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Chapter 547
Chapter 547: Too Many Choices

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The company most hostile toward Future Technology's product launch was Penguin .

Some time ago, Penguin acquired Wanghai Lexiang Technology, but the Phantom helmet made their deepoon virtual reality equipment look like complete junk . The plan of bundling Penguin's social media platform and deepoon in order to achieve "Virtual reality + Big Penguin Strategy" died in its infancy .

In other words, other than for nostalgia's sake, no one would play the outdated NDS once they had a smartphone .

The awkward situation they faced was the same idea .

If their deepoon never had any emotional impact on its users in the first place…

"Useless . " Ma Huateng gazed at the document on his desk and swore after holding back for so long .

Whether it was positive or negative news, the media all referred to Future Technology's dominance in the VR industry . Future Technology's growing influence made Penguin Cooperation feel a deep fear . When they realized that they couldn't learn from Future Technology's product, Boss Ma experienced a deep helplessness .

The ability they were most well-versed in was useless against their opponent .

The assistant stood beside the boss, pretending not to hear the boss's rant as he stared straight at a flower through the window to pass the time while praying the blame wouldn't spread to him .

Ma Huaheng inhaled several times and picked up the teacup beside his hand . The bitter tea made him calmer, whether it was due to its price or identity . This tea was a custom product either: (1) reserved for representative meetings or (2) gifted by a powerful person after the meeting .

When he thought about this, a curvature appeared on his face and his eyebrows were no longer furrowed .

At least from a policy point of view, Penguin wouldn't lose .

Seeing the boss calming down, the assistant felt relieved and finally reported important information to him .

"Boss, Xin's delegate will arrive in Shangjin tomorrow morning at ten . Jiang Chen will accompany the delegation—"

"I know . What's the message on that side?"

"The message from Shangjin is that they want us to keep in contact with Future Group . "

[Keep in contact?]

Ma Huateng furrowed his brows as this ambiguous message made him unclear of the directions . How should he keep in contact? What was the outcome the people at the top wanted to see? Regarding the era-defining technology, were they not tempted?

Seeing that the boss was silent, the assistant attempted to go on .

"Boss, do you need me to book a ticket?"

"Of course," Ma Huateng said with an undertone . "… Our primary focus is still on software; it was a mistake to enter the hardware market . Regardless, QQ must gain an advantage over the Phantom helmet . It isn't too late to partner up now . "

When the people at the top mentioned maintaining contact, he had to facilitate meetings for the partnership . Because of the uniqueness of Xin, Hua would do their best to win over their ally . Conversely, it would be the same for Xin as they would try to promote cooperation between Future Technology and Hua enterprises .

But his assistant didn't think nearly as far .

"Will Future Technology give up the market share on social media? They revealed their ambitions when they fought over market share with Future 1 . 0 . If they internally bundle social media software in the helmet and use the compatibility issue to prevent us from entering the market, it'll be hard for us to win . "

In 2007, Microsoft's VISTA operating system didn't support QQ for a period of time and that truly scared Penguin . Fortunately, the problem was solved in subsequent updates but VISTA's penetration rate was low compared to XP and Windows 7 later on . But everyone knew that if Microsoft really wanted to take out QQ through the computability issue and used the bundling method to push MSN, then only death awaited for Penguin .

Of course, they would never do that .

The reason was…

"That's not the right way to say it . " Boss Ma's eyes were narrowed and he laughed mischievously . "In this country, things don't always work the way they want it to work unless they want to face investigations on their monopoly . "

This sentence didn't sound convincing coming from his mouth . Speaking of a monopoly, who else to say that than BAT (3)?

While Penguin was discussing their strategy on negotiating with Future Group, at a house in Shangjin, two elders were playing GO .

"That Future Group, Jiang Chen, certainly has some capabilities . " The elder with white hair suddenly nodded with a smile while his fingers held a black piece .

The elder in a vest laughed .

"To be able to receive such a comment from Old Liu, this kid certainly must be amazing . "

"That's not the right way to say it . Wasn't your Zhou family the first to bet on him?"

"The word 'bet' ruins the mood - it was just my kid who happened to meet him by fate . " Although Zhou Antai said this in a humble way, his face still glowed with pride .

His kid who stayed in Wanghai brought an ally with such potential to his family when he came back home . Speaking of which, the reason why Jiang Chen chose to partner with the Zhou family was largely because the Wang family was the "matchmaker . "

"Dehai… was too overzealous . " Liu Xiangguo's piece hovered but didn't fall on the board . He sighed and kept shaking his head .

The Dehai he referred to was Wang Dehai in Wanghai .

When Zhou Antai heard his old friend's comment, he felt joyous inside but he didn't display it . He subtlety asked:

"Is this based on fact?"

Liu Xianguo looked at his old friend with a grin and refocused on the GO board .

"This is a difficult move . "

"How's it difficult?"

"Difficult because there are too many choices . " Liu Xiangguo seemed to be studying the board as he muttered to himself .

"Antai, you tell me - should I take out your piece or should I wait?"

After Zhou Antai heard his friend's straightforwardness, he slapped his thigh and laughed .

"If you ask me, I want you to take it easy on me . "

Liu Xiangguo glared at him but also laughed .

"Although we've been friends for a long time, you know that when we play, I never take it easy . "

*Sigh* "It's okay . It's not my first time losing . " Zhou Antai waved his hand nonchalantly .

Although his words were nonchalant, his eyes never left the board .

His hovering black piece was finally planted on the board .

Zhou Antai gazed at the board . His pupils contracted before he blissfully smiled .

From the start, his old friend had been playing tricks on him . It was only when the piece finally landed on the board did he start to understand .

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