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Chapter 548
Chapter 548: Returning to Homeland

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He hadn't been back in how long?

If he counted, it was close to one year .

Jiang Chen stared at the runway zipping by in the window as he zoned out .

From the glimpse he caught before the plane landed, the homeland wasn't any different compared to when he left . The only difference was his state of mind - when he left, he felt rushed, but now he was calm and collected upon his return .

It was the origin of dragon heritage, the heart of the republic . During his time in university, he visited this place with the intention of expanding his views, but it was only today that he understood the true definition of "view . "

Views weren't observable until one reached a certain level .

The welcome ceremony was hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs . Although Xin and Hua's political ideologies were different, they shared the same cultural background . Therefore, during Xin's presidential visit, Hua demonstrated the highest level of courtesy to highlight the demeanor of the superpower .

The leaders of the two countries warmly shook hands . Accompanied by men in suits, they went to the diplomatic regiment . The media stood on both sides of the red carpet in an orderly fashion, with the cameras capturing the friendship between the two countries live .

Jiang Chen left all the problematic issues to Zhang Yapin as he stayed in the business delegation while avoiding the media .

He didn't bring any bodyguards this time . Ayesha acted as his assistant carrying a briefcase and following half a step behind him .

Responsible for greeting them were mainly people from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as the leaders in charge of economic and trade cooperation . Once they met, the officials in charge warmly greeted Jiang Chen and shook his hands with force .

. . .

Jiang Chen could clearly sense that while the officials in suits were meeting the entire delegation, their attention was more or less focused on him . He could visibly sense their attentiveness and the reason behind their attentiveness, without a doubt, was because of the message from the "top . "

It was indeed a good signal .

The tips of Jiang Chen's mouth curled up when he thought about this .

For this Hua trip, it was a positive beginning .

On the first day of the visit was mainly a diplomatic conference, and the business forum was to be held at noon the next day . The only other special event today was the evening banquet . Surrounded by the reception staff, it made him feel grateful to return home .

But among the security personnel, he was surprised to see an acquaintance .

Although the gray coat looked very low-key, among the crowd with all suits, it still looked somewhat conspicuous . Perhaps he was personally aware of this - he had been standing on the outside of security personnel .


If it was Dagger, his face was too young, but this figure gave him a familiar feeling .

Just as he thought, Jiang Chen met his gaze .

Without any communication, he only nodded to Jiang Chen before turning away from his direction . It looked like he knew Jiang Chen, but Jiang Chen didn't know where he saw him before .

When Jiang Chen arrived at the hotel, he asked the reception staff he had been chatting with about that security personnel .

"Oh, that person . He's a bodyguard from the General Staff Department . The top placed great importance on your security," the reception staff explained to Jiang Chen .

"I just feel like he looks familiar . Could you tell me his name?"

The reception staff only hesitated for a moment, thinking it wasn't confidential, so he told Jiang Chen .

"Miao Jun . He was previously assigned a mission in Wanghai, perhaps you saw him then . "

When Jiang Chen heard this name, he immediately remembered . Miao Jun was the new agent with Dagger . But because he hadn't seen him for a long time, that guy appeared different . The impulsive young man was no longer there and had been replaced by a mature and resolute individual .

Jiang Chen didn't know what happened that transformed this guy into a qualified soldier . He previously thought he wouldn't be staying long in this role, but he now changed his mind .

The hotel was five stars . From the bodyguards patrolling at the entrance to the magnificent interior design, it was a special facility used to accommodate honored guests .

At the entrance to the hotel, Jiang Chen saw Xia Shiyu, who had been waiting for a while . He knew from the phone that she would arrive in Shangjin a day before, but he didn't expect that she would also be treated as a foreign delegate .

In a clean, black female suit, her black hair was curled at the back of her head . Her gorgeous face that didn't like to smile bloomed like a cold and elegant flower on a mountaintop .

Their relationship couldn't be described as intimate, but their reunion after so long still made his heart pump a little faster .

And the increase in heart rate originated from her smile, the smile that could melt ice .

"Long time no see . "

"Not too long since we did a video call . " Jiang Chen stopped beside Xia Shiyu .

They already arrived at the hotel and they had the rest of the time free . The reception staff beside Jiang Chen certainly knew how to read the mood . The moment he saw Xia Shiyu, he speculated that there might be an intimate relationship between the two of them, so he walked away quietly .

"Did you not miss me?"

"Of course I did . " Although his smile wasn't proper, the meaning he wanted to express wasn't fake at all .

With Future Group growing by the day, the only person he could count on was just Xia Shiyu . Perhaps it sounded narcissistic, but he still trusted Xia Shiyu to never betray him, whether it was from her previous deeds or her personal affection .

She stared at Jiang Chen's face and her lips gently trembled . She had a lot of things to say to him, but now that she finally saw him, with her difficulty in expressing her feelings, she was unable to turn her thoughts into words .

" . . . . . . tomorrow's business forum, the three giants BAT will be at the scene . Cooperation between the internet and VR industries will be the first part of the business talks . " Xia Shiyu looked away .

From her hesitating lips, she squeezed out the words as a means of escape .

"Mhmm, I know . " Without noticing the fluctuation in Xia Shiyu's emotions, Jiang Chen nodded and replied to her with a comforting smile .

With her face beginning to blush, Xia Shiyu didn't look at Jiang Chen in the eyes .

Just then, she noticed Ayesha behind Jiang Chen . Her expression turned perplexed .

It was already nearing lunchtime . The representative of Xin's businessmen and Jiang Chen had to arrive early . After exchanging a few more words with Xia Shiyu, he left for his room upstairs .

Sensing Xia Shiyu had words to say to her, Ayesha didn't follow Jiang Chen but looked at the very beautiful "first lady . "

"I won't give up . " After a monetary silence, Xia Shiyu stared into the girl's eyes and righteously said .

"Welcome . "

Ayesha replied with earnestness as she spoke from the bottom of her heart .

She genuinely wanted Xia Shiyu to face her heart and didn't mind becoming "sisters" with her at all . If it was her, she could help him more, unlike herself who only knew how to fight and kill .

But perhaps because Ayesha wasn't good at expressing herself either, her invitation sounded like a "victor's taunt" to Xia Shiyu's ears .

Xia Shiyu bit her lips in a perplexed state as the will to fight ignited in her eyes .

Without speaking any more words, she turned around, leaving Ayesha full of questions .

Ayesha stared at her back and thought with seriousness .

She felt there wouldn't be any positive results if they continued to drag this on…

[Perhaps I should help her out?]

In her blue pupils, mischievousness sparked .

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