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Chapter 577: 577
Chapter 577: The Power of the Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon

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On the vast blue ocean, 101 ships slowly anchored at the Xin-F border . Under the command of the flagship, they arranged themelves in formation .

The main naval forces in Country F were mostly decommissioned Western ships such as the UA minesweeper, the British patrol boats, and some of the France and UA tank-landing ships from World War II .

Take the largest and most powerful "Rajah" destroyer of the Country F Navy as an example . The predecessor of this "legendary" destroyer was the Cannon-class destroyer built by UA during World War II . In 1955, UA handed it over to Nippon's navy . Nippon renamed the ship to "Sunrise" and it was used until 1975 . The ship was handed over to Country F by Nippon in 1978 and first served in Country F in 1980 after being towed to South Korea for overhaul and modernization .

It was a third-hand good; a bone that fed two dogs .

The ship was equipped with three MK22 76 mm open-naval guns which exposed the gunner without any basic armor protection, three 40 mm double-gauge guns, six 20 mm cannons, and four 12 . 7 mm machine guns . This set up was typical for the UA Navy during World War II .

However, as the main force of the Country F Navy, there were also "Hamilton" class cruisers that were eliminated by two UA coast guards . In August 2011, the UA handed a retired "Hamilton" class patrol ship to Country F that was renamed "Gregory" by Country F and considered the most advanced among the F Navy warships .

However, the backwardness of the equipment didn't prevent them from despising Xin in their hearts .

They feared a confrontation against Hua, but beating a small country like Xin was no problem at all!

51 major combat ships, and more than 50 auxiliary ships for a total of more than one hundred warships lined up near the border in the western Pacific . Naval soldiers raised their heads high, fully armed . They looked quite like "the King of the military"!

Lieutenant Colonel Millennion, who served as the commander-in-chief of operations, was also considered "young and promising" in Country F politics . During his tenure as commander of the Country F Navy, he commanded a "landing attack" exercise jointly organized by the Marine Corps and the UA Army and proposed a strategy of "front-line first," participated in the 116th anniversary celebration of the founding army, and proposed the construction of a naval base . . .

Standing in the command tower of the flagship "Hamilton" class patrol ship, General Millennion adjusted his naval cap . His hands were behind his back while he gazed out at the peaceful ocean .

In this overwhelming war, he was thinking up ways to humiliate his opponent that dared to simultaneously challenge them .

Country F needed a real victory to demonstrate its naval strength to the world in order to deter the young from frequently harassing their borders .

Guardian-class frigate?

It was indeed very powerful; Russian weapons always dominated . But he heard that the idiot demolished the ship's 100-mm A-190 gun and replaced it with a cannon that couldn't be recognized at all . The wide, flat barrel was like a "tuning fork" lying down, and Millennion didn't consider it a threat to the "Hamilton" under his control . Without the most important main cannon, with just two 14 . 5 mm machine guns, what could the Guardian-class frigate even do?

Millennion knew that while the Russians sold the ship to Jiang Chen, both its anti-aircraft missiles and anti-ship missiles were dismantled . After all, these equipment were considered military secrets; even as a business partner, Russia didn't have any reason to share all of its knowledge .

Adjutant went to his side and sharply saluted him .

"Five FA-50s have arrived and are currently in cruise mode . Harpoon-1 is requesting attack commands . "

Millennion smiled and didn't answer . Instead, he asked an irrelevant question .

"Rolando, in your opinion, what suit color is the most appropriate for attending a celebration ceremony?"

Roland took a moment to process before smiling pleasantly

"I recommend the blue one . "

"Just as I thought; that's my favorite suit," Millennions said before narrowing his eyes at the distant horizon and reciting in an ancient dialect poem . "Our warriors have been eager while the opponent is still on the road . . . "

However, this general had no poetic abilities . Two sentences in and he was stuck . Next to the general, the first mates were watching, and Millennion's expression couldn't be more embarrassed .

Roland, watching the scene, immediately stepped in to divert people from the embarrassment . "They are so slow . It's as if they're heading to an execution . "

"Yes! It's like heading to an execution!" Millennion laughed and patted Roland's shoulder . He was glad his subordinates were witty to save him from embarrassment . "No more waiting - pass on my orders! All ships push forward with speed six nautical miles . If they don't come, we'll go conquer them! Also regarding our flight formation - they're approved for attack!"

"Roger!" Roland straightened his back with his face red in excitement . He roared into the radio: "This is the control tower . Harpoon-1, target the enemy ship, attack permission granted… Harpoon-1?"

There was no response from the radio .

Roland's expression began to change . He had a bad feeling .

Just then, on the deck outside the command tower, someone screamed and pointed at the clear sky .

"What's that?"

Among the clouds, a fighter jet soared by before two explosions bloosomed in the air .

The pieces falling had FA engraved on them before smashing into the ocean . Like a tiger in a herd of sheep, Aurora-20's machine guns shredded FA-50's fragile armor while repeating the cycle with its high mobility .

The second they engaged in battle, two FAs were taken down . The other three FA-50s, who realized something was wrong, attempted to escape the lock-on by guided missiles .

But the two Auroras didn't give them the opportunity to escape .

The trails of five ignitions interweaved in the sky . After a moment of battle, three more explosions rang out in the sky .

The F navy, which understood the situation immediately, started to fire into the air, but Aurora-20s dodged swiftly like seagulls .

They dropped two missiles before quickly ascending above the clouds . The heat-luring missiles danced in the air and disrupted the anti-air missiles originally intended for them .

"Rajah destroyer has been hit! The ammunition bunker is on fire! Ahhhhh!"

" . . . Kemira anti-submarine ship has been hit! The deck is collapsing!"

Millennion looked pale because too much information was being shouted at him . He couldn't handle it all at the same time . His previous ease had been brutally crushed . He raised his trembling fingers and adjusted his crooked navy cap, but it couldn't be fixed somehow .

"Sir . . . " The captain looked equally as pale as Millennion . His ominous feeling grew stronger .

But he couldn't say the word "retreat . "

Just then, an unexpected incident happened again!

An orange-red arc pierced through the still waves and broke through the side of the Hamilton-class cruiser leading the fleet without warning, leaving a staggering hole! The hull was exposed by the large kinetic force and pushed it down into the ocean . Water flooded in and instantly submerged the ship that was regarded as the pride of Country F .

Millennion looked pale white . The previous conceit on his face could no longer be seen .

His adjutant, Rolando, had forgotten his language abilities completely . His pupils blankly zoomed into the calm ocean .

They hadn't even seen the shadow of the enemy ship before they were pierced by shells .

Yes, this was an asymmetrical war .

. . .

But the asymmetrical advantage didn't belong to them - it belonged to the opposing side .


His fictitious arrogance was crushed . Millennion used his last bit of courage to yell the word into the radio .

The Country F Navy began to disperse, turn around, and flee .

But the two Guardian-class frigates that already arrived at the border wouldn't let them suceed . The raised electromagnetic pulse cannon repeatedly charged and fired . The orange tails under the influence of the earth's gravitational force drew out a large curvature in the sky . Under the observation of the Sky Eye X1, it constantly rained down on the fleeing Country F ships .

The two Kilo-class submarines shifted around the edge of the battlefield . They used torpedoes to sink any ships attempting to escape, like fishing boats that dispersed fish .

The Country F Navy's nightmare had just begun!

Pieces of steel appeared and vanished in the waves as did the cries and prayers hidden among the explosions .

Fires kindled on the surface of the ocean and matched the redness in the horizon .

In that instant, it was hard to distinguish where the actual sunset was .