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Chapter 552
Chapter 552: Package Bomb
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

"How did that guy get into our group?"

"Who knows, I heard the old director personally recommended him . "

"Whatever! Connections?"

"What do you think? A blank resume . I heard he did sometime near the borders and conducted B level missions, but he must be there just to obtain his qualifications… Look at the way he looks, he can be promoted like this? If it is not for his strong background, he wouldn't even pass the first level," the man lowered his voice and whispered to his colleague .

Miao Jun leaned against the concrete pillar in a grey jacket didn't bother with the conversation targeted towards him . The cigarette in his mouth only had a few sparks left . His half-narrowed eyes looked as if he was taking a nap .

Suddenly, the sparks of the cigarette illuminated brighter .

The half-narrowed eyes opened as the grey smoke came out of his nostrils .

The smell of blood…

Suddenly, a deafening explosion came from above the hotel, debris and dust scattered, flame accompanied by thick smoke sprang out of the window .

The instant explosion stunned everyone .

No one would have thought that someone had the guts to commit murder in broad daylight .

Although they were stunned, it was only for a short one second before the agents and police on scene began to move .

"This is General Staff Department Second Division Team Four . An explosion took place in Shangjin Hotel, requesting assistance now . "

"Confirmed, Brigade C has surrounded the targeted area— Buzz—"

The piercing buzzing noise almost shattered his eardrum as the commander covered his ear in agony and immediately disconnected the Bluetooth .

"Communication blocked! Fu*k, why are you standing around, go confirm the safety of the guest!"


Team four was a new action team with part of its members coming from a reconnaissance background, but the team was made up criminal investigation experts who had transferred from the public police system . Many of them were masters of their field, but as elite they were they have a fatal flaw compared to the long-established groups which were their crisis response ability…

The commander stood up straight with gritted teeth . Someone forcefully connected to his Bluetooth earphone . It was not simple communication blocking anymore, it was the more sophisticated communication hijacking .

Just as all the bodyguards were running upstairs, he suddenly noticed a member that didn't seem to fit the team had disappeared .

How long since he's had this feeling?

The omen of death that crept into his mind and "Fury's" danger perception awakened at the same time .

The heavy gust of wind blew apart the thick smoke, behind the Nitrogen Armor was a face covered in gloom .

Jiang Chen scanned his surroundings . The entire room was destroyed, and the only thing left standing was half of the bed he sat on .

Inside the washroom, Xia Shiyu, who was curled up, slowly opened her eyes . After she confirmed the fact that she was still alive, she looked bewilderedly at the person that carried her around the waist .

In a black suit; that serene figure . The person that carried her into the washroom, was her "enemy"…

Ayesha .

She couldn't think right now as to why Ayesha would suddenly appear in Jiang Chen's room, why she would suddenly save her from the center of the explosion . Because what just occurred was too traumatizing, she couldn't think straight . But the unpleasant memory of her being kidnapped once again surfaced in her head…

She wanted to scream . Her mouth was open, but she couldn't make a sound .

Just a few seconds ago, Jiang Chen attempted to stop her from opening the door, but the person appeared was a man in custodian uniform .

There was a paper box in his hand . The innocent face was hard to connect with danger, but the fervor in his eyes was terrifying .

Without time to alert Xia Shiyu, he ripped off the tape on the paper box between his arms .

Almost instantaneously, Ayesha who realized the oddity of the situation immediately stopped the optical illusion and lifted Xia Shiyu around the waist into the washroom in the hallway around the corner to avoid the flame that instantly engulfed the room . Jiang Chen who had the ominous feel took out the Nitrogen Armor to blow away the explosive shockwave .

He threw the Nitrogen Armor back into the storage dimension and sat up from the bed that had been blown in half and patted away the dust on his shoulder . He was relieved seeing the hallway in mayhem but without blood .

Fortunately, Ayesha never left the room from start to finish, or Xia Shiyu would not have survived in the explosion .

When he thought about the explosion almost hurting the person dear to him, Jiang Chen was furious . He swore that regardless who planned this attack, he will make that person pay .

"Ayesha . "

"Yes . "

"Yes . "

"They should not be operating alone . There should be accomplices nearby… Find them . "

Jiang Chen did not believe that a person's effort alone could sneak into the foreign delegate hotel under several layers of protection .

"Yes . "

Ayesha gently put Xia Shiyu on the ground and smiled at her who was still recovering from the blast . She then opened the optical illusion and disappeared in the room .

Xia Shiyu stared at the unfathomable scene that had just happened in front of her as she murmured blankly .


Jiang Chen kneeled down beside Xia Shiyu and looked at her apologetically .

"I'm sorry that you encountered this… The enemy is clearing targeting me . You've seen that Future Group has a lot of enemies, and among them are people who are willing to use extreme methods . If you're scared…"

Xia Shiyu who recollected her thought shook her head rapidly and tried to be brave .

"Do you think I'm a scaredy-cat?"

Jiang Chen took a second to process before he started laughing .

"Don't force yourself to be brave . You're so scared . "

Jiang Chen reached out to Xia Shiyu who was shaking .

Jiang Chen reached out to Xia Shiyu who was shaking .

Xia Shiyu rolled her eyes at Jiang Chen and grabbed onto his hand with force before getting up from the ground .

Sirens broadcasted loudly outside of the window before the sound of cluttered footsteps came from outside . Several bodyguards and special forces with pistols entered the room and bumped into Jiang Chen and Xia Shiyu walking out from the washroom .

When they saw them, the commander Cheng Hu forced his way to the front and looked anxiously at Jiang Chen .

"Are you okay?"

"Just like what you saw, we happened to be in the washroom, so luckily survived . "

When Xia Shiyu heard Jiang Chen's description, her cold and elegant face was covered by a red hue . The way he said it was easy for other people to misinterpret . For example what reason would make the two "coincidentally" stay in the washroom together?

But she was clearing overthinking, no one thought that way .

The foreign delegation was the target of a suicidal terrorist attack, it would be a global scandal if released! Everyone here focused on the actual attack .

Cheng Hu took a deep breath, lowered his head, and said .

"I apologize for you encountering such a dangerous event . We'll do our absolute best to find the perpetrator behind this attack and give you an answer!"

"That would be great . " Jiang Chen nodded expressionlessly .

The manager of the hotel arranged a new room for Jiang Chen and began the follow-up procedures .

When Jiang Chen left the original room, Cheng Hu immediately ordered security and agents to conduct a carpet search in the room while interrogating all hotel workers separately . Just as he swore he would flip the hotel upside down, a black shadow appeared .

At the same time, two sets of eyes spotted him .

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