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Chapter 56

Chapter 56: The Surprising Reunion

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“Hello, Sir, what type and what unit would you… It’s you?!”


The youthful reception behind the table courteously explained to Jiang Chen, but when she saw his face, her eyes popped wide open .


“This is a small world . ” Jiang Chen forced a smile .


The blonde curls, the delicate nose, and her mouth along with eyes full of “pureness” behind a round framed glasses . The student vibe made her even more attractive .


Though she certainly pretending to be younger than her actual age .


Fang Yuanyuan, a name that broke his heart .


When he was in university, he never had a girlfriend, or more accurately, never successfully chased after a girl . Not that he looked bad as he was confident of his looks, but the fact was he was poor . This girl called Fang Yuanyuan was a girl that he had chased after, and also the last one he ever pursued . He still remembered that they met at a gathering .


The reason why he liked her was because of her energy, as well as the faint dimples when she smiled . Fang Yuanyuan didn’t keep her distance with Jiang Chen because he was poor, she always warmly said hi to him, and they chatted on Wechat .


For Jiang Chen who was less popular among girls, she was like an angel to him . What made him feel even more strongly was that he “felt” that she also liked him back .


But the reality proved that it was a rookie mistake .


A girl being nice to you could also be nice to other people . The illusion of “she likes me” was often just a one-sided imagination . Being close to you was only because you could be used or she was just bored . Rejecting you because you were friendzoned since the beginning .


If she liked you, she would have asked you out already or hinted at you to ask her out .


Don’t to mistaken, if she blinked her big eyes full of cuteness at you that’s not the boyfriend, it’s not because she is innocent, but rather “I am thirty, can you buy me a Starbucks . Of course, the noun could be changed to pizza hut or Louis Vuitton .


These types of innocent acting girl, people refer to them as green tea bitch .


If you don’t like me, just tell me to fu*k off! Why are you acting close to me?


Of course, Jiang Chen admitted that it was dumb of him to be involved in the first place . Every basic girl always had some boys run around her . One held her bag; one paid for her, one alleviated her physical needs…


That was the definition of being naïve . He really didn’t know something like this would happen .


It was one day during Jiang Chen's second year of university that he asked Fang Yuanyuan out to a movie . The movie was Liu Yao’s <That Year> .


And then, there was no and then . He finally woke up, woke up from the illusion that year .


He realized it was a one-sided emotion .


After rejecting the person, to continuously expect the person to act like a “best friend”, to expect they would continue to revolve around you and your life, that was greed .


In the end, she ripped off the façade of innocence and began to mock him for being weak and useless .


Shocked, confused .


Within the next two years, every time they passed by each other, she would always hasten her steps and walk away pretending not to know him . It was better that way as it would be awkward otherwise . He had already put this unhappy memory into the back of his head . Especially after his roommate told him that, “I didn’t tell you before because I was afraid that you would be angry, but that Fang Yuanyuan girl has an ambiguous relationship with other people at the same time .


There was no reason to discuss whose fault it was .


But it was after that moment that he no longer believed in fidelity .


Especially after he possessed the financial capability, he was out of control . But this was another story to be told .



He just didn’t expect that one year after graduation they would encounter again .


In his memory, Fang Yuanyuan was an art major, but she came into the real estate business . It was not odd since he did study a supposedly good major, mechanical engineering, but still sold clothes after graduation .


The feeling to meet an old friend felt odd to Jiang Chen .


“You, why would you come here . ” The girl looked around nervously as she lowered her voice and said in a begging tone, “please, don’t come bother me anymore, you and I won’t happen . ”


“I think you are mistaken . ” Jiang Chen awkwardly looked at Fang Yuanyuan .


Although she had hurt him before, he didn’t have the desire to seek revenge .


What happened before was all buried in dust . Yes, Fang Yuanyuan did hurt him, but through her perspective, she didn’t do anything wrong since Jiang Chen couldn’t give her the life she wanted .


Also, it’s hard to debate who actually gained more from her rejection .


“How did you find out where I worked?” She gritted her teeth as she locked her eyes on Jiang Chen . “Leave, I don’t want to see . I won’t accept you . ”


Jing Chen was completely dumbfounded .


[What? Do I need your permission to buy a house? You are mistaking this whole thing . ]


But Fang Yuanyuan didn’t give Jiang Chen the chance to explain as she acted defiantly .


As to why she rejected so dramatically, it was because of something that happened recently .


A middle-aged business man that recently bought a second-hand house from here proposed to her . The reason behind it was she tricked the bald, middle-aged man to think that a cute girl had fallen in love with him, so he hot-headedly signed his name on the contract .


But when the middle-aged men showed up with ninety-nine roses to her workplace…


The exact details will not be discussed, but in short, the guy got kicked out by security . Because of this, the manager warned her . Even if the implicit rules within this industry was not new, you still have to watch your tail .


She was terrified that Jiang Chen would pull something by directly proposing to her .


If he made a fool of himself here and demanded her to marry him, even if the security would kick him out, she would be the laughing stock between her colleagues, and it would even affect her bonus this month .


She selectively ignored the woman that stood behind Jiang Chen, a woman that would embarrass Fang Yuanyuan not only just in looks .


“You know her?” Xia Shiyu in offline mode suddenly opened her mouth with a mischievous look .


[Why is it so cold here, is the AC too low?] Jiang Chen shivered .


“I guess . ” Jiang Chen awkwardly answered .


This is ruining the mood, let’s try a different place then .

With Fang Yuanyuan’s arrogant act, Jiang Chen wasn’t in the mood anymore . He didn’t even bother explaining as he was ready to turn around .


Seeing Jiang Chen leave in “embarrassment”, Fang Yuanyuan let out a breath as she was amazed by her cunningness .


Good thing I acted with certainty . Haha, dumba*s .


“A toad that wants to date the swan . ” (To crave for what one is not worthy of . )


Jiang Chen stopped, although it was faint, it didn’t escape his ear .


Xia Shiyu also stopped; however, she looked it like she was happy to see the conflict unfold . Jiang Chen noticed and gave her a dirty look before he gradually turned around and walked in front of the reception .



“What, what do you want? I am calling the security . ” Fang Yuanyuan saw that Jiang Chen was walking towards her with a fierce look as she began to feel nervous . She started to stutter .


“Nothing . What? A receptionist can reject the customer’s rights to buy a house?” Even if you don’t want me to buy, I will buy it here, and I will buy it from someone else right in front of you .


Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows as he glanced at the security guards walking over .


A deathly stare .


[This guy killed people before?!]


The security guard suddenly felt fear overcome him as cold sweat rolled down his forehead .


Although Jiang Chen didn’t intentionally expose anything, the bloodiness stained from the chaotic apocalypse crept into the security guard’s mind through his grim gaze .


His instinct from being in the gang told him that he would not be able to handle the young man in front of him . He wasn’t planning to start a fight, but momentum wise he already lost out .


The air in the room started to tense up .


At this moment, an apologetic voice suddenly alleviated all the tension in the air .


“Of course she doesn’t have the right, honorable sir . I apologize for this poor demeanor of our company’s reception . ”