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Chapter 572: 572
Chapter 572: Airstrike

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In the mountain range south of City K . One helicopter and two figures appeared .

One was kneeling down while one was standing .

Tanaka seemed to be tired from kneeling down . He stood up, opened his arms toward Kejia in the darkness, and smiled .

"Do you see it? My masterpiece . "

A man in a suit stood beside him . He was holding onto the binocular while watching the chaos in the city .

"Just from a weapon point of view, it's not bad . "

As a businessman, that was his impression .

"No wonder it is President Tanimura . Whether it is the attitude or diction is all similar to the bad guys," Tanaka said .

Without funding and connections, any conspiracy wouldn't have a starting point . The reason "Kurofune's" plan could succeed must be attributed to the soil and nutrient provided by Nippon government and corporations . This type of impeccable "weapon" with military and economic value was perfect for Takeda Pharmaceutical who could make a handsome amount through the vaccine business or to the Nippon government eager to expand its military influence .

For example, if the virus were to break out in their annoying country, what would happen? The only company, Takeda Pharmaceutical, with the anti-virus vaccine would instantly become the wealthiest company in the world overnight, and Nippon who owned Takeda Pharmaceutical would complete the feat they failed to achieve in the last century .

But if the Nippon government and Takeda Pharmaceutical really knew Tanaka's actual plan, would they still think this way?

But they would never know, just like no one will really believe Jiang Chen could travel back and forth to the future, no one would believe Tanaka was setting up for "aliens" to land on a defenseless planet . Even if one of them named their company as "Future" while the other named the organization as "Kurofune" .

Tanimura put down the binocular, glanced at Tanaka without saying any words, and then headed to the helicopter .

"Are you not going to look a bit longer?" Tanaka turned around and laughed .

"No need, the board only needs to confirm the practical value of the virus," Tanimura's back was turned against Tanaka, and he said without emotion .

"Judging a samurai sword by its 'practical value' would only make the sword lose its shine . "

"Oh?" Tanimura turned around and looked at Tanaka with questions in his eyes .

"You know what killed this city?" Tanaka asked with a smile .

Tanimura raised his eyebrows . "The virus?"

"Wrong," Tanaka shook his finger and smiled, "It is weakness; the weakness that belongs to a civilization…"

Ten kilometers out of City K, the entire west side of the city had fallen . Only one bridge managed to withhold till the end, but five bridges spanned across the river .

Weakness destroyed the civilization .

Compassion to the weak, awe to life, respect to law, admiration of rights…

All virtues of humans would eventually become the burden of survival in the face of an unconquerable obstacle .

The man that attempted to use his hug to change the wife that turned into a zombie, the people holding onto the dagger but unable to stab toward the neighbor, the people because of despair who jumped off the building not willing to become the same kind as the zombie…

Standing at the top of the building and looking down the street covered with blood, Jiang Chen came to a deep realization about this point . He disliked this country, but when he witnessed the atrocities that happened in front of his very eyes, he stomach instinctively felt agitated by the gruesome scene .

"These bastards…"

Jiang Chen took a deep breath, reloaded his rifle, took a few steps back before leaping toward the building across from him . He managed to jump over the ten meters of distance with the help of the kinetic skeleton . He leaped between buildings while running to the location of the crash .

The crossfire between the Country F government force and the unknown militants ended already . Out of the eight government soldiers, five were instantly killed while the remaining three only lasted for ten seconds under the fire of fifteen rifles . The helicopter was retreating, but it was taken down by an RPG .

The unknown militants quickly took control of the crash site . A soldier was planning to head into the wreckage to retreat the black box .


A bullet penetrated the skull of that solider .

Giles grinning eyes immediately widened and locked onto the building one hundred meters out .

"He's here . "

"Take cover!" Ladisiv signaled . Everyone immediately hid nearby and began firing back to the area .

Jiang Chen was shocked by how fast the militants reacted and continued to fire .

From their calmness against zombies and the lack of masks alone, this information was indicative that the virus must be connected to Tanaka .

The source of the virus or the reason behind his failed travel could all be answered by that person .

So, go die!

Jiang Chen dodged a few bullets flying at him and threw out ten Hummingbird drones .

His fingers tapped on the EP several times and then circled a few points .

When the circular discs with machine guns came flying toward them, Ladisiv immediately fired back .

The orange sparks circled the wreckage of the plane . Ladisiv was hit on his shoulder but took down two drones . In this group of people, he had the best shooting skill and the most battle experience .

But even then, it was his first time fighting with such terrifying objects .

"Dammit! Where did these things come from?" Ladisiv cursed while his reloaded under the cover fire of his squad .

"I told you, we are fighting against a God, so don't feel too surprised . " Giles' forehead was bleeding while leaning against a wall almost completed destroyed as he continued to fire back .

After paying a price of five lives, the ten drones were finally taken down .

The powerful war machines made them feel a deep to the bone chillness .

Jiang Chen was also stunned .

Ten drones couldn't take care of them?

Although the EP's computation resource was limited, there is no way it can't take care of fifteen people .

The only explanation was that their shooting ability was incredible .

Because EP as a terminal could at most connect to ten Hummingbird drones at the same, Jiang Chen didn't store more in the storage dimension . He did possess the more powerful Python and Reptile, but he didn't want to expose them too early .

Especially since he still had other toys…

He took a deep breath as a menacing smile appeared on his face . Under the cover of the wall, he took out a thick and long heavy machine gun .

"Heavy machine gun! Retreat—"

Ladisiv's pupils immediately contracted, at the same time, he threw out a smoke grenade while running back to another wall .

"Too late!" Jiang Chen hoisted the heavy machine gun and smashed the stand onto the ground .

The hexagon shaped transparent bulletproof board expanded and reflected a colorful haze of the fires near the wreckage site, through the haziness was a sneering face .

A series of red dots surfaced on his retina, Jiang Chen aimed at the closest one and pressed the trigger .

"Go die!"

The violent bullets took a gust of wind along with it and shredded the dense, thick smoke . A direct hit by the massive bullet meant that whether it was the wall or flesh, it was shredded to pieces .

The undisguised firing attracted more zombies, but the annoying hearts were all included in Jiang Chen's kill zone .

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Ladisiv hidden behind a building was still panting in fear . Just that instant, only six out of the ten team members were left . He still didn't understand where the heavy machine gun came from .

"Is that really Jiang Chen? It is not the special forces from Country F or Xin?"

"Do you still not believe me now? My dear Mr . Ladisiv . I said we are murdering a God… to welcome a new God . " He added the last sentence silently . Giles glanced at the number on his watch with a grin; he took out a flare from his waist .

"You're not going to use power armor? That's unfortunate, then try this!"

He ducked out of the cover and threw the flare toward Jiang Chen .

The flare flipped in the air and bloomed into a bright red flame .

At the scene, Jiang Chen's pupils immediately contracted . While he ended his fury, he immediately jumped to the side .

Almost instantaneously, a gust of winds blew by, carrying a storm of bullets that destroyed the entire building .

25mm machine gun shredded the heavy machine gun along with the building into concrete debris and exposed the reinforced steel .

With one hand holding onto the reinforced steel, Jiang Chen turned around to look at the building he was just standing on, and a drop of cold sweat rolled down his forehead .

[Good thing I didn't wear the power armor…]

The deep homing noise instantly faded, through the pitch black night, he saw a glimpse of a fighter jet soaring by .