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Chapter 568
Chapter 568: Hell and the People in Hell
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Caron_

Inside the Wanghai hotel, Liu Haotian was packing up .

After he sent Jiang Chen on the plane, his mission in Wanghai was considered done . He still had a train to catch tomorrow morning, so he planned to pack up before he went to sleep . Just then, his phone on the nightstand began to ring .

It was a number he didn't recognize . He thought it was an escort service or advertisement at first, but he became dumbfounded once he picked up .

It was the General Staff Department responsible for Jiang Chen's safety in Hua .

"The flight crashed?!"

When he heard the message on the other side of the phone, Liu Haotian almost dropped his phone to the ground .

He couldn't imagine that after being on the plane for two hours, such a serious incident occurred to Jiang Chen!

"It's information passed from Wanghai's flight control tower . Country F contacted us already and transmitted the location where the plane experienced the problem . The original plan was to make an emergency landing at City S's International Airport, but the plane lost power at around 2000 meters in the air, lost the opportunity to land, and crashed into City K . "

Liu Haotian gulped and squeezed the words out .

"What was the cause of the crash?"

"It was suspected to be a direct strike by a rocket . "

"Rocket? Could it be Country F—"

"It's currently undetermined, but Country F is highly suspicious . Based on the location where the flight deviated away from the intended flight path and height, only Country F has the capability to strike that plane . And based on the recent tension between Xin and Country F, they did have the motive to do this… although I don't think they would be foolish enough to do this . The exact cause of this incident still has to be determined by the information in the black box—"

"I don't care about the black box . What about the people on the plane?!" Liu Haotian interrupted .

Jiang Chen and the Liu family had a cooperation agreement . If anything happened to Jiang Chen, Liu family's interests would be affected

. . .

"Based on the information provided by Country F, due to the height and speed of the crash, the chance of survival is extremely slim…"

Liu Haotian hung up the phone and collapsed on the bed .

His hand holding the phone couldn't stop trembling .

This wasn't good .

Hua and F's diplomatic relationship hadn't been the best; it would be difficult to confirm Jiang Chen's safety . Although he was only working in the concierge department to get some experience, he had been working diligently . If he remembered correctly, the city of Kejan was on MLL Island, and that place seemed to be in the middle of a civil war…

Wait, Moro .

Liu Haotian's eyes lit up .

He immediately slid open his screen and called the Xin Embassy .

The flame lit up the night sky like a meteor that broke through the night; it disrupted the sweet dreams of every City K resident . The explosion was clearly visible even several kilometers out, which made people think it was the bombardment by guerrillas .

At the last moment, the captain still couldn't restart the stalled engine . The plane was forced to make a hard landing in the middle of City K .

The head of the plane came into intimate contact at a 30-degree angle with the road . Metal shards and concrete debris were instantly created and exploded . The airplane slid on the road at a horrifying speed, and the cars on the street were shredded in the air force generated by the wings of the airplane . Like a sharp blade, they sliced into the buildings on two sides . After shredding through two walls, the two wings finally clipped off .

The body of the plane was dismembered into several pieces, and the head of the plane began to drift away .

People screamed, cried, and fled to avoid the flying shards in addition to searching for their family among the shambles .

Like a pierced bloody bag, flowing blood, along with jet fuel, left a trail of blood and fire on the destroyed road .

It was like hell .

When the tragedy occurred, the pain of the victims would only last an instant, but the pain of the living would last forever .

Both spiritually or physically…

The vest held by little Cao had long been shredded to pieces when the plane crashed along with him . The remains were blown outside the plane by turbulent airflows . Countless plastic balls smashed and splattered on the street . The second the colorless liquid came into contact with air, it turned dark green and vanished at a speed visible to the naked eye .

At the scene of the crash, in the middle of the shambles:

At the scene of the crash, in the middle of the shambles:

A man used his bloody hands to dig through the debris and hugged his wife on her last breath in agony .

"Liya, wake up, you'll be okay . I'll take you to an ambulance . Hold on—"

But suddenly, his expression froze .

The woman in his arms bit into his shoulder . Her teeth pierced his flesh; her bloodshot pupils had no life in them at all and cast a horrifying hollowness .

The man forgot how to speak until an entire piece of flesh was ripped off by the person in his arms .


The horrific scream echoed throughout the street . The man subconsciously wanted to throw away the love of his life, but her nails stained red either by blood or nail polish were already deeply embedded in his back . The woman entangled herself around him like an octopus, suppressed him, and chewed on his flesh without sanity . The man's clenched fists gradually loosened and his screams of agony stopped along with his breath .

Seeing that her prey was no longer moving, the woman stood up while shaking . Her lifeless pupils began to search for her next target .

The man being preyed down gradually stood up from the ground . His pupils also cast the same daunting hollowness .

Ladisiv carried an assault rifle covered in camouflage . His eyes watched for any danger that could dart out from the darkness . When he saw this bloody moment, he couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows, even as a war-tested veteran .

"This is absolute hell . "

"I agree with your perspective . " Giles, who was walking beside him, lifted the assault rifle on his arm with a casual expression .

"I agree with your perspective . " Giles, who was walking beside him, lifted the assault rifle on his arm with a casual expression .

Dressed in urban camouflage uniforms, fifteen militants with an unknown identity walked onto the empty street . The guerrillas used the disruption of the plane crash to launch a full-scale attack on Kejan . The sound of destruction in the distance covered the agony on the street .

Fire began to spread out from a corner of the city, but there were no firefighters or paramedics to be seen . All firetrucks and ambulances had been acquired by the government; some durable personal SUVs were even confiscated by the army and attached with machine guns .

It was the last harbor of the Country F government on MLL Island; if they lost it, that would mean the fire of civil war would spread over the sea to the prosperous City S . To protect the prosperity of this place, the 13th Infantry Division was stationed here and swore to all the people of Country F that they would do their duty, even if they were down to the last soldier .

"With a fall like this, would that person still be alive?" Lasidiv glanced at the airplane seat burned to the ground .

"In theory, no, but no one can determine if that person had any other trump cards . It's better to take a look . Also, did you eat that pill?" Giles asked nonchalantly .

"It was mint-flavored," Ladisiv said .

Giles took a second to process before he started to laugh .

"That's right, mint-flavored . "

"If I may ask, what if someone didn't eat that pill?"

"That would be problematic . " Giles sighed, suddenly engaged in firing mode . He aimed at the civilian tumbling toward them . "You would become like them . "

He simultaneously pressed the trigger at the blank face .

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