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Chapter 564
Chapter 564: A Promise
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

Normally, no living creature could survive through interdimensional travel . A mutated human appearing in the modern world? That's absolutely impossible and Jiang Chen was certain about this point . When he heard Wang Fangping's half-joking words, he only smiled without thinking too much about it .

Although Jiang Chen didn't receive a satisfactory response from Wang Fangping, his words still provided Jiang Chen with a thought process .

The assassin may potentially be the product of genetic modification .

Jiang Chen was curious who, or which organization could use modern day's technology to modify to this point . To be able to withstand a Ghost Sniper Shot on the chest, even mutated humans would be half died . But that person could climb up, run, and the wound healed in half a day's time .

It didn't look like what humans could achieve .

"No one could lie about their body condition under the microscope . If the General wants an answer, you could bring that person into the Fallout Shelter for examination," Wang Fangping acutely observed the bothered look on Jiang Chen's face and suggested .

"That person can't get here . " Jiang Chen simply replied, "Any other way?"

"Can't get here… How about this? I need 10 mL of blood, the metabolites in the blood, as well as the DNA information, should be enough to decipher the secret . " Wang Fangping offered a secondary proposal .

Jiang Chen still shook his head .

"Blood… Metabolite should be okay, but DNA might be a bit difficult . "

Based on Lin Lin's observation, the interdimensional travel action's damage was not only limited to the termination of body functionality, but it would also affect the DNA of the cell . The former can be attributed to the effect of entropy subtraction on the organism, while the latter is unable to be explained by the science and technology of the 22nd century .

Seeing that method didn't work either, Wang Fangping thought in his head for a while before his eyes suddenly lit up .

"I have a plan . The smart medical chamber! If you can't bring that person over, make him lie into the smart medical chamber and use the body examination function to bring his body function information back . "

Jiang Chen abruptly slapped his own forehead .

[Fu*k, how did I forget about it . ] The last time after Ayesha used it, he forgot about that thing in the basement of the mansion .

Since it was not possible to bring live cells back, he could just bring the data back .

After he took the recipe for the new nutrient supply, Jiang Chen left Fallout Shelter 027 . Rejected and thanked Xu Lu's invitation to have dinner there and toured the work at Camp 27 before he headed back to the Fishbone Base .

The snow piled on the road was thick and the vehicle stalled halfway in the journey .

A few NAC young men jumped out of the car and pushed out the General's vehicle from the snow pile . One person took out a toolkit and began to inspect for potential faulty issues . They were the personal guard under the direct order of the General, formed under the proposal of Han Junhua . They were the elite of the army, while not Knights, their benefits were the same as Knights . After their term, they will be officially granted the status of Knight and follow the logistic department's decision to transfer to other positions in NAC .

Jiang Chen saw their proudness toward their identity on their faces .

The problem was due to the engine oil being frozen . Applying an anti-freezing agent solved the problem . After ten minutes in the snow, the vehicle finally started back on the road .

. . .

When Jiang Chen returned to the Fishbone base, it was completely dark out .

At the door of the mansion, Jiang Chen shook off the snowflakes on his body . Yao Yao in a light pink sweater timidly smile and took over the jacket from big brother's hand .

In a harmonious atmosphere, Jiang Chen and the girls completed their delicious and lively dinner .

Because he still had business to take care of in Xin, Jiang Chen didn't plan to stay long in the apocalypse . But before his return to Xin, he still had one thing to do .

To fulfill a promise .

He had traveled between the modern world and apocalypse countless times already, he had been used to the acute dimensional differences .

The only the thing he didn't grow accustomed to was the sun outside . While Wanghai in December was cold, it was not like the apocalypse's chill deep to the bone . The wind blowing on his face even felt somewhat graceful .

Currently, Jiang Chen's hand was being held by a beauty in sunglasses while they walked along the street in the New Age Square .

Liu Yao was a famous celebrity now and she typically wore sunglasses when she went outside . But what made Jiang Chen wonder was, he is much more famous compared to her but not a lot of people turned their heads . But Liu Yao on the other hand, because of her fashionable appearance and celebrity vibe, it attracted many envious looks directed at Jiang Chen .

[Is it because I'm not part of the sticker pack?]

Jiang Chen thought that must be the reason .

"Are you done with your business in Wanghai?"

"Pretty much, the remaining coordination work I left to the new CEO . "

"Then… do you plan to go back soon?" Liu Yao pouted and shook the arm she hugged cutely .

"Mhmm . My ticket is for tomorrow night . " The soft gentleness made Jiang Chen's mind drift away .

He thought about staying for a few days longer while being intoxicated in her gentleness, but virtual reality MMORPG was about to go online, he also needed to replenish the supplies at the apocalypse, he didn't have the time to spare to stay for a few days longer .

"Thank you for staying with me for so long… You must be very busy . "

"I'm indeed very busy . " Jiang Chen laughed without humility at all .

Liu Yao rolled her eyes, pouted her mouth, and her delicate fingers twisted the meat on his arm .

Rather than feeling pain, it was rather enjoyable; it was like being bit by a kitten .

They went into all the stores at the square . The clothes Liu Yao liked, Jiang Chen swiped his card without looking at the price . Since the trial of zeros in his card was enough to buy the building .

The salesperson was ecstatic at the way they swept through the store as she wished it was her that stood beside him . But when she saw the appearance and figure of his female companion, realizing the gap, she immediately gave up on the unrealistic idea .

After they stuffed the clothes into the car, they went to the theater and finished watching the movie Liu Yao acted in .

Jiang Chen promised to her before after the film was released, he will watch the movie with her like they were a couple . The reason why he stayed after taking care of the business in Wanghai was to fulfill the promise he made .

The credits began to play on the screen, Jiang Chen smiled while watching the crowded theater . He gently squeezed Liu Yao's hand and whispered into her ear .

The credits began to play on the screen, Jiang Chen smiled while watching the crowded theater . He gently squeezed Liu Yao's hand and whispered into her ear .

"The last time we watched this you were sitting on my legs, this time you're holding my hand . We watched this movie twice . "

Liu Yao understood the tease in Jiang Chen's voice, she remembered the time he picked her up and her face instantly turned red . She scoffed him in a quiet voice, "Pervert…"

Liu Haotian at the seat in the back rolled his eyes so many times while watching them flirt .

How lonely does one have to be to watch a movie alone? The two couples who sat beside him looked at him with a peculiar expression so many times . But because of his "work needs", not only did he need to follow them; he had to watch them which were beyond the definition of lonely .

The people at the top viewed Jiang Chen's safety as a top concern especially after an unknown force attempted an assassination . It related to their international image and they must ensure nothing happens to him while in the country . Because of this, while Liu Haotian accompanied him for the business investment opportunity, another task he had on this trip was to protect him .

While on the surface only he followed them, around the theater, at least ten General Staff Department agents followed them . Once any situation occurred or is about to occur, the experienced anti-terrorist experts will be able to stop any attackers who dared to step foot here…

Because of this, Jiang Chen who planned to lure the rat out felt rather helpless .

It was his last two days and no attacker appeared, the opponent seemed to have forgotten about this .

When they came out of the theater, they grabbed dinner at a high-end restaurant . Her vivid red lips bit on the straw and Liu Yao carefully observed Jiang Chen's face . She suddenly asked .

"What are you looking at?"

"A beautiful girl . "

"You're lying . "

"…" Jiang Chen replied with a helpless look .

"Is it not convenient to tell me?"

"Whatever, it is nothing that must be kept a secret," Jiang Chen sighed, spun the fork in his hand, "someone plans to assassinate me . "

A wary expression appeared on Liu Yao's face .

A wary expression appeared on Liu Yao's face .

"Are you scared?" Jiang Chen teased .

For some reason, Liu Yao pouted with jealousy in her voice .

"I'm not scared . Since I'm only your mistress, after all, they at least should pick someone with higher value if they want to kidnap me?"

"Oh? What if they are my enemy?" Jiang Chen smirked, "the type that doesn't seek any gains and only wants to see me suffer?"

"If anything happens to me, will you feel agony?" Liu Yao asked abruptly .

Jiang Chen paused and forced a smile .

"Why would you ask this?"

Although he didn't directly answer the question, the hesitation in his eyes told Liu Yao the answer she wanted to hear as a smile emerged on her face .

"What are you smiling at?"

"Nothing, I just think that when you're not straightforward, you're surprisingly cute . "

"… Isn't this something a man should tell a woman?"

With how animated Liu Yao looked, Jiang Chen found it quite funny . He once again shifted his thoughts to the previous topic . He didn't speak for a while before he suddenly asked .

"Oh, now that you're a celebrity… It is not safe for you to live alone, why don't I arrange a bodyguard for you? . . . What are you laughing at . "

"Nothing, I just feel really happy . " She was happy about something Jiang Chen didn't understand as the curvature on her mouth turned into a crescent moon .

Jiang Chen suddenly found that the way she laughed was surprisingly beautiful .

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