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Chapter 553
Chapter 553: Not Died

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Sirens reverberated on the streets as the red and blue lights decorated the night of the city . Within the shadow behind the illumination of prosperity, a black shadow traversed quickly among the ally as dark as a black hole . But behind that shadow, the grey jacket flew with the wind and the agent of the General Staff Department tightly pursued .

With pistol tightly clenched in his hand, Miao Jun's eyes locked onto that figure while he adjusted his breathing . The enemy's speed was too fast to give him the time to report his coordinate . But it was okay, the phone in his pocket was on . As long as he managed to keep up with the person, it will only take time before backup arrives and captures this person .

But the person's endurance was unbelievable which made Miao Jun more shocked the longer he chased . He was considered top quartile in the General Staff Department, but having chased for so long, the person running in the front didn't seem to be losing his pace while he was beginning to lose his breath .

If this continued, he will lose him .

With the criticality of the situation, he could no longer follow the rules and procedures .

Miao Jun used his finger to flip open the safety . When he passed through a 90 degrees turn, he immediately raised his gun and fired .

Three gunshots echoed in the small ally . He clearly felt one of the bullets hit that person on the back .

The black shadow tumbled when being shot before turning to a dead end on the side .

Miao Jun immediately followed and turned into the dead end . He aimed his muzzle at the wounded person and shouted .

"Don't move! You're under arrest . "

Maybe it was because he heard Miao Jun's shout, the person with his back hunched had his back exposed to Miao Jun without any movement . But the menacing laugh that drifted from underneath the black coat made Miao Jun feel a daunting chillness .

With cold sweat rolling down from his forehead and swallowing the natural fear he felt along with his saliva, Miao Jun moved closed while holding the pistol up .

But as he was 10 minutes away from the person, he stopped .

Under the pristine moonlight, he didn't notice any blood from the wound on his back .

"Oh? Mr . Police, why are you not approaching closer?"

The spark of firing flashed in the dark alley as the bullet only penetrated the shadow of the pitch black figure . The safe distance of ten meters was instantly shortened to an extreme, and the glaring white blade stabbed toward Miao Jun fiercely .

The crisp sound of metal contacting each other reverberated in the alley as the colliding blades even created sparks .

Miao Jun suppressed the sharp pain on his hand while feeling more stunned . The person's close combat ability was without a doubt above his, and the decision to approach him was the wrong choice .

Seeing the agent from the General Staff Department start to riposte less and less, a menacing smile surfaced on the person's face .

"Die, before dawn . "

While he spoke those words with unclear meaning, another white blade slashed out from underneath the shadow . With his dagger being guarded down, Miao Jun's pupils narrowed and watched the sharp blade stab to his shoulder .


Blood splattered, a knife slipped out, and the person tumbled back and fell down .

The blade aimed at Miao Jun's chest only made a cut on his side . Although it caused a large amount of bleeding, it didn't do any critical damage . The bullet from out of nowhere saved his life .

Without a doubt, it was a sniper rifle!

Miao Jun covering his wound fell down beside a garbage can in the ally as he used his trance sight to witness an obscure scene .

The person that was hit by sniper rifle climbed up from the ground with difficulty as blood pooled on the ground .

It was the first time he saw someone being able to stand after being hit by a sniper rifle .

On the roof of a building one thousand meters out, Ayesha, lying on the ground locked, onto the street through the crosshair . Although because of obstructions, she couldn't continue to aim at that person . But from the tumbling figure, that person didn't die .

"Target hit… kill unconfirmed . "

Being able to survive a direct hit to the chest by a Ghost Sniper? When she witnessed this odd scene, she instinctively sensed something obscure about that person .

Currently, Jiang Chen, who was in the washroom, concerned . After the attack, when he finished dealing with the security asking him questions, he made the excuse to go into the washroom .

"Unable to kill?"

"Yes . It is confirmed the bullet directly penetrated the target's body, but the target's life information didn't disappear… Target is on the move . "

"Capture him before the General Staff Department captures him," Jiang Chen said in a low voice .

"Roger . " Ayesha took a deep breath and stood up .

"Wait, get the Ghost Agent to do it, you come back . "

As Jiang Chen's assistant, disappearing too long would cause unnecessary suspicion . After the attack occurred, Jiang Chen came in contact with the Ghost Agent hidden in Shangjin . Based on the location reported by Ayesha, the Ghost Agent should have arrived at the target's area .

With the tracking of the Hummingbird drones, the accomplice of that assassin will not be able to escape from the eyes of the Ghost Agent .

Jiang Chen was more concerned about how he survived after being penetrated . He also needed to capture the person alive to figure out who planned this attack .

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Chen sat up from the toilet . He already spent long enough in the washroom, and there were still people and things for him to deal with . With such an incident occurring in the hotel the delegation stayed in, it was a question if this delegation visit should continue or not .

The custodian was murdered, the security personnel in the hallway was killed, attacked with a bomb by knocking on the door of the business representative from Xin .

He was not the only person that stayed here . Other Xin businessmen also lived here . It was tough to hide such a serious incident . A lot of people were awakened by the loud explosion from their dreams and began to inquire about what happened . Zhang Yapin was negotiating with Han diplomats and urged the local police to punish the attacker . . .

That is if they manage to catch the attacker .

As Jiang Chen expected, the moment he left the washroom, a few officials who clearly just rolled out of bed stood in front of him and began to ask him about the detail of the attack . They then promised him pumping their chest to use the entire city's police force to capture the attacker to give him an answer .

Then, it was Liu Haotian, who didn't leave for a long time, who found Jiang Chen . Although he was only a concierge of the Concierge Department, from other officials' respectful look, Liu family's political influence in Han's political scene was indeed powerful .

"Did you get injured?"

"I was quite lucky, I was in the washroom when the explosion happened . "

Without seeing the aftershock of just surviving through a horrific incident, Liu Haotian examined him with a perplexed expression .

"I'm reassured after confirming you're okay . If you need anything, call me . "

"I don't need anything, I just want you to give me an explanation . " Jiang Chen looked straight into Liu Haotian's eyes and said directly .

"The attack may be planned by foreign forces with an attempt to disrupt the two countries—"

"I don't want to hear the diplomatic stuff . You can say this on the news . "

"Then you're suggesting?" Liu Haotian furrowed his eyebrows as Jiang Chen pressed him further .

Jiang Chen smiled, and then lowered his voice .

"Xin can keep this incident confidential . "

Liu Haotian was surprised and cautiously looked at him .

"Your terms are?"

"No terms at all . " Jiang Chen opened his hands . "We all want this visit to run smooth, don't we?"

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