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Chapter 562: 562
Chapter 562: Quantum Communication Satellites

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When Jiang Chen came out of the office, it was already nighttime . Staring at the dark night and the dancing snowflakes, he thought about how he just wasted an entire day . Jiang Chen couldn't help but bury his chin into his scarf and sigh . He still had things to do in Wanghai, and after that, he must go back to Xin . With the official release of the virtual reality MMORPG on the horizon, he didn't have a lot of extra time .

But when he looked at the two girls wrapped around his arms, the slightest dissatisfaction instantly faded into the snow .

The next morning, in a winter suit, while traversing through the knee-high snow, Jiang Chen came to the community center . Just as he was about to go find Du Yongkang, the guy came to find him . When he saw the stack of documents in Jiang Chen's hand, he immediately started to complain to Jiang Chen with a troubled face .

"Boss . . . Oh no, I mean General . Our department really doesn't have enough people . Including me, everyone here is doing two people's work . Of course, I'm not complaining, I'm asking you to check up on Wang Qin to see if the assistance I requested could be approved faster?"

Seeing the poor Du Yongkang, Jiang Chen felt sympathetic as he consoled .

"Is it that serious?"

"What else… No one in my department works without dark circles . "

Jiang Chen gazed at the dark circles around his eyes and felt his pain .

The software development department in the beginning was envied by everyone . They were the freest in the entire base . Not only did they have great benefits, but they also didn't need to risk their lives and spent all day writing and copying code . Everyone wanted to be in that department!

But now it was different . With external and internal threats eliminated and most of the battles had ended, the knights with achievements began to enjoy their pleasant life . They either spent their days shooting at targets or patrolling around the territory in a vehicle . They raised their heads up high in front of the refugees, enjoying their envious and respectful looks .

On the contrary, the people in the software development department couldn't get busier . The credit payment system, Wanghai communication station maintenance, market trade software, and Chu Nan recently proposed localized net for NAC to centralize the administration, judicial, and taxation systems…

But who is going to do all that?

Wang Qin thought about it, and only the software development department knew the most about computers, so she stuffed all the work to Du Yongkang's department .

"I will go talk to her about it . "

Du Yongkang's expression immediately turned pleasant . "Hehe, thank you . "

"Don't worry . " Jiang Chen acknowledged it and then put the proposal for the VR social media platform and retail platform into his hands .

Jiang Chen looked at Du Yongkang without a desire to live anymore and patted his shoulder, feeling embarrassed . "Help me out with the software on these two proposals . It shouldn't be too difficult . Other projects can be slowed down for now… Ahem, I will double the overtime pay with more people on the way to assist you . "

Although compassionate about his current situation, the software still must be completed .

Looking at Du Yongkang work away feebly, Jiang Chen felt guilty .

Should he increase the benefits to the software development department? A box of milk and a carton of eggs every week…

As he thought, Jiang Chen came to the logistics department and spoke with Wang Qin who was auditing the warehouse data .

"It's not that I don't want to, but no one is applying . " When Wang Qin heard Jiang Chen's intention, she pushed up the glasses on her nose and explained to him, "Currently, even in the Sixth Street, the amount of programmers is scarce . Whenever I receive an application, I immediately send them to his department . "

"What about Fallout Shelter 027? There should be programmers there right?"

"Yes, but almost none that's focused on programming . And the experts in each field all have research projects they must complete, freely moving them around would solve one problem but create another," Wang Qin said .

It was difficult to move them around with them having research projects . Without better solutions, Jiang Chen could only instruct Wang Qin to increase the salary of the software development department and post additional hiring information at the Sixth Street . Also, he messaged Zhao Chenwu to ask him to keep an eye out for programmers out of the province and try to recruit any programmers with a rating above C .

If the applicant was a female, lower technical requirements could be allowed . Rating D or E could be considered since the entire department was made up almost entirely of males which made Jiang Chen feel bad for the single programmers working so hard…

The main purpose of the trip was to give Du Yongkang the two proposals and visit the girls as well as the subordinates .

After he toured around the community center, Jiang Chen came outside . Seeing there was still some time, he went to the Aerospace Technology Research Institute along the way to speak with Jiang Lin who was busy working in the plant .

Some time ago, Jiang Chen did instruct him about designing quantum communication satellites, and he didn't know about his current progress . Since there was still some time, Jiang Chen went to check up on him .

Jiang Lin stuffed the equipment in his hands to his colleague beside him when he saw Jiang Chen come in .

Jiang Chen stopped by the workstation and glanced at the cubical item on the workstation, "this is the quantum communication satellite?"

"Pretty close . The appearance is like one . The most critical quantum communication module is not installed yet, we are still waiting for Fallout Shelter 027 . I heard there is a problem with a cooling device and the unfitted specification needs to be redesigned . You seem to be disappointed?" Jiang Lin looked at Jiang Chen in surprise .

First thing first, while quantum communication and quantum computer both have quantum in them, they are two completely different things . The so-called quantum communication refers to the use of quantum entanglement effects of information transmission to create a new form of communication, it is a combined discipline between quantum theory and information theory . In the modern world, this discipline recently has shifted from theory to experimentation . At the end of the 22nd century, the study of quantum communication has long passed beyond the military field to commercial applications .

Compared to the fast but "unsecure" Klein particles as well as the gravitational wave with slow research development, quantum communication was indeed more user-friendly .

There is not much to talk about the advantage of security, especially when "non-classical" information relay research achieved a major breakthrough . The previously super light speed quantum communication, which was supposed to violate relativity, had also become a reality .

Not saying other things, just from today's internet, everyone was connected to the internet, but it was done using underwater cables . Why did Google publish its global wifi project for so long without any progress? Partially because of the crowded communication channel with the most fundamental reason being that traditional satellite as an internet node is infeasible from a technical point of view .

The synchronous orbit is located 36000 kilometers away from Earth . To use traditional satellites to provide wifi service, without considering the electromagnetic wave signal attenuation, having 500 pings was the best scenario . What does having 500 pings mean? Basically, you can't see your own team when playing LOL .

Therefore, if using traditional satellites to provide internet service, it is okay to send an email, quite difficult to make a call, but don't even think about playing an online game .

And the quantum communication satellite sitting in front of Jiang Chen right now was a satellite that could "conquer the challenges faced by traditional satellites" and the communication relay station for the virtual reality network .

Jiang Chen examined the satellite and said while touching his chin .

"I previously thought it would look a bit better . "

Jiang Lin took a moment to process his words and started to laugh . "There is no need to consider aerodynamics in space, and therefore any shape is the same . If you need, I can make it spherical, but every part needs to be redesigned . "

"No need, I'm just saying . " Jiang Chen facepalmed .

It was not cheap to build a satellite . It would only pain him if the satellite must be redesigned . Since the wasteland didn't even have these things, Wang Qin didn't complain about the unreasonable budget to the Aerospace Technology Research Institute .

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