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Chapter 563
Chapter 563: Perhaps it is a mutated human?

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"Good job, could this satellite be completed by the start of January?"

"The start of January . . . but it is already the end of the month . " Jiang Lin rubbed his muddled hair with a bitter smile and sighed . "I'll try my best . If Fallout Shelter 027 can solve the cooling module problem, we can finish very soon . "

"I will head to Fallout Shelter 027 in a bit . I will help you bring it up with them . "

At the beginning of January, Celestial Trade would start its second satellite launch project . The plan was to launch a high-frequency communication satellite used to provide free wifi service to Xin's territory in order to increase the tourism rating of Pannu Islands . Of course, Jiang Chen was not foolish enough to tell people this is a quantum communication satellite . As to how a satellite could provide web service with 20 ping and below, Celestial Trade wouldn't comment on this topic .

Based on the diplomatic relationship with nearby New Guinea, Australia, and New Zealand, this satellite would provide paid wifi service to part of those territories . As to how to price, Celestial Trade would send out representatives to discuss with the countries' telecommunication providers to negotiate a reasonable price .

If there were half a million paid users per month, the maintenance fee would breakeven .

"If you plan to go to Fallout Shelter 027, please help me to bring this over . " Jiang Lin remembered something, walked beside the workstation, and removed a palm-sized circuit board .

"This is?" Jiang Chen took the circuit board, examined it, but didn't manage to determine the use .

"Great item . The trade fleet of Zhao Corporation exchanged this with a can of food from a scavenger . " Jiang Lin chuckle . "Type XK92 Double Feet Armored Unit's main control chip for its power system, it is the first time I have seen such a complete board . "

"Could you create a prototype out of it?" Jiang Chen's expression changed .

But Jiang Lin touched his nose and looked away awkwardly .

. . .

"I have to disappoint you . But the technology analyzed out from the main control chip could increase the performance of our current Type- K1 kinetic skeleton, and T-3, T-4 power armor . "

[Made me excited for nothing . ]

[But better than nothing . ]

Jiang Chen rolled his eyes and put the palm-sized chip into the box before stuffing it into his pocket .

"If there is nothing else, I'm going to go . "

"Mhmm, nothing else . I heard the Steel Airship is almost complete at Camp 27 . You can go take a look . The last time I saw it, it is quite magnificent . " Jiang Lin said while watching him depart .

When Jiang Chen arrived at Camp 27, he witnessed the glorious airship .

It was a fortress built by steel floating in the air outside of Camp 27 around 20 meters in the air . The "fortress" was hoisted by robust graphene cables and connected by steel scaffolds . The construction robots and engineers worked on it simultaneously to complete the remainder 50% of the work .

It was 100 meters long, 20 meters wide; a total of three decks . The bottom of the airship was like the stomach of a seal, but the tip of the boat that could be opened and closed was just a menacing shark head .

The wings that extended horizontally out were connected with mega-sized turbine engines used on Type-51 Helicopters to provide the massive airship with the thrust to move forward . The robotic air attached directly below the airship provided the hubs used to park the helicopter . The hundred meter long graphene cables dragged onto the hover cabin which could deploy four Tiger II tanks to the ground .

The layout of the airship was similar to a "U" with the top deck being an airstrip that allowed for the vertical landing of the Aurora-20 . A large amount of the space inside the airship was used as the helium room to provide buoyant force . Only the middle deck along with one-tenth of the internal space allowed were designed for personnel . The lower deck contained supplies and firearms, as well as a room for one Type-50 J-unit electromagnetic pulse cannon to be added to cause destruction to the targets on the ground .

The mainframe of the airship used superplastic steel intermittent armor as well as high strength bubble aluminum material . While it maintained certain anti-bullet and anti-bomb capability, it reduced the net weight of the airship to the extreme . Of course, the defense of the airship relied on nitrogen armor and laser anti-missile system, as well as the supportive firepower of the ground force to enemy anti-air units .

The usage of the airship was not designed to drop bombs on enemies' heads like in World War Two, but rather act as a "ground aircraft carrier" .

The airship was designed with 100 tons of net weight and capable of carrying 500 tons of supplies . Without the need to pass through dangerous territories filled with mutants and zombies, it drastically reduced the consumption of a mobilizing force to inland . Without considering the hot weapons in enemies' hand, the airship was a legendary unit in the apocalypse .

Since only rare mutants could fly high in the air .

Based on the words of the chief engineer of the airship, the current construction was 50% complete . The project could longest be finished in half a year . By that time, NAC's combat radius would increase to over 500 kilometers, and the flag of order would spread to places further .

Without staying too long outside of Camp 27, Jiang Chen met Yu Lu and Wang Zhaowu waiting for him at the gate . After he reviewed the Second Division stationed there, he followed Yu Lu to Fallout Shelter 027 located underground .

Inside the research institute, Jiang Chen found Fang Weixian who surrounded a watermelon-sized electronic device with his colleagues also in white lab coats . It must be the critical module of the quantum communication satellite, but from his twisted eyebrows, the difficulty they were facing didn't seem to be small .

Jiang Chen didn't want to disturb him, he passed the chip to the assistant in the shelter and briefly hurried on to see the development of the quantum communication device .

Without stopping longer, Jiang Chen then visited the Biology Technology Research Institute to speak with Wang Fangping and explained the purpose of his visit .

The attacker hit by Ayesha was currently under interrogation at New Moon Island . Based on the description from Ivan, this person didn't reveal any information despite the torture he received, and all wounds recovered at an incredible speed . Therefore, Jiang Chen remembered Wang Fangping in the biological engineering research with the hope to find the answer from him .

"Super regeneration ability? Without the need to use machines and medicine?" When Wang Fangping heard Jiang Chen's description, he was first shocked before his eyebrows furrowed . "There are plenty of methods to increase regeneration . The gun wounds from a sniper… there is a hidden genetic code called Tenacious that could achieve a similar effect . "

Sun Jiao's hidden genetic code was Tenacious, and Jiang Chen personally witnessed the effect of that skill . The person could get up from a pool of blood despite being shot several times in exchange for consuming life . But even then, Jiang Chen thought the ability of the attacker has nothing to do with genetic code .

Especially since there was no way genetic vaccines existed in the modern world .

"Other than genetic code, is there any other possibility?" Jiang Chen asked .

"There is another possibility… there are many . Some dangerous anatomy modifications could achieve a similar effect, but these modifications usually would cause negative consequences . Speaking of which, mutated humans seem to fit your description . " Wang Fangping used a half-joking tone to explain .

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