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Chapter 557: 557
Chapter 557: New CEO

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In an old and low residential building in the rural area of Wanghai City, a Caucasian male in a grey jacket leaned against the radiator . His eyes were closed with a pleasant expression .

"I like this country . Whether it's the wealthy or poor, they can all enjoy warmth equally in the chilly winter . "

"Giles, are you telling me you've been zoning out?" The man sitting by the window looked to this side with a gloomy expression .

The man referred to as Giles smiled . "What else? My dear Ladisiv, you should learn to enjoy your current life . "

Ladisiv's face was still gloomy . He continued to stare at the grinning Giles for a long time before looking away .

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door .

They looked at each other and exchanged eye contact then Ladisiv put his hand on his waist while moving toward the door .

After confirming the identity of the person at the door, Ladisiv was relieved and opened the heavy door .

A man wearing a hat entered the room along with a gust of wind . He closed the door behind him and shook the snow off his body before dragging his feet into the living room .

"What's the situation?" Ladisiv asked in an undertone .

"Mission failed," the man replied with broken English . He took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa .

"That's unfortunate… Where's our Mr . Warrior?" Giles asked .

"Hirata was captured and mostly transported out of the country by Future Group . "

"Professor won't be happy . " Ladisiv's face grew even more gloomy because that meant he just kissed his bonus goodbye .

In contrast to the fanatic "alien hobbyist," he didn't care about the hidden conflict between the company and Willie Society led by the Rothschild family, nor did he care about "Burakkuboto" or the "Golden Apple . " As a mercenary, he only cared about money .

"The professor won't be happy… or he could feel otherwise . "

"Oh?" Giles looked at the man in surprise .

"Because I saw something interesting . " The man laughed lightly, took off the hat on his head, and put it on the hanger by the wall . "Perhaps our enemy isn't only a pawn of Willie Society . "

If Xia Shiyu was here, she would be shocked .

Because the face under the hat belonged to the suicide attacker who should've been blown to pieces .

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He should've been dead .

Because of what happened last night, the higher-ups increased the security level of Jiang Chen by two . Although his driver was still Liu Haotian, Jiang Chen could clearly sense that there wasn't only one car following his Hongqi L9 .

The number of police vehicles on the street increased exponentially . The higher-ups were fuming at the explosion that occurred at the hotel and held countless people in charge responsible for this incident .

Inside a coffee shop, Jiang Chen met the newly appointed CEO .

It was Ning Huajian, the previous project manager for Future 1 . 0 and one of the founding employees of Future Technology . He had a technical background and a meticulous personality . He valued directions from his superior more than his own thoughts . Because he previously worked on the core project Future 1 . 0, his familiarity with Future Technology was only second to Xia Shiyu . With him appointed as the new CEO, he could take over the operations of the company while lessening the impact of changing the CEO .

Jiang Chen saw some luggage beside his feet . He must've just arrived in Shangjin without time to head to his hotel .

"I believe you have seen the email regarding the job change . You'll be the CEO of Future Technology and the General Manager of the Hua area, responsible for the most important subsidiary of Future Group . You'll have to take the burden now, and I hope you won't disappoint my expectations," Jiang Chen said seriously to Ning Huajian, who carried a hint of weariness from travel .

"Please be assured, President, I won't disappoint you . " Ning Jianhua raised his chest . Because of excitement, his voice started to tremble .

His efforts towards Future Technology could be described as hard-working and outstanding, but he never thought he would become CEO of the company since CEO Xia's competency and ethics were impeccable, she was one of the founders of the company, and had an "inexplicable" relationship with the President .

But now, the sudden change made everything a reality . With Xia Shiyu appointed as CEO of the Group, her vacant position was going to be taken over by project manager Ning Jianhua .

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After he received the email in the morning, he boarded a plane at noon to Shangjin without hesitation and walked out of the airport by the afternoon .

Jiang Chen nodded at Ning Jianhua, who was full of passion, and placed a contract in front of him .

"This is your new contract . Although I could've delivered it through the mail, I hoped to personally give this to you . Sorry for making you run . "

"No problem at all! This is what I should do . "

"The specific benefits are written in the contract - take a look at it before you sign . Aside from that, 1% of Future Technology's profits will be your bonus at the end of the year… Do you not need to look it over before you make a decision?" Jiang Chen asked as he saw Ning Jianhua was already signing his name on the contract .

1% of the profit of Future Technology! Considering Future Technology's current profitability, the number would at least exceed 100 million USD!

"No need! I trust the President . " Ning Huajian calmed his hastened breaths, smiled, and put the pen aside .

If he was signing with anyone else, Ning Huajian would definitely be cautious . But he was signing with Jiang Chen, the highest ranked Han man on Forbes' wealth list, the President of a hundred billion company, his own boss! He didn't think of any reason why Jiang Chen would trick him into a false contract .

Since Jiang Chen was giving him such an important position, that already demonstrated his trust in him . What Ning Huajian did was to return his trust with his actions .

Jiang Chen laughed and took the copy that belonged to him .

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"Okay, stop trying to flatter me . From today on, you'll be the new CEO of Future Technology . I won't say much more, but for the role of Future 1 . 0's project manager, get someone with the ability to replace you . This is one of Future Technology's key projects . "

"Be assured that I'll get on it once I return!"

Jiang Chen then instructed Ning Huajian on a few more things before patting him on the shoulder to give him encouragement . He then took his leave .

Outside the coffee shop, Liu Haotian glanced at Ning Huajian who just passed him then took out his car keys . Not long after, Jiang Chen walked out of the coffee shop and walked toward him .

"Is that the new CEO of Future Technology?"

"That's right . He'll be responsible for contacting you . Of course, this news hasn't been released to the public yet . Before the end of the delegation, I hope you can keep it confidential . "

"Is he trustworthy?" Liu Haotian started the car and grinned .

Since this was related to the grey exchange between the Liu family and Future Group, if the information was leaked, even if Liu family's power could cover up the news, it would be a problematic scandal regardless .

"If he wasn't trustworthy, would I give him control over such a big company?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and asked back .

Liu Haotian seemed to accept Jiang Chen's explanation and didn't say anything else .

He started the car and headed to the hotel .