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Chapter 550
Chapter 550: Allies

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"My sincerity depends on your sincerity . " Jiang Chen looked straight into Liu Xiangguo's eyes . "And before that, I need to know what you want . "

"Virtual reality technology . "

Jiang Chen sighed after hearing this answer and pushed his hands against the armrest .

"If that is your sincere wish, our conversation can end right here . "

Jiang Chen motioned to stand up .

Liu Haotian, who was standing at the door, looked at Jiang Chen in disbelief as he didn't expect the conversation to head in that direction .

The atmosphere in the room instantly intensified .

"Wait . " Just like Jiang Chen expected, Liu Xiangguo stopped him .

Shrewdness sparked in the elder's eyes as his eagle-like gaze locked onto his face without any disguise .

"You were the first one who dared to speak to me like this and also the youngest . " Liu Xiangguo took a sip of his tea and spoke emotionlessly .

"Here . " Jiang Chen added .

"Hahahaha, you're right . Here . " As if he heard something funny, the elder laughed and slowly put the cup down on the table .

The tense atmosphere instantly faded .

"Sincerity? You won't acquiesce on demands for virtual reality technology at all? Liu Xiangguo's face instantly returned to a kind expression .

"That's right . "

"What if I make you unable to do business 'here'?" Although this was spoken nonchalantly, Liu Xiangguo placed emphasis on that word .

"Then we will fully retreat . "

"Fully retreat?" Liu Xiangguo paused and looked at Jiang Chen, quite intrigued . "You don't feel pained about losing access to a market of 1 . 4 billion people at all?"

"You don't feel pained about letting technology at least twenty years ahead of its time slip away from your own hands?" Jiang Chen returned the question .

"Our country never lacks people with talent . "

"That's if your people with talent are able to develop immersive virtual reality technology . "

"I don't need the virtual stuff . "

"I'm not here to pitch it to you . That includes all innovative technology from Future Technology in the present and future . "

Jiang Chen's words made Liu Xiangguo silent .

Before the start of the conversation, the top officials began discussing Future Group . The response from the scientific institute was pessimistic . In the next thirty years, they could not achieve the level of sophistication of the Phantom Helmet .

Unless medical and electronic fields both experienced significant breakthroughs simultaneously .

Liu Xiangguo knew the consequences if the Phantom was blocked here and other countries accepted it .

Rejecting new technology at their doorstep would only mean getting left behind by the world .

But Liu Xiangguo scoffed at the idea . Just with his Future Technology company alone? He had the audacity to say that his technology alone could lead the next era?

But . . . was that impossible?

Liu Xiangguo looked at Jiang Chen with a smile as he began to question him again .

"You're a very interesting opponent . I previously thought I had more choices to make in my next move, but it looks like that's not the case . "

"Haha, not at all . I'm not here to play chess with you . I'm here to find a suitable ally worth cooperating with . "

"Ally… You certainly are confident . " Liu Xiangguo glared at Jiang Chen .

"Please don't underestimate the technical abilities of Future Group . " Jiang Chen swirled his finger . "There's only technology you can't imagine, and there is no technology we can't make into reality . "

Jiang Chen paused, smiled mysteriously, and continued .

"And when it comes to the actual ruler of Xin, I'm sure you can guess who it is . "

Perhaps because it verified his prediction of Jiang Chen, Liu Xiangguo scoffed .

"Young man, you are quite devious . "

"You are flattering me . "

Although they were humble words, Jiang Chen's face didn't show any humility at all .

When Jiang Chen left the manor, it was already late in the night . They discussed the exact details of cooperation for a long time before finally agreeing on terms acceptable by all .

Although it was just verbal agreement .

Liu Haotian opened the car door for Jiang Chen and took a seat afterward .

"Are you pleased with the result today?"

"I'm extremely pleased . It far exceeded my expectations . "

Liu Haotian glanced at Jiang Chen through the mirror, but that glimpse wasn't enough to determine if Jiang Chen's words were from the bottom of his heart . When the conversation reached the halfway point, his father eyed him to leave the room . Although he wanted to know what the terms of the deal would be between the Liu family or Hua with Future Group, his old man clearly didn't want him to know .

"That Uncle Liu is your father, right?"

"That's right . How did you know?" Liu Haotian was confused at Jiang Chen's abrupt comment .

"Isn't it obvious? Your last name is Liu . " Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and answered the dumb question .


Liu Haotian facepalmed in his mind .

"Just a question out of curiosity - what's Liu family's position in Hua?" Jiang Chen asked nonchalantly .

When Liu Haotian heard this question, a proud curvature appeared on his mouth .

"The leader of all the families . "

When Jiang Chen returned to the hotel, it was already ten at night .

Liu Haotian parked the car without staying much longer . He simply informed Jiang Chen that he would arrive tomorrow morning at eight to drive him around .

Perhaps worried that Jiang Chen wouldn't return, Xia Shiyu stood at the front of the hotel while constantly checking the time . When Jiang Chen stepped out, she immediately came up and berated him .

"Where did you go? Why did you come back so late?"

Although her tone sounded distant, the caring expression on her face made Jiang Chen feel warm inside as he comforted her .

"Don't worry, I was discussing terms with an important person . I'll explain once we're back in the room . "

"Who? Who's worried about you . . . " Xia Shiyu's face turned red and she looked away dishonestly . "All in all, it's late, so let's go back now . "

[That's textbook coy . ]

Jiang Chen watched Xia Shiyu leaving swiftly as he thought to himself .

When Jiang Chen returned to his room, he threw his suit on the side and laid on the bed with his limbs spread out .

"Ayesha . "

The air beside him vibrated and her figure in a suit appeared out of thin air .

The suit consisted of special material because she mentioned to Jiang Chen that the previous black carbon Nano combat suit was too distinct, so Fallout Shelter 027 created a corresponding plan . These clothes made with special material could enter stealth mode with an optical illusion module in order to prevent the suit from being too conspicuous . In principle, the stealth clothes were designed with the same principle as gun covers .

Her blue pupils quietly looked at Jiang Chen as she waited for her master's orders .

"Are there any 'eyes' present?"

Jiang Chen referred to cameras .

"I already checked . " Ayesha shook her head .

Reliable as always .

Jiang Chen patted the bed beside him .

"Come and sit beside me . "

Ayesha obediently nodded and sat down .

"Are you thinking about something?"

Ayesha looked at Jiang Chen, puzzled, and her expression seemed to be asking: How did you know?

"It's written all over your face . " Jiang Chen sat up and smiled while tousling her luscious hair . "Can you tell me? Maybe I can help out . "

"It's not about me . " The girl shook her head with her mouth slightly pouted . She dangled her legs over the bed while murmuring in a quiet voice, "What does Jiang Chen think about Sister Shiyu?"

Seeing as Jiang Chen had no response, Ayesha turned her head and looked at him, slightly embarrassed .

"My question is weird, right?"

"No, nothing weird about it . " Jiang Chen recollected his thoughts . He smiled and gently squeezed her hand . "I just think it would be too selfish of me to say what's on my mind . "

Ayesha shook her head rapidly and looked into his pupils tenderly . "No, it wouldn't . "

"Because it is Ayesha, you won't feel like that, but other people might think otherwise . "

"Master is… troubled?"

"Why did this title come up again…? Sigh . Rather than trouble, it is more not knowing what to do . Even if I can fix Xin's law to make polygamy legal, traditional culture won't change . "

And because of this reason, he had been carefully watching his interpersonal relationships in the modern world . He wasn't certain he could still maintain his relationship with Xia Shiyu if he crossed that line . Because of this, there were a few times when he was close to crossing the line before he put the brakes on himself .

Since this place was the modern world after all…

Ayesha stared at the side of Jiang Chen's face and confirmed her speculations . A faint smile surfaced on her face .

[Of course, I need to help him… Please allow your most loyal maid to be reckless for once . ]

Just then, a hesitant knock came from outside the door .

The moment the door was knocked, before Jiang Chen could react, Ayesha disappeared .

"… Is he asleep already?" Low muttering came from outside as if she was debating if she should leave .

Jiang Chen wryly looked in the direction where Ayesha disappeared and walked to the door .

"Wait, I'm coming . "

He opened the door as the scent of shampoo tickled his nose . Judging by the water droplets still visible around her pale neck, she probably just showered .

Xia Shiyu peeked behind Jiang Chen while pretending to be calm . "Where did Ayesha go?"

"Why would you think Ayesha would be in my room?" Jiang Chen scratched his nose .

Although he didn't lie, he used a response that could easily be misinterpreted . He didn't know why he did that as he subconsciously hid the fact that Ayesha was there .

Perhaps it was his perception but he felt Xia Shiyu's mood becoming slightly better .

"Was there anything you wanted to talk about?"

"Didn't you say you had something to tell me?"

[Did I?]

Jiang Chen thought to himself before he suddenly realized .

He did tell her when he came back that he'd explain in the room .