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Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Who’s the Swan?

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“Of course she doesn’t have the right, honorable sir . I apologize for the poor demeanor of our company’s receptionist . ”


Huang Li’s songbird voice floated from the back of the hall . A gorgeous woman in black walked out in elegant steps as she lowered her body slightly to express her apology .


Flawless skin, delicate face, and on top of the seductive eyes were a pair of finely drawn eyebrows . Below the perfect nose of hers was a small mouth . The vivid red lipstick did not make her look slightly ordinary . Instead, it radiated her elegance . Her black uniform perfectly outlined the curves of her body as the pencil skirt pressed against the black stockings, mysterious and seductive .


The opening in front of her shirt exposed the white and deep valley in front of her . She was created by God in perfection .


Just in beauty, she was even slightly more attractive than Xia Shiyu .


Of course, it was somewhat unfair since Xia Shiyu would always be expressionless and never really put on makeup . Her wardrobe comprised of professional clothing and her primary purpose was to go to the bureau with Jiang Chen, and house hunting only happened because of an agreement .


An attractive woman mediating the situation was much more efficient .


The sincere apology already diminished most of Jiang Chen’s anger away .


It was not a big deal to start with since their manager already apologized, he didn’t want to persist further .


“Mhmm, it’s okay . ”


[This girl is attractive . ]


Jiang Chen tried to hide his gulping . For some reason, he felt someone staring at him questionably .


Perhaps confident with her own beauty, or perhaps she had seen too many guys embarrass themselves in front of her .


Xiao Mengying didn’t mind as she steered the conversation .


“I am the sales manager here . My name is Xiao Mengying, you can call me Yingying . Mister . What type of unit would you like to purchase? I have extensive experience in selecting the right units for my customer . ” As she spoke, she was also examining Jiang Chen . Although Jiang Chen didn’t wear anything high end, nor did he exhibit class in his actions, in the world filled with newly emerging millionaires, it was nearly impossible to tell who had money . Since he walked into this place, it proved that he was definitely financially capable .


When she noticed Xia Shiyu, Xiao Mengying was even more certain of her guess . To be able to walk in here with a girl as attractive as her, looks would not do justice . Xiao Mengying also noticed that the expressionless beauty was not this guy’s wife, but perhaps played a mistress or assistant role . The hint of “dislike” made her even more confident .


Her light tone made the two feel a lot closer, Jiang Chen’s intention to act arrogantly faded away .


Truthfully speaking, although he liked to act arrogantly, he was nice the majority of the time .


“I want to buy a comfortable mansion, do you have any recommendations?” Jiang Chen regathered his thought from staring at the stunning beauty as he said with a smile .


“Mansion?” Xiao Mengying was slightly shocked . She originally thought Jiang Chen only wanted to buy an apartment at a high-end location, it was the deal that she had done the most . But Jiang Chen straight up wanted purchase a mansion, the cheapest mansion in Wanghai was at least ten million . With the 0 . 8% commission her company promised, this one deal would be more than several deals combined .


Xiao Mengying’s eyes immediately lit up as the way she looked at Jiang Chen held more hidden seduction .


“I apologize . ” Xiao Mengying gently lowered her body as she apologized for her shocked look, at the same time intentionally exposing her cleavage slightly more .


She heard the gulping sound as a trace of a satisfied smile appeared on her face .


All men were perverts . If they were not, it’s the girl not being attractive enough .


She was extremely confident with herself .


“Sir, if you want to purchase a mansion, please follow me to the VIP room . Any deal over five million will be done in the VIP room to provide the best quality service, I hope you don’t mind . "


“I don’t mind, lead the way . ” Jiang Chen smiled .


“Sir, please come over here . ” Xiao Mengying smiled delicately as she leaned forward with a pleasing gesture .


Xia Shiyu frowned slightly . She didn’t know why, but she disliked this woman . Not because she was jealous of the way she looked, it was the fact that she felt a sense of danger around her . Where did the feeling come from? She couldn’t think it through, but she just faintly had this feeling .


Although annoyed, she could only let out a sigh and follow Jiang Chen since he was the one buying .


When she noticed that Jiang Chen’s eyes locked onto Xiao Mengying’s round butt, she felt a strange annoyance and frustration . But then she thought, he is not my boyfriend, why am I angry?


[This doesn’t make sense . ]


She was in the middle of a conflicting set of logics as she began to feel a frustration she was not accustomed to .


Xia Shiyu’s facial expression change, of course, didn’t escape Xiao Mengying’s eyes . She had spent a few years within a melting pot known as society as she advanced from a normal salesperson to where she was now . Her attention to body language was superb .


Jealous but didn’t react meant that the two were still in the dubious face of the relationship . Xiao Mengying saw through the exact state of their relationship .


There were so many opportunities to be taken then, as a faint smiled crept onto Xiao Mengying’s face .


A lot of friends are also real estate salespeople, but they eventually became the owner of the house they sold . It not only depended on the look but also their cunningness .


She was making plans in her mind . If this Mr . Jiang would purchase a mansion over fifty million, then it would be worth it for her to make a move . Since sales in real estate was a career with a time limit, no one would want to buy a house from an old woman . Even if she took care of herself, the age ceiling was still around thirty years old . With her current salary including commission, she could make almost one million . But of course, this type of salary was unsustainable . With the current housing market condition, despite prices still increasing, the volume decreased significantly compared to 2008 . The company fired a group of people just last month . Although it would never affect her as the star salesperson, the current industry trend forced her to consider her options .


Marrying rich was not a terrible choice .


When she thought about all this, Xiao Mengying’s invasive vision scanned across the expressionless Xia Shiyu . She was ready to steal her man .


Jiang Chen who walked beside her didn’t notice the change in this beauty’s expression . He gave Fang Yuanyuan, who was frozen in place, a long meaningful look before going into the VIP room .


[Who’s the swan? Who’s the toad? Dumba*s . ]


He cursed satisfyingly in his mind as he felt joy flow through his body . His pride and sense of revenge were both fulfilled .


Three people with their own thoughts left the grand hall and left only Fang Yuanyuan standing blankly at the front desk .


Regret? Unwillingness? Confusion? Jealousy? Or all of them .


A ten million dollar deal just scathed by her .


Jiang Chen? Him? How could he buy a mansion!? He couldn’t even afford Pizza Hut? This is impossible!


A million thoughts flashed through her mind which made her feel surreal .


But, it was too late to regret . Fang Yuanyuan could never fight off the meat from her manager's mouth . Especially since she had already offended Jiang Chen


The toad that wanted to date the swan?


Who’s the toad? Who’s the swan now?


There was no way he could like her now . Fang Yuanyuan only felt regret submerge her completely because of her irrational reaction . She could have easily used their previous relationship to eat the “meat,” but she gave it away with her own quick judgment .


At the same time, a slim hope was still in her mind . She knew Jiang Chen’s family background and knew where he worked after the graduation . A clothing store salesperson would never afford a mansion . He must be lying . It was an elaborate scheme to embarrass me .


Her colleagues did not have the slightest attempt to hide their mockery . They knew well that they would not beat Xiao Mengying . But this girl gave away the meat in her mouth, that was so dumb .


Fang Yuanyuan couldn’t bother with her colleague’s expression as she fell into deep despair and regret, unable to escape from what happened .


She regretted that three years ago she did not say yes to Jiang Chen .


At the same time, she cursed and thought everything was set up to mock her .


When a person sank into irrationality, their intelligence would be drawn into oblivion .


There is not a lot of second chances in the world, or else everyone would be a millionaire .