand, and walked up with his briefcase in hand .

"Hello, nice to meet you, Doctor Amos . " Jiang Chen shook hands with him and then looked at the girl that seemed to be afraid of strangers with a smile . "This is?"

"My daughter, Millian . " Amos smiled and looked at his daughter . "Greet Uncle . "

The little girl hid behind her father pouted her mouth when she heard her dad's request and spoke with nonstandard Han .

"Hello, Uncle . "

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Although it was cute, Jiang Chen felt an odd sorrow when the little loli called him uncle .

On the car, Jiang Chen learned that he divorced a long time ago and his daughter was his only family .

"What's the situation like in Ber?"

"Extremely unsafe…" Amos sighed, "Protests are going on every day . Some people wanted Merk to step down . Some people called the protestors to remain rational . Just a few days ago, a young man threw a Motkov Cocktail inside the refugee camp causing a pregnant woman to die and her husband to suffer severe burns . The furious refugees grabbed anything they could get their hands on and rushed into the street… Of course, the parliament already ordered for the refugee camps to be closed and did some preventative measures to control the situation . Perhaps things will get better in a few months… But I don't want to wait any longer . "

At the end of that gala, Jiang Chen left his business card with him . But what he didn't think was that the professor from the University of Ber made his choice already, handed in his letter of resignation, and headed to Xin to join Future Technology .

Because Jiang Chen was surprised, he personally drove to the airport to pick him up .

Amos Kimberley was indeed an outstanding talent . At the age of 42, he obtained double doctorate degrees in information technology and mechanical engineering and became the youngest engineering professor at the University of Ber .

Not only that, he had quite a list of achievements in the field of robots and artificial intelligence . The number of published papers on SCI (1) may be less than some of the people, but every single paper he published regarding robots and artificial intelligence had been referenced by more than 10 SCI papers .

The reason why he brought his family to Xin was partially due to the security in Ber continuing to deteriorate while he saw the possibility of challenging himself at Future Technology .

Of course, the salary offered by Jiang Chen was another reason why he decided to immigrate . The pay the University offered him was 100 thousand Euros, taxed at 25-30% . The benefits Frankberg offered were quite good, but because of the refugee problem, the benefits system was unable to withstand the load of the society and continued to worsen . Jiang Chen however, directly offered him a base salary of 200 thousand USD after tax while providing him with housing and a car; these were tangible benefits .

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Globally, these benefits were among the top, but what really motivated him to bring his family here was not because of the benefits, but because of the speech on artificial intelligence .

Jiang Chen previously told him it was a corporate secret .

Therefore, if he became part of the company, he could access this knowledge .

With that idea in mind, Amos submitted his resume to the email on Jiang Chen's business card .

Jiang Chen already had an idea of where to put the Frankberg Doctor .

Until now, he only brought products back from the apocalypse, but never technology . In the short-term, this was not a problem, but it was not a long-term solution . Just like it was unfeasible for him to transport food to the apocalypse as the apocalypse must regain the ability to farm, the modern world must establish a complete and independent research system .

Or with the colonization ship from Harmony, he couldn't think of any scenario where he would win .

Future Group had enough power to ensure that the technologies won't be leaked . This was the necessary first step .

Including D++ language, basic artificial intelligence database, and other confidential technology, Jiang Chen will gradually open them up to him . Once this professor mastered the knowledge, Jiang Chen will use him to train a group of reliable technicians . By then, Future Technology will have their own research team .

That was Jiang Chen's plan .

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After helping Doctor Amos settle down, it was close to noon time .

That afternoon was Celestial Trade's Aerospace Division's rocket launch date . As its first launch mission, Jiang Chen as the president didn't want to miss it .

After having lunch with Ayesha at home, Jiang Chen took a nap on the sofa . When it was close to one, Jiang Chen left for the island near the equator .

Compared to the barrenness a few months ago, the spacious island became more compact . Celestial Trade's post was located on the east side of the island on the elevated ground; the more flat west side was constructed into the launch facility . With the work of the construction robots, the basic facility used to execute the aerospace launch mission was mostly completed .

When Jiang Chen arrived on the island, he happened to see a few people in United Nations clothes blocked at the harbor by soldiers in kinetic skeletons . They were the observers sent by the UN to monitor to launch of the rocket to ensure Xin really did launch a rocket rather than an ICBM .

Because Jiang Chen had nothing to hide, he didn't refuse the observers from the UN . But when those people gained permission, they clearly forgot to submit their landing permission on the island from Celestial Trade, and hence they were stopped at the harbor .

"Mr . Jiang Chen, we need an explanation . " A man in glasses walked in front of Jiang Chen, infuriated .

"Our soldiers are just following procedure . You must request for landing permission from Celestial Trade before you step onto the island . I'm sure the Presidential Palace reminded you of this," Jiang Chen explained while signaling the patrolling soldiers .

The soldier saluted and backed away .

Henry's expression looked rather awkward . As Jiang Chen said, they did receive a reminder but didn't think it was a big deal . Since they received permission from the Presidential Palace, in their eyes, it was the same as receiving permission from Xin .

They clearly didn't understand the status quo in Xin because the person standing in front of them was the actual ruler of the country .

Calvin then walked out from the aerospace center and walked toward Jiang Chen's direction .

The scientist didn't feel pressured seeing the boss at all as he directly dragged Jiang Chen's arm to rush him .

"Hurry, you're finally here . The rocket launch preparation work has been completed . The launch could start at any moment . "

With the fervor on Calvin's face, Jiang Chen face palmed .

As to the UN observers next Jiang Chen, they were clearly disinterested . They were not concerned with Xin possessing the ability to launch ICBM . They attended this launch ceremony as observers purely for the purpose of comforting the emotions of neighboring countries . Since F country had been continuously stating it was a conspiracy to test ballistic missiles disguised as a rocket launch .

In their eyes, rather than worrying about if it was a ballistic missile, they were more concerned if this thing could really launch . What if it ignited but didn't launch, or it flew sideways…

When Henry thought about this, he shivered .

He didn't feel safe at all standing there .

(1) SCI: Science Citation Index

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