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Chapter 561
Chapter 561: VR + eCommerce

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The Fishbone's software development department had been meeting the software development demand in the modern world . In the short-term, it is feasible, but inefficient from a long-term perspective . While the apocalypse didn't lack talents with an incredibly low cost of labor, it is gated by population .

Future Group is constantly expanding, but the software development team only grew by less than ten people in the apocalypse .

Take the developed Godly Land for example . The development of the world virtual reality MMORPG took nearly one year based on the developed content before the war . Based on the stats given by Du Yongkang, with the standard of a development studio before the war, the content update and maintenance of the game of the large-scale RPG would take at least fifty people .

Jiang Chen didn't tell him that the MMORPG may potentially have over one hundred million players since only Future Technology offered the immersive virtual reality MMORPG . Based on the large player base, in order to ensure the game content was interesting, the project team would without a doubt be bigger than 500 people .

The number was not an exaggeration at all . Take Blizzard's bloated development team for example . A high-quality MMORPG would take a lot of people to maintain . Even if possessed artificial intelligence to assist the allocation of game storage, basic artificial intelligence's limitation in creativity meant that some things couldn't replace human labor .

Because of this, the release of the development tool will come eventually . Only if more people knew how to develop the virtual reality software could Future Technology hire more programmers to support the virtual empire he established .

But the release of the development software can't be rushed . At least until Future Technology's core possessed a technical advantage .

Half a year ago, when Future Group's building finished construction on Coro Island, he moved some of the core technical team to Xin to receive training on the VR development tool "virtual 4 . 0" and VR image processing software "pictogram 2 . 1" .

But the troublesome part was, while the interfaces of the program software were friendly to use, to the people without any experience in this field, it was difficult to comprehend . The result of the training was obvious, they took half a year of time before Future Technology's technical core finally gained some understanding and reached a beginner's level .

It would at least take another half a year to one year before they could master the software .

Because of this, to ensure Future Technology's competitive advantage in this field, the publishing of the software must be delayed for at least half a year . In this half a year, Jiang Chen must depend on the programmers on the wasteland to help in developing the software he needs .

With two proposals in hand, Jiang Chen temporarily returned to the apocalypse .

It was already late into December; Wanghai on the wasteland was covered by snow and stood gracefully .

When Jiang Chen just returned to the Fishbone base, holiday spirit still lingered in the air .

With ample resources, the quality of life of NAC people gradually got better .

Although Christmas was not a statuary holiday for the PAC, people before the war would usually do something on this day . With the idea "the year has almost passed by, it's rare to have a few peaceful months, so let's do something to celebrate", Miss Generous took out the frozen meat near its expiration date and announced the second BBQ party would be held on Christmas Day!

Therefore, a bunch of people who don't believe in Jesus Christ celebrated the spirit of the holiday on this cold day while praying to the higher being they know doesn't exist "long and prosperity to the NAC" .

"Yo, pervert, you're back? Only if you were back a day earlier . Yao Yao baked a giant turkey yesterday . " Lin Lin who was reading manga on the sofa was dangling her slim legs leisurely .

The radiators in the winter almost made people feel sluggish .

"If you keep calling me that name, be careful . I might actually eat you one day . " Jiang Chen sighed at the bad mouth girl that turned into a useless being .

[This doesn't feel like the apocalypse at all . ]

Lin Lin oddly didn't rebuttal back . Jiang Chen noticed she covered her face with the manga book .

"Manga… Sixth Street sells these now . Where is Sun Jiao?" Jiang Chen looked around in the living around and discovered only Lin Lin was there .

"Sister Sun Jiao should be at the community center now . When you're not here, she has been doing the work you should have been doing . "

While touched emotionally, Jiang Chen looked at Lin Lin in surprise .

Lin Lin was embarrassed by the way he was looking at her and blushed . Then she moved the manga even higher .

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

"Nothing, I'm just impressed that even Lin Lin knows how to take care of people now . "

"Hello! What do you mean? Did I not know how to take care of people before?!"

Before Lin Lin threw her manga book in his direction in embarrassment, Jiang Chen put down the pudding and left .

Other than Lin Lin whose Project Garden of Eden came to a halt because of the snow, the girls in the mansion all had something to do every day .

Yao Yao still stayed in her own room and developed the program Jiang Chen gave her . The little loli worked diligently . Jiang Chen remembered when she bought her, her computer rating was only C, but after studying for a long time, the program she developed was even praised by the head of the software development department .

Jiang Chen put the gift he bought her on the table, then followed the girl's demand and put her on his legs while rubbing her soft hair .

To be honest, he was supposed to be helping Yao Yao alleviate the stress of work, but when Jiang Chen saw her eyelashes shaking from feeling so comfortable, Jiang Chen felt all his weariness also disappear .

He spent some peaceful time with her then left the mansion and headed to the community center .

It was snowing outside . A trial of water droplets hung on the window .

Because of the heating system, the office was warm .

"Sister, why don't we just call it a day?" Sun Jiao put her head on the desk in exhaustion with and the pen used to sign documents in her mouth .

"No, sister . Brother-in-law gave you such an important job to you because he trusts you, please just work a little harder . The next document is Beer Bottle Firearms Company's trade agreement for steel and rice in exchange for firearms . "

"Can I just sign it? Who dares to trick us in an agreement?" Sun Jiao raised her eyebrows and said audaciously .

"No, we set the rules . If we can't even follow our own rules, then the order brother-in-law worked so hard to establish would go down the drain . To avoid unnecessary conflict, please look through every detail in the agreement . "

"Can you not use brother-in-law? It feels weird . You did it too…" Whenever Sun Jiao thought about the intimacy shared with her sister, she couldn't help but blush .

"No, please let your young sister just have fun . " A devilish smile appeared on Sun Xiaorou's face .

Jiang Chen always thought whenever she smiled like that, it was especially like her sister .

When Sun Jiao saw Jiang Chen appear in front of the door, the pen dropped onto the table from her mouth .

Sun Xiaorou saw the yearning in her sister's eyes as she face-palmed with a smile .

"Ahhhh… It looks like today's work has to be pushed to tomorrow . "

Like a gust of wind just breezed by, Jiang Chen hugged Sun Jiao who dove in between his arms . The longing followed the temperature in front of his chest and mouth passed into the deepest part of his heart .

"Screw you, you don't even visit me…"

"I'm afraid that I won't go back if I come back . "


"Really . "

He already became the emperor of the apocalypse and free from the threat from the Natural Selection Fleet . The Project Garden of Eden was in progress and in ten year's time, life here may be better than the life in the modern world .

While they were exchanging their deepest emotions with their eyes, the door behind them was locked by Sun Xiaorou .


Jiang Chen just wanted to turn around to ask why Sun Xiaorou locked the door when his back was blocked by the same gentleness .

Sun Jiao looked at her sister hugging Jiang Chen from behind and said in shock, "Xiaorou?"

Sun Xiaorou didn't bother with her sister, bit the tip of Jiang Chen's ear, and blew warm air in naughtiness .

"Compared to sister, I also waited a long time…"

The two sisters exchanged eye contact . Devil smiles simultaneously appeared while they reached for his inexplicable part with their graceful hands .

"Wait, wait—"

The abrupt but envious by many shout stopped . In the office with strong sound insulation, the reunion ceremony officially started…

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