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Chapter 554
Chapter 554: A High-profile Business Conference

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Although Jiang Chen didn't bring up any terms, Liu Haotian still expressed that the Liu family owed him a favor and they will repay the favor .

But Jiang Chen completely didn't let Liu Haotian's promise get to his head . The emperor's family was the most ruthless; a favor was just a joke when dealing with such powerful families . He already saw this too clearly when he was in Wanghai . Which kind of favor was more than the favor of saving a life? If saving a life was not enough in exchange for protection, what could this small favor do?

It was interests that bind the two parties together, not something that needs to be maintained by favors .

After Liu Haotian left, Jiang Chen spoke with Zhang Yapin who just finished discussing with Han's diplomats and told him to cooperate with Han to cover up this attack and cover up the emotions of the investors .

The light of the explosion could not be covered up as a lot of people nearby captured the thick smoke that sprang out from the windows . But the nature of the incident was reclassified from an attack to a leaking natural gas pipeline . The contract worker responsible for maintenance had been let go . The explosion occurred in a room without anyone inside, while the delegation was startled, there was no injury . For the friendship of the two countries, Xin's President Zhang Yapin accepted the apology from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hotel to put a conclusion on the "accident" .

When the reporters were permitted to enter the scene, the room Jiang Chen lived in was changed into a different room . People who knew the truth were instructed to shut their mouths, and the truth behind the incident had sunk to the bottom of the sea . Even then, whether it was the Ghost Agent or the General Staff Department, they didn't stop pursuing the accomplice of the attacker .

Needless to say, that person was an escape artist as he managed to escape from the layers of surrounding security set up by the General Staff Department . It could be clearly seen that they prepared a sophisticated plan for this assassination . Not only did they know the city of Shangjin well, but they also prepared transportation vehicles and disguises along the way .

When he sat onto the secondhand pick-up truck, put on makeup to transform into a middle-aged bald man, wore T-shirt and jeans with the colors fading due to too many washes, the tall build killer completely changed into an old driver responsible for long distance logistics .

As to how Jiang Chen knew everything clearly, it was because he didn't manage to escape being locked on by Sky Eye X1 satellite .

Just as he was about to leave Shangjin through the rural area, the Ghost Agent that followed up began to close the net and captured him at a gas station . Then covered with optical illusion clothes, the Ghost Agent kidnapped the attacker onto a vessel to Xin .

By noon of the second day, the agents of the General Staff Department were still working hard to search for the accomplice, but Jiang Chen already received the confirmation he was imprisoned at New Moon Island .

"… We found something odd on his body . "

Currently, in the restaurant of the hotel, Jiang Chen sat with Ayesha together, enjoying lunch while discussing the information sent by the Ghost Agent .

"Odd?" Jiang Chen's chopsticks froze midair and looked at Ayesha with eyes of inquiry .

"That's right, his regeneration ability is especially strong to the point that it's unimaginable . Any non-fatal wound could recover in an extremely short period of time . When Zhu Yu captured him, she thought she got the wrong person because there was no gun wound on his chest… But during the interrogation on New Moon Island, we discovered his implausible regeneration ability . " With a voice only Jiang Chen could hear, Ayesha spoke .

"Increase regeneration ability… Wait, interrogation?" Jiang Chen looked shockingly at Ayesha .

Ayesha nodded gravely .

"That's right; the truth-telling liquid is ineffective against him . "

. . .

Jiang Chen's pupils contracted .

[The truth-telling liquid is ineffective? That's impossible . Based on what Sun Jiao said, other than people injected with Genetic Vaccine, a serum that increased immunity or with the rare Nano blood could resist against the hallucinating agent, and these absolutely would not exist in the modern world!

Could he be a traveler like me?!]

The idea abruptly popped up in Jiang Chen's head, and he quickly negated it himself . If it were really a traveler, the weapon he used would not be explosives with no technical expertise, at least it would be a Nuclear Grenade .

"Increase the amount of truth-telling liquid used… If he is absolutely immune to that, use physical methods to interrogate him . We have to get the information from his mouth regardless of the method . But don't kill him, I still have uses for him . "

Jiang Chen closed his eyes and ordered .

Ayesha nodded and remembered his words in her heart .

Based on the agenda, this afternoon would be one of the primary purposes of this trip – the Han Economic and Trade Cooperation Business Forum . The Internet giants of Han will be gathered with BAT at the scene, Internet and VR industry cooperation will be the emphasis of the business talks between the enterprises of the two countries .

Although on paper it was the business talks between the enterprises of the two countries, everyone knew it was the discussion between Future Technology and the BAT giants . The only large tech company in Xin was Future Technology, and the only tech companies with the ability to capture the VR market were the three massive players . Although there were quite a few tech companies such as SoMao or 361, they were still far away from dictating the market like the three giants .

The Business Forum took place in Shangjin Restaurant .

When Jiang Chen arrived at the place with Liu Haotian, it was exactly 2:30 and ten minutes away from the start of the forum . But with how full the parking lot was, most of the representatives attending the forum have already shown up .

Indeed, when Jiang Chen stepped into the conference room at the end of the hall, all the eyes turned toward him . Other than the president of the three BAT giants, the people sitting here were all leaders of the tech industry as well as renowned reporters who stood beside the wall .

Even then, he still only recognized two of them .

And the embarrassing thing was, he knew them because of the stickers (1)…

Jiang Chen quietly sat down at the only open seat and couldn't look to the Ma bosses (2) smiling at him .

"Ahem," Seeing everyone arrived, the man who sat at the end of the table stood up . He used an authoritative but gentle gaze to scan around the room, "Although there is still 10 minutes before the start of the conference, everyone here is passionate about the cooperation between the two countries . Since everyone is here, let's start then!"

A round of applause rang in the conference room . Jiang Chen's eyes stopped at the man standing as he clapped with the crowd . From his impression, the person speaking must be the Minister of Economics and Trade Cooperation .

Confirming Jiang Chen's speculation, the man with a smile raised his hand .

"Let me introduce myself . I'm Pan Feng, the Minister of Economics and Trade Cooperation . The tech industry is a booming industry and an area the country places a great deal of emphasis on! Everyone here is leaders of the tech field . As a person who ran a steel plant before . Who know nothing of the industry, I won't interrupt and leave the time to all of you . Talk, discuss, communicate, if you can reach an agreement, it would be beneficial for the citizens of both countries! Now, let's introduce the President of Baidu, Li Yanhong to deliver a speech . "

With applause, the man with gelled hair stood up .

"Thank you, Minister Pan, for your introduction, I will say a few words then…"

Li Yanhong was indeed worthy as the company's President, he had an in-depth understanding of the Internet's prospects and an understanding of key points . Although it was a casual speech, it offered many of unique insights which even made Jiang Chen as someone who didn't know too much about it agree .

At the same time, Jiang Chen also noted that many of the Presidents took out a small notebook and carefully wrote down notes .

After all, it was the President of Baidu that spoke . Baidu is the benchmark in the tech industry and any of their moves would cause a small earthquake in the field .

About ten minutes, during a round of applause, Li Yanhong ended his speech and nodded to the applauding crowd with a smile .

Just as Jiang Chen thought the two Ma Bosses would talk together, Li Yanhong looked to his direction and continued .

"The point of view of the future of the Internet is just my own opinion . In this regard, I believe that the Wall Street praised Future Group President, Mr . Jiang Chen, must have a more iconic view on the future of the Internet, I hope Mr . Jiang Chen won't be stingy and deliver his opinion . "