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Chapter 565: 565
Chapter 565: Kurofune

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The evening of next day, Liu Yao drove Jiang Chen to Wanghai airport .

She kissed Jiang Chen in the departure hall, waved her hand to say goodbye hidden under her sunglasses, and watched his flight depart .

At the same time, seeing Jiang Chen finally leave, Liu Haotian who stood outside of the airport finally felt relieved .

Now that he finally sent away him, he could go back to Shangjing . The weather in the south was damp and cold . While the temperature was higher compared to the north, it was chilling to the bone which made him as a northerner extremely uncomfortable . And he had been worried about Jiang Chen's safety for the past few days .

But fortunately, no incidents occurred in the past few days . Perhaps the attackers sensed the agents surrounding Jiang Chen, so they chose to retreat knowing the impossibility of the attack succeeding .

Liu Haotian took out his phone and called his home in Shangjing .

"Target has boarded… This guy is finally gone . "

"Did anything happen?" A shrewd voice came from the other side of the phone .

"No . All is clear . The escaped assassin has made no new moves and will probably remain hidden," Liu Haotian watched the flight that disappeared into the night sky and replied .

Sitting on the plane, Jiang Chen watched the city fading away until the light sparkles disappeared from his sight before he retracted his sight .

"Dear our valued customers . Thank you for boarding Han Eastern Airline Flight MU771 heading to Xin Coro City from Han Wanghai . The flight distance of this flight is 3261 kilometers with an estimated flight duration of 5 hours and 47 minutes . To ensure the airplane's communication system is functioning correctly, please do not use large electronics during departure and landing . Cellular functions must remain off…"

"We hope you enjoy your flight . "

Boarding a flight was different from taking a train, at least with a train he could browse the internet on his phone . Right now, Jiang Chen without the habit of reading newspapers or a book could only look at the beauties to kill time .

Needless to say, the flight attendants on international flights were high quality . This point not only reflected on their gorgeous looks, but their courteous attitude also made it impossible for people to feel repulsive . Of course, perhaps it had to do with being in the first class cabin .

The traveler who sat beside him with a hat on asked for a newspaper from the flight attendant, Jiang Chen only briefly scanned the flight attendant in close distance before giving a rating of 8/10 . The traveler took over the newspaper, perhaps noticed Jiang Chen's sight, gave him a friendly smile before he leaned into his chair .

Jiang Chen noticed that he was flipping through the economics section .

Reality soon proved that despite how gorgeous the girl was, it would be boring after a while .

Jiang Chen yawned, took out his phone in flight mode to check the time .


The plane already departed for over an hour . Jiang Chen roughly estimated that the plane should have passed by Taipei and into above the Pacific area .

It was getting fairly late, Jiang Chen adjusted into a more comfortable position and planned to nap for a bit . Before he closed his eyes, he glanced at the traveler beside him with the corner of his eye and noticed that he was still flipping through the newspaper .

"Are you planning to sleep? The journey is still long; do you not plan to chat with me to kill some time?" The man looked at his newspaper and said quietly .

Jiang Chen opened his eyes, smiled, and used a quiet voice that would not disturb people .

"Oh? What do you want to chat about?"

"Let me first introduce myself, my name is Tanaka Yoshihiro, biologist, and astronomer . "

"Are you from Nippon?" Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows in surprise .

With how fluent his Chinese was, Jiang Chen thought he was a Han .

"Mr . Jiang seems to be surprised?"

"I'm indeed surprised, your Han skill is great… You know me?"

"Mhmm . " Tanaka opened the newspaper and used his slim finger to point at a black and white picture on the headline, "This is the picture on the Phantom launch event, and currently the clearest picture published in the media . "

Perhaps because of habits after years of work, his voice was mixed with a tone of academic rigidness . The best way to describe it was that a sentence that should be said in a light mood became narrative without any emotion .

"You're very observant . " Jiang Chen nonchalantly said .

"Observation is the foundation to science . " Tanaka closed the newspaper, folded it, and folded it again .

"This is?" Jiang Chen furrowed while looking at the scientist's action, he didn't know what he was trying to express .

The wrinkled fingers while like on the strings of a puppet, folded the newspaper into an odd-shaped paper boat . He placed the paper boat on the armrest between them and gently said, "Kurofune . Did Mr . Jiang knows about this word?"

"Origami?" Jiang Chen crossed his legs and joked .

"You really should study world history . " Tanaka slightly adjusted the hat on this head and sighed, his fingers crossed in front of his knee, tilted his head and thought for a brief moment before he said, "The six years of Jiayong era, the UA Navy Brigadier General Matthew Perry's fleet sailed into the river basin in Jianghu river . With him was the UA President Millard Fillmore's letter to the Edo shogun expressing respect, and finally, the two sides signed a pro-treaty next year declaring peace, this event is known as the kurofune incident . "

"Are you planning to talk about history with me? I'm sorry, but I'm not interested" Jiang Chen already recollected the description to this history on his elementary school textbook . But understanding is one thing, being interested is another .

"No, I just hope you can understand the background to the story . And I want to hear your opinion on the Kurofune incident without any superficial patriotism . "

"Your Opium War?"

Tanaka shook his head with a smile, "While still superficial, it is not far away . "

"Oh? What's your view then?"

His dried lips moved, and Tanaka said in a quiet tone . "The fusion of civilization . "

When Jiang Chen heard the word civilization, he pupils were mixed subconsciously with a hint of alertness .

But Tanaka didn't seem to notice Jiang Chen's reaction as he continued, "In the clash of the advanced civilization and outdated civilization, one would receive prosperity while the other evolve in agony or vanish . Just like history, the process may be painful, but to the result, it would be the evolution of the entire civilization . "

He paused and pointed out one finger with a smile without changing the unfitting rigid tone, "If we expand our sight to the scale of the universe, don't you want to see the clash of the advanced civilization and the outdated civilization . "

"Only lunatics want to see that . " Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes dangerously .

"That's unfortunate then . " Tanaka sighed, sat up straight, and extended his hand to Jiang Chen . "I'll reintroduce myself, Tanaka Yoshihiro, you can also call me as professor . "

Jiang Chen didn't shake his hands . Instead, he locked onto his eyes .

"What exactly do you want?"

Without answering Jiang Chen's question, Tanaka put his hand away and spoke emotionlessly .

"Speed of 0 . 85 Mach, a height of 9100 meters . If I guessed correctly, you can't use your interdimensional travel ability here . Of course, you can try to travel to that side while maintaining subsonic speed and see if you will crash against the wall or not . "

Jiang Chen was stunned when he heard his words .

[This is impossible!]

[How does he know my trump card?!]

Suddenly, the queen that declared war on him suddenly surfaced in his mind .

Could it be…?

"Right, you ask what you want . " Tanaka smiled .

"To put it simply, your ability is too problematic for Kurofune . So, to welcome the next era…" With his hand on the edge of his hat, the cloudy eyes locked onto Jiang Chen's pupils like a viper, "please bring your trump card into the grave . "