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Chapter 551
Chapter 551: I'm Willing

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"You can't have forgotten about it already . " Xia Shiyu looked at Jiang Chen with skepticism .

"No way," Jiang Chen scratched the back of his head and stepped aside, "come in . "

He poured two cups of water . When he went into the bedroom, he found Xia Shiyu sitting where Ayesha previously sat .

"Have some water . "

"Mhmm, thanks . " Xia Shiyu accepted the cup in Jiang Chen's hand and put her hands around it to gain some warmth .

The December in Shangjin was the middle of the frigid winter . Although there was sufficient heating in the room, she still felt chilly just coming in from outside . Jiang Chen looked around . When he saw there was no other place to sit, he sat beside her .

But just as he sat down, the unnatural feeling crept into his mind . Because he was too close, he could even sense his beating heart .

Jiang Chen inhaled in an attempt to use deep breaths to calm his unsettled heart, but the situation seemed to be evolving in the complete opposite direction as Xia Shiyu's scent floated into his nose and his unsettled heart became more anxious .

Xia Shiyu who was also timid locked her fingers around the cup and stared at the texture of the carpet; the white cloud lingering above the water hid away the anxiousness on her face .

The atmosphere in the room came to an stagnation .

Jiang Chen who realized this point scratched his face . In an attempt to break through the awkwardness, he gently coughed and said .

"Do you want to hear what happened?"

"Ah, right . " Xia Shiyu blushed and coughed into her fist, pretending to be calm .

It would perfect if she didn't bite her tongue when she spoke .

[Wait, why am I so nervous?!]

Perhaps realizing his action was unlike him, Jiang Chen mocked himself and forcefully drove out the odd throbbing in his heart and began to illustrate the conversation with Liu Xiangguo .

"So you're saying, they are willing to provide protection from the policy for our business in Hua?" Xia Shiyu put the cup on the nightstand when they began to talk about business . Her reserved state disappeared as her eyes were filled with cunning sharpness .

People say that men when serious looked charming, but Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that Xia Shiyu when serious cast an attractive vibe .

But Jiang Chen knew better than to interrupt as he nodded .

"That's right . "

"What's their offer price?"

"10% of Future Group's profit in Han . "

"What a big appetite . 10% of our profit . That's at least one billion USD a year . Liu Xiangguo certainly has the guts to seek bribery this openly," Xia Shiyu crossed her eyes, put her hand on her chin, and said .

Doing business anywhere had an expense in this area whether it was doing business domestically or internationally . The less elegant way to describe it was the transfer of benefits, the more elegant way was business development cost . Although Future Group's primary business was in the web field in Han with the cost lower compared to traditional interest, it is impossible to not have any expenses .

"That's the appetite of the leader of families, and they have a big family . " Jiang Chen laughed, "If they really could provide enough protection to our business, the 10% profit is not too expensive . He previously wanted 10% of global profits, but I rejected it . "

Before, even if Jiang Chen had the courage, he didn't have the confidence to say no . But now the table has turned, Future International already gained its footing in the global market . While the Liu family was influential, Jiang Chen was on the same level as them .

Whether it was for the benefit of the country or for himself, there was no downside to cooperating with Future Group .

"Then, what's the method of transferring the benefits?" Xia Shiyu asked .

"Charity . I'll establish a charity under my name and inject 10% of Future Group's Han profit into the charity and hire designated cooperation to build schools and hospitals in specific areas . "

"One hand taking clean money while one hand racking up the political remarks . What an efficient method . " Xia Shiyu quickly understood the trick hidden inside .

"That's right . " Jiang Chen snapped his finger, "looks like you figured it out now . "

The tip of Xia Shiyu's mouth curled up .

"You're underestimating me . At least I'm the CEO of Future Technology . "

The transfer of benefits method was unique, although as the CEO, she didn't personally conduct the bribery work, she did personally audit through every financial expense . Future Technology's grey area expense globally accounted for a positive 5% .

Although it was not something worth bragging…

"It's the CEO of Future Group . " Jiang Chen corrected her .

Xia Shiyu took a second to process before she laughed .

"Right… We did make a deal . "

The last time when Xia Shiyu went to Pannu Islands, Jiang Chen invited her to become the CEO of Future Group . But Xia Shiyu didn't immediately accept but agreed with Jiang Chen to accept the promotion after the Phantom's official release .

"Do you not want a promotion?"

"No," Xia Shiyu shook her head, zoned out, and stared at her fingers twirling together, "I, I just don't know if I can handle the challenge . "

"Is it really okay to say this to your boss?" Jiang Chen laughed .

It was taboo to display a lack of confidence in front of a boss as an employee facing promotion . But what made Xia Shiyu herself feel odd was how easily she exposed her weak side .

Perhaps he never gave her the feeling of being a boss, but more of a… friend .

Xia Shiyu tried to convince herself in her mind .

"I trust you," Jiang Chen abruptly said .

"Eh?" Xia Shiyu looked at him, puzzled .

"Whether it is your ability or your loyalty . "

"That's a weird thing to say . Is this something a boss should tell its employee?" Xia Shiyu looked away . Although she sounded calm, Jiang Chen could still hear the tantrum in her voice .

"Of course not . " Jiang Chen shook his head, "If it is a regular employee, that person definitely can't take the position, and I won't tell that person this . "

If it was a regular employee, then that employee won't understand his expansion thoughts, and he wouldn't trust the operation of the group to a person without a clear background . But it was different with Xia Shiyu . Disregarding everything else, she wouldn't betray him . It was not because of an irrational, unconditional trust, but a conclusion from her personality and the complex relationship between the two .

But the words in Xia Shiyu's ear were misinterpreted to something else .

[Are you saying… I mean different things to you in your heart?]

Xia Shiyu's heart was pumping wildly .

She previously thought she would never have any girly emotions, but she was feeling the anxiousness in her mind which completely negated the belief she had held .

To be able to interpret trust as something beyond was something that only belonged to a girl in love .

"Then, Xia Shiyu, I'm going to ask you again . Are you willing to take on the role where you're the only one capable of doing so to help me achieve my dream?" Jiang Chen looked into her dark pupils and asked again sternly .

"Could you tell me what your dream is?"

"If you're willing . "

"I'm willing . "

There was not the slightest hesitation in her tone .

Jiang Chen opened his mouth, but that sentence didn't come out .

"Mhmm, thank you…"

There was a glimpse where he almost told her his secret .

Of course, he still couldn't trust the people of this world .

But why did he tell Ayesha? He had been puzzled by this point for a long time . Perhaps because he knew she wouldn't betray him, perhaps it was something else .

The glimpse of hesitation didn't escape Xia Shiyu's eyes . Although she felt frustrated for not gaining his trust in the last moment, when she saw the glimpse of hesitation, she felt relieved and delighted .

At least in that instant, he felt guilty for the unequal trust .

"Then… I'll go back now . " Xia Shiyu didn't force him to tell her .

"Mhmm, that's all I needed to tell you for tonight . Rest early . "

"You too . "

Xia Shiyu turned around, walked to the door . But the instant she put her hand on the doorknob, there was a gentle knocking sound outside .

"Is it Ayesha?" Seeing how close their relationship was, she felt a hint of jealousy .

But then, Jiang Chen instantly raised his head to the door as a chillness that he hasn't felt in a long time returned to his body .

"Don't open –"


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