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Chapter 576
Chapter 576: The Reason for Justice
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The sentence was loud and clear .

Almost all the reporters at the scene were wondering if they heard wrong . When they confirmed that they weren't being delusional, the crowd erupted .

Xin… No, Celestial Trade just declared war against Country F?

The spokesperson in front of the podium appeared extremely calm while facing the audience in disbelief . When he received the script, he was also shocked and in disbelief . But after he read through the entire script, there was only calmness left .

War will always only be responded by war!

As the headquarters of Celestial Trade was blocked by reporters, where did our "injured" protagonist go?

Currently, in an ocean-side mansion ten kilometers away from the hospital, Jiang Chen lowered his head, relaxing on top of Ayesha's cool thighs . He was relishing in the sea wind while enjoying his ears being cleaned .

The strands of hair that occasionally swept by his face and the person gazing at his face made him feel fuzzy both psychologically and physiologically .

Jiang Chen was so relaxed due to one reason . Since he supposedly was in "critical condition" and receiving treatment, he couldn't directly appear in front of the media at least for a short period of time .

When Jiang Chen was taken to Port D by Moro guerillas, he met with Ivan who personally came to pick him up . Judging by the fully equipped soldiers on the helicopter, they were clearly ready to fight in battle . If the Country F government dared to intercept, they would forcefully land with the support of cannons and fighters!

From the perspective of Santos and other guerillas, Jiang Chen noticed some envy of Celestial Trade's advanced equipment .

Jiang Chen suddenly had an idea and a plan began to form in his mind .

An extremely dangerous plan .

He walked beside Santos and put his arm around his shoulder .

"Do you want to end this civil war earlier?"

Santos was filled with excitement that was indescribable by words . Although the guerrillas were growing stronger by the day, in the face of the F army with advantages in both firepower and numbers, the outcome of the war was still unclear .

Seeing that Celestial Trade was willing to assist him further, there was no reason for Santos to reject Jiang Chen . Although he didn't show any expression, the muscular man with bullets wrapped around his body immediately held onto Jiang Chen's hand . He expressed that the people of MLL Islands would forever remember his generosity and friendship…

Of course, Jiang Chen didn't want a declaration of friendship .

Celestial Trade would send navy, air, and even land forces under the guise of mercenaries to participate in the civil war . The fees would still be limited time rights to mines and ores, but Jiang Chen generously offered to only charge at "cost . "

The only requirement for Moro was to take control of City K .

Even if Jiang Chen hadn't demanded this, they still would've done it . The City K was K River's outlet into the sea - a strategic location for K Island .

The only disagreement came from the timing of taking over the city .

Since the city was in the midst of a terrifying infection, the guerrillas all resisted the idea of entering the city now .

On the other hand, in order to quarantine the city, three Country F divisions were sent there . From a strategic point of view, the best course of action wasn't to attack the heavily defended Kejia but rather to shift focus east and recover the northeast part of MLL Islands .

But Jiang Chen didn't care too much - he merely suggested a contrary opinion .

"Mr . Santos, we're here to help you end the civil war . We're not here to drag the war on . How do we quickly end this civil war? It's by focusing our fire and beating the opponent down with one punch, and then dragging their necks to the negotiation table . "

"But we don't have enough force to go against three divisions," Santos said, troubled .

"We do . " Jiang Chen paused . "We have enough firepower . "

Modern warfare was never won by sheer manpower . While the number of Celestial Trade soldiers was around two thousand, their impact on the war was unquestionable .

Finally, Santos acquiesced to Jiang Chen's proposal . He agreed to send a division of forces to assist Celestial Trade's forces in taking control of Kejia . But if the casualties were above 40%, they would retreat .

Jiang Chen confidently expressed there was no way that would ever happen .

As for the excuse of starting a war, he already thought of one .

The public already believed that Country F mistakenly thought the commercial flight was Hua's reconnaissance plane and therefore launched a land-to-air missile to take it down . Then Jiang Chen didn't mind adding oil to the fire and directing public opinion to even more dangerous territory - when Country F received information that Celestial Trade's president, Jiang Chen, was on the flight, they launched the missile as an act of revenge .

With Country F's apathy toward the lives of the innocent and their attempt to make excuses for their criminal actions, Celestial Trade would respond with war!

In order to discover the truth behind the spreading virus and to find the vaccine as early as possible, Jiang Chen was determined to take control of virus-infected City K .

He wouldn't permit anyone from making this place into a second apocalypse, whether it was because he wanted to maintain the value of his wealth or fight against the colonization ship en route . Although he felt apologetic, he needed Country F to be the scapegoat for the plane crash .

Therefore, Jiang Chen, who agreed with Santos and Ivan, acted out everything in front of the media .

Three days had passed since the crash .

"Don't move . I'm almost done . "

Ayesha took a Q-tip and attentively cleaned out Jiang Chen's remaining wax . He was about to fall asleep .

"Ten minutes ago, the Country F Foreign Ministry warned that Celestial Trade's dangerous words would be viewed as an act of aggression . They already sent their navy forces to the border… is that really okay?"

"Ten minutes ago, the Country F Foreign Ministry warned that Celestial Trade's dangerous words would be viewed as an act of aggression . They already sent their navy forces to the border… is that really okay?"

Xia Shiyu was sitting on the chaise longue . She pushed up her black-rimmed glasses and made her report while pretending not to see Ayesha .

"Not a problem . Country F's navy is a joke . "

"What about UA?" Xia Shiyu was a beginner in international relations, so when she told Jiang Chen, she had doubt in her voice .

"UA won't do anything," Jiang Chen said affirmatively .

Perhaps they wanted to, but an hour later, they would change their opinion .

Just as she wanted to ask where his confidence came from, the glass door to the balcony of the mansion was opened .

"Mr . Patient, do you need any refreshments?" Liu Yao, in a nurse uniform, walked in and asked mockingly .

The gazes of three people landed on her .

Coldness from Xia Shiyu, praise from Ayesha, and shock from Jiang Chen .

The nurse uniform was part of Ayesha's collection and the size was based on Ayesha's petite body shape . Since the uniform was worn by the busty Liu Yao, it clearly looked "restrained . "

Her firm curves were tightly outlined by the dress and the bustiness of her chest was about to jump out from the thin layer of fabric .

Jiang Chen discovered that the clearly-too-small uniform looked surprisingly nice on Liu Yao .

Perhaps Liu Yao noticed Xia Shiyu's stare but she pretended not to notice, laughed, and pointed at her chest .

"Seems to be a bit small . "



Xia Shiyu glanced at Liu Yao's chest and her lips turned into a firm line in frustration .

Not only Xia Shiyu was affected, but the innocent Ayesha also looked sad .

As to why Liu Yao was there, it was because of yesterday .

When the girl saw Jiang Chen in critical condition after the plane crash, she immediately flew to Xin in distraught . Since she looked too wretched crying in front of the hospital, Ayesha brought her to the mansion .

Seeing as Jiang Chen was perfectly fine, although Liu Yao was frustrated by the fact that she worried about him for nothing, the cunningness in her immediately realized the reasoning . She then suggested that she stay there and take care of the "patient" unable to appear in front of the media .

At the same time, they kept this a secret from the media .

While Jiang Chen didn't say anything, he was touched by how worried Liu Yao was .

But Xia Shiyu felt extremely displeased by the appearance of another "competitor . " Liu Yao, on the other hand, didn't seem to mind the faint "jealousy" from the strong, independent and unexpressive woman, but it made teasing her more fun .

With the soft wind blowing on Jiang Chen's face, he watched the quiet ocean and picked up his tablet .

"The weather is quite nice today . "

Ayesha threw out the Q-tip and combed back a strand of hair .

"Is it…? But it looks like the weather is going to turn much worse . "

Jiang Chen nonchalantly said as he turned on the tablet .

The Sky Eye X1 36, thousand kilometers out, directed its lens to the surface of the Pacific Ocean .

On the vast blue ocean, there was a showdown between four and 101 .

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