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Chapter 570: 570
Chapter 570: Virus is spreading

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Marching on the empty street, the fifteen-member-team with rifles in hand fired continuously, killing the zombies on the street . The rifles they possessed were installed with silencers and the bullets only made short and low sounds . The zombies didn't even fully comprehend the situation before being gunned down .

The scattered civilians who thought they were the F army waved their hands in search of help . But the civilians clearly didn't realize that their uniforms didn't belong to any country and the badges on their shoulders didn't distinguish their identity at all .

Zombies and civilians were all part of their kill list .

"People who don't take the 'mint' will get affected?" Ladisiv killed a civilian with his hands raised while running at him . He asked Giles with a coldblooded voice .

"Not all people will get infected . It's just like the black plague; while the mortality rate is extremely high, there will always be a few graced by lady luck who are immune to this," Giles said nonchalantly .

"What's the range of influence of this?" Ladisiv asked .

"Only 2 . 5L to create another dead city in this world," Giles said in a pleasant tone .

Ladisiv glanced at Giles before moving his back into the crosshairs again .

"Then it's a deadly thing . "

"Just 2 . 5L of the poisonous liquid costs 250 million USD . Although it can spread rapidly, the virus's ability to survive outside the body is extremely weak; normal ultraviolet can kill it . Therefore, this thing can only spread at night to launch the first wave of infection . Thus, this is a half-finished product . " Giles grinned .

Although it was just a half-finished product, its impact was devastating . In just one hour, it made thousands of people turn into zombies . Even people who were immune to the first round of infection would become zombies after being bitten through the more infectious method of direct contact .

Ladisiv didn't say anything more and trained his attention to the mission at hand .

Just then, they heard a faint gunshot in the distance .

"Did you hear that?" Giles stopped .

"I heard it; it sounded like a gunshot . " Ladisiv signaled the team to stop .

With his eyes narrowed, watching the flames in the distance, Giles gently said, "There are two possibilities . One is that the Country F government forces already discovered the situation here, and the other possibility is that it was Jiang Chen who fired the gun . "

. . .

"Jiang Chen? That's impossible . Even though he's a person of influence, it would've been impractical for him to bring a gun onto the plane . " Ladisiv disagreed .

"He didn't need to bring it onto the plane . If it's him, it's not hard to make a gun appear out of thin air, so don't be caught off guard . " Giles smiled mysteriously and continued, "You know, we are fighting against a God . "

"Bullsh*t," Ladisiv responded coldly .

Giles shrugged and continued to raise his rifle .

"I know you don't believe it . Whatever, regardless of what I say, let's get to the black box first . Within three days, he won't be able to escape . Once we obtain the black box, we'll have plenty of time to play with him . "

Giles spoke mysteriously as he walked in front of the squad and signaled Ladisiv to follow him .

Jiang Chen took out the kinetic skeleton from the storage dimension and equipped it then rechecked the equipment on his body .

The power armor created too big of a target and was previously exposed on Coro Island, so it wasn't suitable to be used here . If it was spotted in CIty K, it would be hard for people not to think about the possibilities .

For example, could this "resident evil" event be related to Xin? Or why did the power armor coincidentally appear in City K the same time the infection broke out?

On the contrary, the kinetic skeleton, which could be worn inside his clothes, was less conspicuous . The kinetic skeleton was more than enough against typical zombies .

Jiang Chen did mind Tanaka pointing out his trump card .

But considering the Harmony's perspective, they shouldn't allow other people like Jiang Chen to engage in interdimensional travel at the end of the 22nd century . If other people knew about his abilities, it would be hard to determine the final outcome .

Even if Jiang Chen said he came from the future, the media would think it was a joke .

Just like if Jiang Chen told the media that an alien colonization ship was on its way, no one would believe him either .

The fortunate thing was that Jiang Chen could confirm he possessed something that made others afraid .

And it could be the breakthrough to take down Natural Selection .

But the problem then became: what is the breakthrough point?

Jiang Chen carefully arrived on the 12th floor and opened the metal door to the roof . With the cold wind blowing in his face, he walked to the edge of the building and narrowed his eyes .

The entire city was dead . The cold river divided the city into two worlds - the west side was bright and lively while the east side was completely dark . In the distance, signs of government forces fighting against the guerrillas could be seen .

Without confirming the cause of the plane crash, he didn't plan on contacting the government forces controlling the City K . Although the suspect that took down the plane was Tanaka who was already "dead," the only country with the ability to take down a plane at ten thousand meters in the sky was Country F .

Considering his unfriendly relationship with Country F, Jiang Chen had enough reason to suspect a connection between Tanaka and Country F .

Thanks to the darkness and war, there were few pedestrians on the street . After the unknown virus spread, there weren't a lot of zombies wandering on the street .

But even then, with a population of over one hundred thousand, it made the city particularly dangerous .

Explosions could be heard continuously in the distance . The city west of the river began to lose power simultaneously . Did the people who were fighting realize the soil they were fighting over was already a grave?

Where did the virus begin to spread?

With this question in mind, Jiang Chen took out his binoculars and began to search for this street .

Then, his gaze stopped on the crashed plane .

[Could it be… the source was on the plane?]

His pupils contracted slightly .

There were two groups of people who appeared in his field of vision .

A group of people were in F uniforms wore anti-poison masks; they looked like the local forces . They were stained with blood and a helicopter hovered nearby . They seemed to have diverging opinions regarding if they should shoot civilians in this chaos .

Finally, their captain seemed to have made up their minds for them . He raised his gun to shoot the "rioter" on the street before leading the team to the wreckage of the plane .

Another group of people in city camouflage weren't equipped with anti-poison equipment at all; they didn't have any badges that identified them either . Just from their equipment, Jiang Chen couldn't recognize their origin . But he was certain that they were neither F government forces nor the guerrillas .

Because the weapons of the guerillas were provided by him .

Compared to the hesitant government forces, this group was much more decisive . They seemed to know that the people who lost sanity were zombies . They shot any zombies who approached them without any doubt .

The government forces noticed these uninvited guests . While they raised their rifles with caution, they also shouted out to them first .

But the reaction of the second group of people was still decisive . As if the government forces were zombies, they began firing .