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Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The Intimacy in the Car

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“Is Mr . Jiang buying the mansion for investment purposes or for personal use?”


“For myself . Is there a difference?”


Perhaps intentional, after Xiao Mengying seated Jiang Chen, she directly sat beside him . The leather sofa here was for two people, so Xia Shiyu had to sit on the single sofa .


Because they were too close, Jiang Chen could smell the Gardenia fragrance . Due to the angle they were seated in, if he wanted to look at the documents in Xiao Mingying’s hands, his eyes inevitably caught the red bra inside her V-neck .


[I do apologize, this is by no means intentional . ]


The arousing scene made Jiang Chen straighten his back and adjust the way he sat to avoid being too obvious .


The small movements did not escape Xiao Mengying’s sharp eyes as her tongue rolled across her bright red lips . Xiao Mengying leaned her body forward even further to make it look like she was providing a better angle for the customer to read the documents at, but the real intention was to show the scenery of her cleavage more .


“If the purpose is to invest, then the appreciation value potential is what Sir you should consider . But if it is for personal living, then the environment and amenities are the top considerations . Based on your needs sir, I recommend this mansion in the Linjiang Area . The mansion is within the newly developed upper-class community, the amenities and the surrounding area are all world class . The mansion is three stories tall with a basement . It is equipped with a double garage as well as a private front yard . The position of the mansion is facing the river which directly oversees the beauty of the river . If Sir you are into high class living, then you must take serious consideration of this mansion…”


Xia Shiyu sat silently on the side with her eyes locked onto the slim distance between Jiang Chen and Xiao Mengying’s arm .


She felt an unexplainable frustration .


“12 million?” Jiang Chen frowned .


Xiao Mingying carefully examined Jiang Chen’s facial expression . She sensed that Jiang Chen was not too happy with the price as she added, “Sir, Wanhua Real Estate’s top priority is our homebuyer’s comfort . Although the price is a bit high, …”


“It’s not the problem with the price . Well, it is . Let’s not waste any time . Show me the most expensive mansion,” Jiang Chen said right away .


Xiao Mengying first felt disappointed, but when Jiang Chen said that, she paused to think through what she had just heard before her face turned ecstatic .


“Okay, sir, please look at this mansion . ” Xiao Mengying’s tone became even sweeter as her delicate fingers quickly flipped through the documents . She found a picture of the mansion . Perhaps it was an illusion, but Jiang Chen felt this woman was getting even closer to him .


“This mansion is our company’s masterfully crafted sample building to demonstrate our excellence in design . Located in Wanghai City Mingxin Area, among the high-class mansion complex . It is located on the upstream of the river and has a direct view of it . The mansion’s design is based on a combination of classical and modern theory and was skillfully designed by the world class architect K . Garen .


The compact design not only saves addition space, but it also eases traveling between different units of the mansion . The mansion is four stories high with a basement attached . The garage is a quadruple garage . It is also built with a 10m by 10m private pool with a mobile roof design . In the summer, it can be used for a pool party, and in the winter the roof can be closed to replicate a hot spring environment .


The private garden in the front of mansion could be used for a BBQ party, which is the current trend of the upper-class society . The helicopter pad on the roof could be used for takeoffs and landings of small to mid-sized helicopters . The open balcony on the other side has a full view of the beautiful scenery of the river .


Additionally, to ensure the safety and security of our homebuyer, our company has provided that the community’s security measure is the highest within Wanghai city . This mansion’s security measure, in particular, is the top priority for our security team . The value of this mansion is superb . The area is 2100 square meters with a total cost of 240 million RMB . ”


Listening to Xiao Mengying’s pleasant voice, Jiang Chen carefully examined the details of the mansion .


Very pleased! Very pleased with every aspect of this mansion .


The security was top notch, the geographical location was also not too far from the mansion .


The more important thing was that this building was great to show off .


“Xia Shiyu, what do you think about this one?” Jiang Chen handed the documents to Xia Shiyu .


“Mhmm, not bad . ”


Jiang Chen examined Xia Shiyu’s facial expression confusedly, he sensed that her mind was somewhere else .


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“Do you not feel okay?” Jiang Chen was concerned .


“Mhmm, a little . I want to go back now,” Xia Shiyu answered absent-mindedly as she suddenly stood up and walked to the door .


“Miss Xia, if you are not feeling okay, I can lend my car to my colleague and send you home, or to the nearest hospital . Health is an important issue, and please be careful . ” Seeing the “inconvenient” personal leave, Xiao Mengying was glad, but she didn’t show it on her face . Instead, she looked genuinely concerned .


“Thank you then . ” Xia Shiyu didn’t say no as she did feel a bit sick .


Perhaps it was from this morning? But she didn’t seem too worried .


The greeter standing on the side took Xiao Mengying’s car key and smiled at Xia Shiyu before both of them left the VIP room .


“Mr . Jiang, if you are sure about your choice, I can accompany you to take a tour of the mansion,” Xiao Mengying said as happily pressed her body against Jiang Chen’s arm . Although usually a guarantee fee must be paid to do so, that was for the regular customer . For a VIP customer like him, it was not necessary .


Jiang Chen hesitated before he finally nodded . Although he wanted Xia Shiyu to accompany him to give him some advice, since she felt sick, that wouldn’t work . She did look through the pictures and said it was okay .


[After taking care of this, I’ll go visit her place . Although it is just a cold, no one is there to take care of her . ]


“Ok, let’s go then . ”


A delightful smile appeared on Xiao Mengying as she led Jiang Chen to the company’s parking lot . Luxury vehicles were parked here for valuable customers .


She gestured Jiang Chen to sit in the back of the car before Xiao Mengying also, in triumphant steps, walked to the other side and elegantly sat inside . The driver in the front started the car and smoothly headed to the road .


A Mercedes-Benz Costumed Version . The back of the seat was very spacious with the front and back of the car divided with a blackboard . The window was also tinted which turned the backseat into a secretive area .


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The atmosphere was rather erotic .


Especially when a beauty that sat beside you with her legs crossed looked at you with a dubious smile .


“Mr . Jiang, there’s still 30 minutes before we arrive . Let’s discuss something interesting . ”


Jiang Chen noticed the seductive little tongue roll between her parted bright red lips . The pair of charming eyes has been particularly seductive under this intimate atmosphere .


“Oh? For example?” Jiang Chen also smiled .


He heard the implicit rules within the real estate sales industry . To get a higher commission they would provide special service to big customers, but he didn’t expect to encounter it .


“For example, if you choose to pay the full amount, I’ll bring a little surprise for you . ” The curvature of Xiao Mengying’s mouth was teasing Jiang Chen .


“Oh? Then this is something to look forward to . If you can make me satisfied, then I’ll consider paying a guarantee fee . If I am happy with the mansion, then, of course, it is okay to pay the full amount . ” Jiang Chen’s lips also began to curve upwards as desire began to show through his eyes .


He never said he was a courteous gentleman . Since the hint was so obvious, why would he say no?


Xiao Mengying’s eyes lit up as she processed Jiang Chen's words . Guarantee fee would equate to strong intention in purchasing the mansion . It would be up to her efforts to convince the customer to make the final decision .


“Jiang Chen’s a man of his words right?” Xiao Mengying teased as her beautiful eyes cast downwards and she left her seat .


Jiang Chen finally knew why the design was so spacious . Xiao Mengying knelt in front of him as she seductively looked at him . She opened a compartment from under his seat and took out something small .


“To welcome your sir, I’ll help you, sir, to clean up a little?”


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He didn’t expect her to be this straight forward .


Xiao Mengying used her fingers to opened Jiang Chen’s belt and gently loosen it before she unzipped a particular area .


“How are you going to clean it up for me?” Jiang Chen reacted to Xiao Mengying’s hands' movement as he raised his eyebrow .


“Like this . ” Xiao Mengying laughed teasing him . She took out a wet wipe and surrounded Jiang Chen’s private area with both of her hands .


It was a cold and soft sensation . The coldness came from the wet wipe, the softness came from the delicate hands of the beauty .


“Just like this?” Jiang Chen asked dubiously .


She smiled as she put her face closer . She looked up charmingly and tastefully licked her red lips with her playful tongue .


“And like this . ”


The hot breath, the warm and wet sensation, Jiang Chen felt that he was surrounded by moistness and warmness .


Xiao Mengying was satisfied with Jiang Chen’s expression . With her eyes narrowed, she began to savor the delicious treat in her mouth . Lick, suck, and bite, with all her ability .


Not only her skillfulness in eating ice cream, but Xiao Mengying's face of enjoyment also made Jiang Chen’s scalp tingle . Even if he knew it was acting, who could last through a beauty’s intoxicated expression?


The scenery outside the window flew past as the presence of pedestrians and cars made both of them even feel more excited . Especially when it was not possible to see from the outside, but everything was so clear from the inside .


Fast and furious?


At the peak of climax, Jiang Chen held onto Xiao Mengying’s head as he forcefully spilled his ice cream into her mouth, followed by her painful gulping sounds .