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Chapter 567: 567
Chapter 567: Mayday

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North of Country F's Masa Island, a boat quietly drifted on the surface of the west Pacific Ocean .

Standing on top of the boat, a man with a hat lowered the smoking rocket launcher on his shoulder and stared at the falling ball of flame . A curvature appeared on his mouth .

In Hua, with the General Staff Department agents watching, they had no opportunities to attack at all . And with the security screening at Hua airports, they had no possibility of bringing explosives onto planes . From the beginning, they never planned to take out Jiang Chen on a plane .

The rocket launcher was only suitable against low air targets; it would be impossible to take down a commercial airline ten thousand meters in the air . In order to use the rocket launcher to take down targets, they had to make them "obediently" lower their height .

They would use bombs to force the plane to descend and force it to fly toward the nearby the airport . Once it reached the range of the rocket launcher, they would take it down .

Based on the calculation of the flight map, it was the best shooting spot Tanaka calculated .

Whether the method was too cruel, or if it would hurt innocents were never questions of their concern .

"What beautiful fireworks . Not bad, not bad . Professor will be happy when he sees it . " Tanaka threw the improved "Spike" Rocket Launcher onto the deck and watched the "meteor" dragging a trail of flame disappearing in the distance .

"The rocket launcher struck the left engine… It only has a 70% crash chance . " Ladisiv put down the binoculars in his hand while he leaned against the door to the deck . "You sure the Professor will be happy?"

"Of course . " Tanaka smiled . "But this is very problematic . If we don't win the gambit on the 30%, Professor will be very bothered . Mr . Ladisiv, please . "

He never told his subordinates that he was that professor . He had always been referring to himself as the assistant . There were many more people who wanted the life of that professor instead of the life of Jiang Chen .

Ladisiv glanced at him, took out a cigarette from his pocket, and lit it up .

"You guys are acting more and more like lunatics; are you not afraid of associating your name with Al Qaeda and IS? City S is the second biggest city of Country F; you think F's army is only there for show?"

"Country F's army is currently in a war with Moro . There are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of this situation . Although I've prepared for some interesting things on the plane, just in case, I have to ask you to please make a personal run . Don't worry, extras missions will provide extra bonuses . " Tanaka grinned .

"Interesting things?" Ladisiv's expression changed .

He was unsure what Tanaka had to offer, but he heard the company was currently researching a chemical weapon .

"I said, Mr . Ladisiv, this is a war . A war . " Tanaka put up one finger, shook it, and adjusted his hat . "Although it is a half-finished product, let me use this opportunity to see its effect . Hahaha…"

… .

The dry but presumptuous laugh drifted on the empty ocean surface and vanished among the crashing waves .

Ladisiv quietly blew out a ring of smoke and gazed out at the white smoke .

"I need people, equipment, and a helicopter . "

Tanaka stopped laughing and faced his partner with his arms open .

"They're all ready for you . "

In the air traffic control center of Country F, an unusual red dot appeared on its radar . Flight MU 771 with its destination set as Xin's Coro Island drifted away from its intended flight path and entered Country F's airspace . When they discovered this oddity, the air traffic controller immediately contacted the flight crew .

Control tower: "This is the Control Tower, MU 771 . You have entered our air control zone . The communication frequency is 132 . 6—"

Fight crew: "This is flight MU 771 . Our left engine is on fire! We were struck by a rocket . Requesting emergency landing!"

Control tower: "What?"

Flight crew:" I repeat, a rocket struck our left engine! We require assistance!"

Control tower: "Please remain calm . City S Flight Control Tower will provide a landing runway for you . Please follow our instructions…"

[Struck by a rocket?!]

The people in the air traffic control center immediately became worried and called Country F's Presidential Palace then called military headquarters . The air force commander just got into bed with his wife before he was called out by a phone call from Aquino .

"Flight MU 771 was struck by a rocket! I need an explanation!" The moment the call went through, Aquino's roar followed the phone line right to Edgar's head .

"I-I don't know, but I promise, it was not our people! What happened? What flight and rocket…" Edgar completely lost all composure .

Aquino was breathing heavily .

"MU 771 was truck near our airspace . The left engine is on fire . It's currently heading to Suf Airport . "

Edgar's first reaction was that it must be a joke . He peeked at the calendar before his expression instantly changed .

Today wasn't April Fools

"Must've been Moro that did it!"

"Bullsh*t! Their rocket launcher could strike down a commercial plane ten thousand meters above the air?!" Aquino heard this brain-dead comment from his subordinate and instantly turned furious .

The firearms of Moro's guerrillas couldn't reach the height of a commercial plane . That was the reason why UA's fighter jets could provide support without feeling pressured at all . Only F had the capability to bring down a plane in that ocean space, and once that realization gained traction, F's international image would be completely done for…

Realizing the severity of the situation, Edgar immediately rushed out the door to the headquarters while calling his subordinates and sending out orders .

Mila military base . Two FA-50s came out and approached the direction of flight MU 771 .

When the two FA-50s reached the commercial plane, the pilots of the fighter jets immediately felt anxious for the passengers after witnessing the tragedy on the plane .

The entire left wing of the plane was engulfed by thick black smoke . Through the thick smoke, the unextinguished flame was still visible .

Needless to say, with dthe amage this severe, it was already a miracle that they could maintain a gliding position to the airport .

MU 771's captain and first officer were still attempting the last struggle . They prayed the wing wouldn't break while desperately trying to regain control over the plane starting to lose control .

"No! This is it, we won't make it to the airport!" The first officer locked onto the instruments and shouted out in despair .

"Hold on, we can do it! We have to make it to the airport!"

"Damn it, the right wing is damaged! The engine malfunctioned! Fu*k, start moving for me—" The captain repeatedly tried to restart the engine but it was futile .

MU 771 turned into a fireball .

All members of the flight crew had despair on their faces . After experiencing the initial outcry, the passengers began to write their last words on their clothes and notebooks . Jiang Chen, witnessing this hellish scene, couldn't bear what he just saw, but he ultimately took a deep breath and calmed down .

He knew he couldn't save everyone .

He muttered "I will avenge you all" then he stood up and walked in the direction of the lavatory .

"Where are you going?" The flight attendant saw Jiang Chen unbuckling his seatbelt, so she stood up from her seat and asked him .

"Going to the washroom . " Jiang Chen ignored her and walked away .

At the same time, inside the cockpit, the captain, who exhausted all his efforts, put his hands down .

"This is the City S' air traffic controller, MU 771, location 32R . Runway is clear for landing, please-"

"This is MU 771, we are unable to land . Please tell my family I love them . "

A ball of thick smoke slashed through City S night and crashed toward MLL Island's northwest Harbor K…