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Chapter 545
Chapter 545: Battery Patent

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On the ocean two hundred nautical miles east of Pannu Islands, with the escort of the frigate installed with the Type-50 J-unit electromagnetic pulse cannon, two construction vessels were deployed on the surface and retrieved the first stage rocket falling with under engine propulsion .

In the distance, there were a few patrol boats without flags . While maintaining a safe distance, they monitored the first stage rocket launch vehicle retrieve work . Because they were in public sea area, thus Celestial Trade's frigate didn't bother with the monitoring boats . Also, the boats just aimed its cannon in the distance as a warning .

When the first stage launch vehicle successfully landed and was transported onto the construction vessel, the patrol boats retreated .

If it was easy to guess who sent the patrol boats . UA didn't care about Xin's aerospace technology, Atria didn't care about international affairs, and there were only two countries active in this area . The economic relationship between New Guinea and Xin was strengthening by the day and obviously would not display this unfriendly gesture .

Country F had been cautious about the rising Xin . When Xin first declared the launch project, they were the first one to jump out in rejection . It was because of national security concern since they didn't think a small country with a total population less than their land force could pose any security threat to their country . It was purely out of a twisted mentality of a poor neighbour where the small country they looked down upon suddenly possessed aerospace capability unfathomable to them .

Of course, they would feel worse now . Because Celestial Trade not only possessed the ability to launch a satellite independently, they possessed the advanced technology to retrieve the first stage launch vehicle .

Xin's rocket launch had heavily damaged their national confidence .

But what Jiang Chen didn't know was, they were already in a complete mess . How are they so good at finding trouble?

… .

Future Biology's nutrient supply was well received on the international market . In order to target the dynamic market, the general manager Tao Ming used the recipe provided by Jiang Chen and pushed out four types of nutrient supply . While it increased the raw ingredients usage as well as production, the move also opened up the discount market .

The monthly production of nutrient supply was at an astounding four million boxes . After the cost of goods sold, the average net profit was 371 . 1 USD with a total profit after tax breaking the one billion mark! The profitability was near the level of Future Technology which absolutely surprised Jiang Chen .

Tao Ming was ambitious with Future Biology's development as he promised Jiang Chen while pumping his chest to transform nutrient supply as the healthiest fast food of the 21st century . And the reason behind his passion was due to the stock option plan proposed by Jiang Chen . Jiang Chen offered a 3% dividend to him and Zhan Shujie responsible for production . As long as they continued to serve Future Group, they will continuously enjoy this dividend .

On the other hand, the contract from Russia's national defense department brought Future Biology a sizable income . But compared to the popularity in the commercial market, the military contract performed paled in comparison . Tao Ming did suggest to Jiang Chen either to raise prices or to stop the contract with Russia's defense department in order to maximize their profit per unit . Since Russia with increase woe in its economy didn't seem like a generous buyer .

But Jiang Chen didn't agree with his proposition . Since as the president of Future Group, he not only needed to consider a subsidiary's profit . While Russia might not be the ideal buyer, they were an ally worth the partnership .

While Tao Ming didn't necessarily understand, he still followed the president's decision . But he seemed to have an odd misunderstanding behind Jiang Chen's insistence and euphemistically expressed the message – don't fall for the beauty .

But Jiang Chen was completely oblivious to what he was trying to tell him .

At least until when Jiang Chen was leaving the company, passed by the lounge, and glanced at a magazine open on the table . Because the person in the magazine looked familiar, he picked it up and took a glance .

When he saw it, his expression suddenly became interesting .

The magazine was a fashion magazine targeted toward females with most of its content either about celebrities or makeup . The content itself wasn't an issue . The issue was when he saw the picture on the page, it was of the day when he sent the drunk Natasha home .

The article itself didn't' comment on the "intimate" relationship between Future Group's president Jiang Chen and Russia's diplomat, but it used the topic to comment on Natasha's style and vibe, as well as shamelessly providing tricks to attract males…

Jiang Chen closed the magazine and felt extremely awkward .

No wonder Yao Ming was careful with what he said because there was a misunderstanding . The Russian diplomat was a mistress of the boss, and as a manager, it was hard for him to comment on their business relationship with Russia . But he couldn't let the "pillow whisper (1)" freely affect the company's profitability . Therefore he said it subtly .

Jiang Chen flipped to the front of the magazine . It was published a month ago by a small publisher on Coro Island . A contemptuous smile appeared on his face .

Someone dared to report his scandal; does the boss of the magazine feel like he has lived too long?

But he only thought about it before he put down the magazine back on the table .

Some of the things were okay even if revealed to the public . Disguising may cause people to suspect the backdoor relationship hidden behind it . Xin didn't establish information control purely because it was not necessary to give trouble to the media over this .

But this event reminded Jiang Chen of the importance of controlling public opinion . As to how to execute it, it was not through enacting a law, since he had too much money, he could easily just acquire a controlling share .

On the other hand, Future Industrial was officially established and registered in Xin as a subsidiary to Future Group . The current portfolio consisted of only an electric car battery, and the research force came from the three European automakers Jiang Chen acquired . It was hard for mechanical parts such as a battery to use similar encryption technology as the Phantom . Therefore Jiang Chen didn't plan on bringing out the highly advanced nuclear fusion battery but instead selected the decade ahead solid lithium-air battery .

In the international scientific community, the study of lithium-air batteries had come to the state of near breakthrough . The shackles preventing its commercialization was mainly in how to ensure that after repeated charge and discharge, the battery can still maintain its original power level . Cambridge University was currently at the forefront of the world with its establishment of the lithium-air battery laboratory model . The model could be charged and discharged more than 2000 times, the energy efficiency of the theory exceeded 90% .

Optimistically, it will be possible to achieve mass production and application of the solid lithium-air battery by 2020 .

Jiang Chen obtained the outdated solid lithium-air battery technology from the library in the apocalypse and ordered the researchers at Fallout Shelter 027 to produce a prototype with 3D printing, prepare the related technology into documents, and then Jiang Chen could transfer the information to Future Industrial's car battery scientist .

Including the electrode material, membrane components, new electrolytes, and high-performance additives, and other technologies, all through the PCT route, a total of 147 patents were submitted using international patent applications in many countries around the world . The purpose was to strive to form an absolute patent monopoly and completely blocking others from doing so .

There was no reason not to apply for the patent because four years later, other people will also apply for a patent .

As to some of the material production process, Jiang Chen didn't rush to apply for the patent because he didn't plan to build the factory far away . The plant could be built in the industrial base on Ange Island or the neighboring New Guinea was not a bad choice either .

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