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Chapter 573

Chapter 573: Aurora-20, Strike!
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

At 10:15 am, an F35 took off from a carrier and headed to MLL Island for a routine bombing mission .

"This is Vulture-1 . Vulture-1 has entered the theater, over . "

"This is the command center, Vulture-1, the target's position is (131, 374), approved to fire, over . "

"Vulture-1 received, opening safety, over . "

The pilot ended the communication, turned off the communication channel, reset the route on the radar, and suddenly diverted its route to City K . Until the F35 escaped the tracking of the friendly radar, the aircraft carrier finally realized something was off .

The station tried to contact the F35 several times that deviated from its route, but it did not receive a response .

After losing contact for three minutes .

Guided by a signal flare, the F35 launched an air raid on a ground target in the eastern part of City K .

. . .

Upon receiving a call from Xin Embassy, Ayesha's dropped her phone .

"What's wrong?" Xia Shiyu, who was watching TV, looked at the girl .

Originally, Xia Shiyu thought that it was difficult for her to get along with Ayesha . She was hesitant about Jiang Chen's decision . However, after a few days of spending time together, Xia Shiyu realized surprisingly that even after she stated her own attitude, their relationship did not become strained .

Perhaps because the two people were more similar, when they didn't need to talk, they seldom spoke .

Picking up the phone from the ground, Ayesha hesitated but did not tell the truth to Xia Shiyu .

"It's nothing . "

Desperately telling herself not to be impulsive, Ayesha took a deep breath, suppressed the worry in her mind, and called a set of numbers that belonged to Jiang Chen .

It was busy . . .

The little hand holding the phone trembled . Although she believed that Jiang Chen would be okay . She still couldn't contain her fear and worry .

She was always brave, always had been like that .

Because there was always a person that treated her with gentleness .

At the same time, it was her only weakness .

At this moment, a hand came out from behind and gently held her hand .

Ayesha felt the warmth, blanked out .

"What happened, can you tell me?"

"But . . . "

"It's about Jiang Chen right?"

Biting her lower lip, Ayesha nodded .

"Tell me . "

"But . . . you can't help . "

"Your statement is infuriating . "

"Ehh?" Ayesha looked at Xia Shiyu and then explained in a panic . "No, it's not what you think, I mean . . . "

"If you don't say anything, how do you know that I can't help? Don't forget, I am the CEO of Future Group . If you can help him, I can also do the same!"

With Xia Shiyu's strong stance, Ayesha stared at her .

She lowered her head, her fingers no longer trembled, and a hint of relief and peace of mind resurfaced .

"Mhmm . "

. . .

When the news of the plane Jiang Chen boarded had crashed reached Liu Haotiao through Wanghai Airport, the news then spread to Xin, it caused an earthquake among the senior officials of the country .

Zhang Yaping, who was visiting the Capital, used diplomatic authority to dial the phone number of the Country F presidential palace . At the same time, Ivan urgently mobilized all the soldiers on New Moon Island and ordered the Guardian-class frigates stationed at Coconut Island to the border of Country F .

"Why is MU771 shot down by missiles near the airspace of Country F? Mr . Aquino, I need your explanation . "

"Please pay attention to your rhetoric, Mr . Zhang Yaping, I am not your subordinate, I do not need to explain anything to you," Although at a disadvantageous situation, Aquino was still displeased with the demanding tone used by the president of a small country . He put out a tough stance . "Our people have already started the rescue according to the procedure . But you know that the plane crashed in City K, and it is very difficult to conduct the rescue mission in the war zone! Our people are already working diligently . Also, I don't know where you heard the rumors, what evidence do you have to prove that the plane was shot down by a missile!"

"When the plane was struck, the captain of MU771 reported the situation to the Wanghai Airport . The Wanghai Airport has already handed over the recording to our embassy . "

"Oh, God, it's just a recording! Let's not argue about whether Wanghai Airport's action follows the appropriate procedure, you can identify the aircraft is hit by a missile with a single recording? Who can guarantee that it was not a seagull? We also have evidence here! At the time of the incident, no warship equipped with air defense equipment was near the water of the incident! Before the black box is found, any of your rhetoric will be regarded as a provocation against Country F!"

Zhang Yaping gritted his teeth and tried to remain calm .

"I don't want to discuss with you who is responsible now . Half an hour has passed, where is your rescue team? This accident happened in your city! At least there should be some firefighters! If you really don't want to do anything, then let our people go!"

"No way!" Aquino rejected the offer without hesitation .

Let the troops of the neighboring country enter their own country? The relationship between Country F and Xin was not that close! What's more, the virus crisis in City K made Aquino feel an instinctive panic . Tourism was the economic pillar of Country F . If the epidemic and panic spread, it would undoubtedly make the already deteriorating economy suffer a severe downturn .

Not only must they prevent foreign rescue teams from entering, but the army must put the entire city under quarantine! No one would be allowed to enter or leave at will . Before the development of a vaccine, the roads and ports leading to City K must be completely shut down!

"What are you hiding?" Zhang Yaping said with a hazy expression .

"We aren't hiding anything! I have disclosed all the information that can be disclosed . What do you want?! Oh, I have to remind you that you should have seen from the photos taken by the satellite . The plane already turned into pieces, you think there are people still alive?"

"We have confirmed through the Sky Eye X1 Observation Satellite that Jiang Chen is still alive . "

"Yes? Then you must be wrong . After all, you said that the satellite is a meteorological observation satellite . " Aquino tried to deflect the blame .

"You are playing with fire . " Zhang Yaping warned .

"Oh!" Aquino sneered at the threat .

The phone was hung up rudely .

Zhang Yaping took a deep breath and then called Ivan .

"Negotiation failed . "

As if there was no such surprise, Ivan said, "No problem, we are ready now . "

"You have to move fast . " Zhang Yaping knew that it is useless to persuade him to keep calm, so he said with a bitter smile .

"We have always been fast, and we will never return empty-handed," Ivan said .

"Don't fight, if possible . " Zhang Yaping made his final request .

"Don't fight, if possible . " Zhang Yaping made his final request .

"I'll try my best . "

Soldiers wearing kinetic skeletons boarded four Black Hawk helicopters, flew to the apron on the frigate, and crossed the Country F border with the destination of MLL Island .

Although there was no declaration of war and the mission briefing only stated rescue, everyone was prepared for war . Especially the boys who hopped on the helicopter, eager to use the rifle in their hands .

At the same time, New Moon Island's airport was illuminated, bright as day .

Pilot: "Weapon system, normal . Hydraulic balance system, normal . Fuel tank, normal . Tail, normal . . . "

"Inspection complete . Shooter-1 requests to enter the runway . "

Command Tower: "Approved . "

Pilot: "Shooter-1 has entered the runway . "

The ground crew raised the flag: "The runway inspection is complete!"

Command Tower: "Approved for takeoff . Good luck, Shooter-1 . For our next month's salary, bring our boss home . "

Pilot: "Roger . . . By the way, this is easy . "

At the end of the communication, the pilot reached out and opened the throttle switch, and activated the artificial intelligence navigation system .

The vortex engine burst out a blue arc, and the fighter already soared through the runway and brought the palm leaves with it from dozens of meters away .

Aurora-20, strike!

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