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Chapter 575
Chapter 575: You will definitely be the scapegoat for this!

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Although Country F blocked the news for the first time, it was obviously impossible to suppress such a big thing in the information age .

First of all, it was a "Resident Evil" incident .

The cruel virus turned the city into hell . People were killing each other, suspecting each other and being isolated in the desperation of water and electricity . According to Country F's Ministry of Health, a total of 111,000 people died in the riot caused by the virus and the remaining population was less than 70,000, isolated by three infantry divisions stationed in City K .

Although the virus only broke out in this modest city, the aftermath was the impact on the world .

The stock market will always be the market benchmark . The global stock market opened, all medicine-related stocks rose sharply . Some military-related stocks also appeared to skyrocket because there were rumors related to virus and terror attacks . Given the dangers of this virus, countries increased the terror crackdown efforts and added a budget on it .

On the other hand, antibiotics and other drugs in many countries and regions and convenience food had become out of stock .

Facing the emptiness of the shelves, Wal-Mart and other major supermarkets were really happy and sad . The joy was that the goods that were just put on shelves were stuffed into the shopping cart by the shoppers immediately . The worry was that salespeople had to face those who were angry as they couldn't buy the necessities . They had to call the suppliers to get shipments urgently .

Because of this incident, the Future Biological Group made a fortune unexpectedly . When people chose to buy food for storage, it seemed that they had a special taste of nutrition, especially the relatively inexpensive high-calorie nutrient supply, which was almost extinct from the shelves .

Promoting the major cooperative supermarket orders looked like floating snowflakes . Amazon, Taobao and other virtual stores were also out of stock . The Future Man Biological earned a lot in the pain and joy of promoting orders .

Under the help of people with a conscience, this incident of "Resident Evil" was obviously over-hyped . Despite the Country F Health Department making several clarifications that the virus barely survived in ultraviolet light and showed strong activity only at night . This rational voice from officials was soon subsided in the report which the media made regarding its destructive power .

Just looking at its destructive power and not looking at the pathogenesis and survival conditions, this virus was really frightening .

Because the term "zombie" was so popular that people had almost used it as synonymous for eschatology . Who was responsible for the panic buying? Perhaps Hollywood directors and those who wrote doomsday novels should take the blame… .

While this "riot" was spreading to the rest of the world, the Hua government had performed very well . They arrested the posters on forums that spread false information and made a statement on all television stations and online channels to control the situation with high efficiency . Meanwhile, Ministry of Media and Publication investigated and dealt with a number of non-realistic novels, and arrested those who wrote doomsday novels just for proselytizing the public .

And then there was the F35 crash .

Yesterday evening, an F35 fighter named "Vulture-1" took off from an aircraft carrier and conducted an air strike mission on MLL Island, however, after arriving in the theater, the fighter plane cut off communication with the aircraft carrier and disappeared from the radar .

Subsequently, the aircraft launched an air strike on City K, killing at least 24 civilians .

After the attack, the F35 fighter disintegrated at high altitude over City K . The wreckage was already controlled by the government forces and has been handed over to the UA military on the aircraft carrier . At present, the UA military did not make further disclosures . A spokesman said the CIB has intervened to investigate the incident .

It was reported that the pilot flying the fighter was Carol Gordon . His comrades commented he was a great person . Before carrying out the mission, he didn't show any abnormalities . According to the testimony of the doctor in charge of his medical examination, Gordon was a person with good conduct and without a history of addictive drugs .

At present, the body of the pilot was found . Based on the wreckage of the aircraft, the pilot parachuted out before the plane crashed . Both Country F's government forces and the Moro guerrillas denied knowing the pilot's presence . The Moro guerrillas said they would agree if the UA force send limited personnel into Moro to search for the pilot if the UA agreed to stop the air strikes on MLL Island .

The UA spokesperson did not responded to the Moro proposal, but the aircraft carrier had stopped its routine strikes .

The last information was about the MU771 flight incident .

As the MU771 flight was considered the cause of the virus, Wanghai International Airport temporary closed for a day . After obtaining the virus samples from Country F, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Public Security conducted a comprehensive joint inspection of Wanghai Airport . Nothing was found regarding any suspect carrying the virus at the airport, and eventually proved to be a false alarm .

Country F said that the crash was a complete accident . Any rumor that the airliner was shot down by missiles was irresponsible and stupid . In the targeted sea of the accident, Country F did not conduct any military activity . All the speculations were meaningless until the black box was found!

Aquino was full of confidence to get rid of this blame that he did not involve in . Before holding a press conference, he repeatedly talked to his Marshal General and generals so that he could confirm he had sufficient evidences at hand to prove that the plane's crash was absolutely unrelated to Country F's troops . As for why the black box was not available, it was not because Country F's government wanted to conceal something, but because the black box was taken away by the guerrillas who rushed to the crash site .

What they said was correct!

But some people wanted to let them take responsibility anyway .

Faced with questions from the international community, Santos did not conceal anything and placed the black box in front of the camera . He said the guerrillas immediately carried out research and rescued Jiang Chen, the only survivor . The black box was handed over to the United Nations' observers, and data was examined under the supervision of the international community .

The media also devoted a great deal of enthusiasm about this lucky survivor . However, Xia Shiyu stood out for Jiang Chen and stopped all the media interviews . She only gave a general statement explaining that Jiang Chen had a serious injury but it was not life-threatening, and he did not get infected with the virus .

The entrance of the hospital filled with flowers people offered spontaneously . The flowers were the national flower of Coro, a specialty in Coro Island . People sent their prayers and respect for him by using the purest way . That the thriving Coro Island was because of Jiang Chen, supported by all by all of the islanders .

The investigation of the black box progressed swiftly . After the experts retrieved the data, they immediately released the findings to the international community… The reason for the plane crash was a missile struck the left wing engine, which was consistent with the message revealed by the plane's last communication with the ground .

The international community was in an uproar .

Aquino immediately jumped out and denied the authenticity of the black box data .

Yet no one believed his argument .

If a hacker wanted to replace the real recorded data with fake data, one change would need a series of data to be replaced .

In addition, some of the aircraft's basic data were transmitted to the ground in real time through ACARS (Aircraft Communication Addressing and Reporting System), and the United Nations had confirmed that ACARS transmission was normal . This means any difference in data would be quite obvious .

It is not difficult to tamper with the black box data; however, it is almost impossible to leave no trace behind . And those international experts repeatedly checked the black box and even checked to see if anyone tried to open the box by force .

This time Aquino had nothing to say at all .

Various kinds of evidence were laid before him, and he just could not find strong evidence to refute . The black box data have proven the MU771 was not only shot down by missiles but also shot down by missiles launched from Country F .

Just as the Aquino administration was struggling to be accountable to the media and the families of the victims, spokesperson for Celestial Trade issued a statement .

"It is a pity that it is me who stands here reading the resolution of the company, not our beloved chairman . We cannot disclose more about his injuries, and I can only reveal that he had woken up only once in three days . Today I stand here just to read his directions on the company's future . "

He took a deep breath and clenched his fist and then rested it on the desk gently .

"I think you should all know what it means to assassinate a key member of a state . "

"A shameless conspiracy . "


"This means war!"