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Chapter 544
Chapter 544: All that one could wish for
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

Sky eye type X1 meteorological observation satellite . As the name implies, it will be used in meteorological observation, disaster warning, and other related fields . But because the satellite uses a large array of detectors, large reflective telescope system, adaptive optical imaging technology, and real-time image transmission technology, the two meters diameter camera located at the near-earth side of the satellite allowed for an observation resolution of up to 0 . 1 m .

Military remote sensing satellites and civilian remote sensing satellites are similar in principle with the main differences reflected in the spectrum and the ground resolution requirements . Military remote sensing satellites mainly form its image in the visible or near infrared spectral with resolution better than 1 meter .

And the sky eye X1 weather observation satellite no doubt had reached the level of military satellites . Normally speaking, the observers from the United Nations would ask to verify whether the satellite was consistent with the declaration of the project, but because these people simply didn't believe that Xin could launch it successfully, so no mentioned the verification .

Of course, even if they brought it up, Jiang Chen could refuse . But then, F would use this opportunity to launch a controversy around this such as Xin launched a military satellite with indescribable purpose .

Henry stared at the smoke trial gradually fading in the air before he finally closed his mouth .

"Did it really succeed?"

He obviously heard the cheers just then, but he didn't want to accept this unbelievable fact .

[No need for a third stage launch vehicle? Was the satellite sent directly into orbit with a second stage launch vehicle? It was not impossible from a technical perspective, but did they consider the cost? The additional payload would require more fuel… Wait, their rocket size was not big either with the total length being 33 meters . This is absolutely unbelievable!]

But no one bothered with him . Jiang Chen headed outside to take interviews from the media while Calvin commanded the workers to open the solar panels, check the working status of the satellite, and collect firsthand weather information .

"Xin's weather report could be completed with Xin's own meteorological satellite . I would like to express my gratitude to Atria's ES for past weather reports, thank you . "

Jiang Chen was used to being surrounded by cameras .

"Hello Mr, Jiang Chen, what inspired you to invest in aerospace?"

"Interest and potential . " Jiang Chen pointed up with one finger at the place the rocket just flew by and smiled in front of the camera, "The future of humanity is there . "

If a typical person said this, that person would be mocked for showing off . But because the words came from a technology tycoon, it would be remembered as a famous quote .

When Jiang Chen was being interviewed, he was thinking in his head . If one day, Celestial Trade really completed the blueprint in his heart where human activity expanded to beyond earth, and then to the synchronous orbit, the moon, and even Mars, and outside of the solar system, would people mark today as the start of everything?

Would the posture of him pointing to the sky and saying "humanity's future is there" become a statue and collected to become a part of the earth civilization museum .

After the interview and sending away the observers from Nouveau York, Jiang Chen didn't immediately leave the island, but rather he went to look for Calvin who just finished the launch mission . Just in this short period of time, the scientists opened the prepared champagne and started a party in the cafeteria of the Aerospace Technology Center .

The bubbles of the champagne fizzed everyone, although it was not a holiday, the atmosphere was better than a holiday .

When Calvin saw Jiang Chen, his eyes lit up, and he immediately went to greet Jiang Chen with two bottles of champagne .

"Haha, boss, you need to drink a bottle before leaving . "

"Yes, yes! This is our first rocket! Did you notice that observer's expressions? Haha, he looked like he just ate a fly . "

"This feels so good, hahaha!"

Because of the atmosphere, and there was no other plans later, Jiang Chen took over the champagne in Calvin's hand, opened the screw, and started chugging the bottle .

Seeing the boss starting to chug, everyone began to blow whistles and started to clap . The female workers as rare as endangered animals also looked at him . While their actions were reserved, their shouts were no quieter than their male workers . When the boss finished the bottle, Calvin didn't back down . The unshaven scientist didn't look like he could drink, but he showed otherwise .

There was no doing business with alcohol here, just purely a bunch of scientists celebrating their work successfully sent into the sky . The equipment and parts were "purchased" by Celestial Trade, but the entire rocket was assembled with their own hands; it was like their baby .

Once everyone had fun, it was starting to get late . Their home was on Ange Island, and their transportation was taken care of by a ferry at fixed times . Only a few chose to live in the employee housing provided on the island . For example, Calvin that wanted to sleep in the lab, or people that requested for overtime .

After the cafeteria that was in a complete mess was cleaned up, the celebration was officially over . Jiang Chen watched them get on the boat and grabbed Calvin who was returning to his place .

After the cafeteria that was in a complete mess was cleaned up, the celebration was officially over . Jiang Chen watched them get on the boat and grabbed Calvin who was returning to his place .

"The launch work was successful today . "

"Thank you for your compliment . " Calvin smiled but then sighed . "But the design of the rocket from start to finish had nothing to do with us . "

"Don't think like that . " Jiang Chen laughed and patted him on the shoulder, "You only have a higher starting point . I have transferred the related technology to you . I'm looking forward to you creating better rockets with them!"

In terms of technology, the two worlds were unequal . But in terms of creativity and innovation, the people from both worlds were no different . Aerospace was a frontier field that required imagination . With the same technology, the masterpiece created by Jiang Lin may not be better than the rocket designed by Calvin .

Of course, he must put in more effort .

"Mhmm, I promise . " Calvin smiled .

There was no need to promise because aerospace is his dream . Jiang Chen provided him with the technology and platform, and Jiang Chen did not doubt that he could make his dream into a reality .

"The launch mission today was extremely successful, and this is your accomplishment . As a reward, I will contact the finance department for a 2 million bonus . Half of it is yours while the other half you can distribute .

"You should have said that during the celebration, they will praise you as a generous god . " Calvin joked .

"You should have said that during the celebration, they will praise you as a generous god . " Calvin joked .

He didn't really lack money since when Jiang Chen purchased his company at a premium, he received 10 million .

"Hahaha, that's unfortunate then . " Jiang Chen smiled .

He paused, looked at Calvin, and said sternly .

"In the first half of next year, you'll have 12 launch missions . It will be busy, so I hope you are prepared . "

"Two rockets per month? Are you making dumplings in the sky (1)?" Calvin was stunned .

Launching a rocket was no joke . Although they possessed the technology to retrieve the first stage rocket, Celestial-1's launch cost around 50 million .

"Are you afraid?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows .

"Completely the opposite . I'm eager to take on the challenge . " Calvin responded directly to Jiang Chen's challenge with a visible smile on his face .

The thing the aerospace department worried the most about was the low profit of commercial launch missions and hence the inability to acquire funding . Jiang Chen's words answered the concerns in his mind . With sufficient funding, even if the number of missions doubled, he wouldn't even blink an eye!

(1) Are you making dumplings in the sky: The analogy is putting dumplings in boiling water and its appearance . The boiled dumplings look crowded and stuffed inside the pan . This analogy refers to the crowdedness of a particular place .

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