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Chapter 574: 574
Chapter 574: This night was bound to be unrestful

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Kurofune .

Its nature was an underground organization, and its members were from all over the world . Although it was funded by the Nippon government and Nippon companies, they never fully understood the organization . The cooperation between the two sides was more of a "paid research" relationship, rather than a dependent relationship .

Kurofune's philosophy was not based on any superficial folklore or personal values, but on a near-crazy belief, or a stubborn ideology .

They believe that Natural Selection with the same origin as humans would bring eternal harmony to the human civilization, save humanity from its own suffering, and bring human civilization to the unreachable starry night no longer chained by gravity .

This kind of neo-religious group without any affliction to any organization and any secular interest was almost impossible to be discovered by intelligence organizations around the world .

The F35 pilot of Vulture-1 was one of the members of Kurofune . The original plan was to find a way to attack Jiang Chen's power armor, but there was a small change in the plan . Jiang Chen did not use the Power Armor but used the more flexible kinetic skeleton .

It was precisely because of this that the F35 changed the strategy of bombing and used the 25mm machine guns to shoot . But what Gordon did not expect was that the bullets that could blow tanks into pieces were dodged by Jiang Chen by instinct .

"The target is not hit . " A report from the ground unit transmitted into his ear .

"Roger . I will fire again . "

Gordon glanced at the thermal imaging display and found the heat source hanging from the side of the building . He sneers and raises the height to prepare for another dive .

However, at this moment, the infrared lock alarm began to beep .

Gordon cursed under his breath and immediately released a flare, then began to maneuver .

A close-range air-to-air missile flew right past the fuselage and made all of his hairs jump up .

Gordon, who dodged a blow, immediately boosted the engine power to the max, trying to get rid of the lock by the other fighter .

Among all the fourth-generation fighters, the F35 was arguably one of the most expensive fighters in the world . Because of the improvement in ground attack, it gave up some air superiority . So while it possessed a strong combat power, its mobility was not the most outstanding among fighters .

But despite this shortcoming, the fourth-generation fighters still displayed its prowess that no third-generation fighters could compare .

Gordon didn't think that the sneak attack was from a fourth-generation fighter . He escaped the friendly radar, and before the UA military could respond, he would have already completed the ground attack mission before landing in a secret military base . Only a few countries possessed fourth-generation fighters, and he didn't think Xin was one of them .

Even Russia with a good relationship with Xin, wouldn't sell its fourth-generation plane to them .

With a sneer, Gordon, while resisting the blood boiling up in his body, was about to send an AIM-120 at the target chasing him .

But when he raised his speed to the maximum and looked behind him, his sneer froze .

The plane that he couldn't distinguish did not show any signs of being left behind .

"How is this possible!" Gordon gritted his teeth and glanced at the speed dial, which was already approaching the red zone, then he pulled up instantly .

The nose of the F35 raised up, causing an emergency stop in the air that significantly decreased its speed . The blood flowing up almost made him faint, but Gordon had a smug look on his face .

Human's response time would be unable to respond in such a high-speed close air to air combat .

As long as the enemy plane flew in the front, the identity of the prey and the hunter would be reversed!

But at this instant, Gordon saw an incredulous scene through his bloodshot eyes .

Just as he pulled up, the Aurora-20 chasing in the rear unleashed its 27mm machine guns and shredded his fuselage and wings .

Just like he expected, the Aurora-20 soared underneath him .

However, what he did not expect was that the other pilot could fire in an instant .

With his hands off the control, Gordon desperately reached out and opened the ejection seat . He floated in the cold night sky while watching his plane disintegrate in the air . . .

At the same time, the Aurora-20 pilot ended the bullet time state and skillfully turned on thermal imaging to enter ground attack mode .

"The air target has been cleared, Shooter-1 is waiting for attack commands . "

. . .

Looking at the sparks in the air, and the silhouette that whizzed past, Jiang Chen was ecstatic .

It was Aurora-20!

He was worried about how to get rid of that fighter, but Ivan helped him solve this urgent issue .

Of course, he won't know that at this critical moment, it was Xia Shiyu that issued the attack command to Ivan as the CEO of the Future Group . In a strict sense, it was a decision out of her power because Future Group and Celestial Trade operated as separate entities . But in this critical period, it was no longer a consideration .

Xia Shiyu was the most suitable person to make this decision .

Taking a deep breath, Jiang Chen left the cover with a rifle and opened the radio life signal detection device mounted on the EP . Six red dots were marked on his EP, and they were accelerating toward him .

Jiang Chen sneered and loaded the rifle .

[I am so tired of all of you!]

However, the Aurora-20 apparently did not give him the opportunity to fight . A low-altitude dive sounded combined with dense bullets instantly obliterated three red dots along with the zombies on that street . The dust even drifted two blocks away and landed on Jiang Chen's nose .

Three people died instantly . They realized the mission has failed and began to disperse .

But would Celestial Trade let them escape?

Don't forget who trained Moro!

The roar of the engine came from the distance and smashed through the zombies that began to gather . The guerrillas wearing gas masks jumped down from the military trucks and began to track the three unidentified soldiers who fled . The intensive gunshots echoed in the street . Guerrillas, zombies, and unidentified soldiers began a chaotic battle .

At the same time, a military Hummer stopped in front of Jiang Chen, and the general with a slanted military cap stepped out and saluted to Jiang Chen . He then spoke in English, though full of local characteristics .

"Mr . Jiang Chen, we have received a request from your country to come and pick you up . Please come with us, and we will take you to the safe area . "

Turning off the EP, Jiang Chen looked at the direction of the wreckage of the plane and put the rifle behind his back .

"What about those three people?"

"Our people are tracking them and will definitely bring their heads!" the general said immediately .

With the escalation of the civil war, Moro was now relying more and more heavily on Celestial Trade's supply . Their previous cautious attitude turned into respect today . While it was not certain if they would remain respectful after independence, at least for now, the guerrillas without a military factory must depend on Jiang Chen to survive .

It was precisely because of this that the general's attitude towards Jiang Chen is exactly as modest as how a subordinate treats a superior .

"I don't want their heads, I want at least one to be alive . " Suddenly, Jiang Chen pointed to the crashed passenger plane and went on, "Also, I need the black box . "

"Leave it to us!"

After saying this, the general ordered the soldier next to him .

Then, Jiang Chen sat onto the Hummer and evacuated to the camp on the outskirts of City k .

Ladisov and Gilles fought as they retreated but couldn't escape because of the sheer number advantage of the guerrillas . Gilles and another team member died in recalcitrance, and Ladisov chose to surrender and was taken to outside the city .

Country F mobilized two more divisions and repelled the Moro guerrillas . At the same time, the three divisions controlling City K deployed checkpoints at all entrances to the city while declaring a state of quarantine .

A crash; two planes .

Even for the world, this night was bound to be unrestful .

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