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Chapter 582
Chapter 582: The Origin of Kurofune

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"Mr . Tanaka, don't you think you should really explain what happened these three days?"

A long table made to seat twelve was filled with all the Nepon parliament members; Tanaka sat at the end of the table and responded to all the criticisms with a smile .

"Explain? I don't think I need to explain, Mr . Akasaka," Tanaka said with a smile .

"Don't need to explain? Our strategic ally in the region suffered heavy losses, and you're saying you don't need to explain? Mr . Tanaka, we gave you the operational freedom not for you to forget your own identity . " Akasaka knocked on the table while blurting out aggressively .

"Most importantly, Jiang Chen didn't die . " Nishio pushed up the frameless glasses on his nose, "by the looks of it, our plan to expand influence in Xin and acquire Future Technology won't be able to take place . "

"Takeda Pharmaceutical Board shares the same thoughts . While exposing the dangerous virus increased the company's stock price in the short term, it didn't create growth in our revenue . "

Tanaka's expression was extremely calm in front of the criticisms from the Nippon parliament members and the board representative of the sponsor .

"Didn't you all agree to test the virus in Country F?"

Tanaka's one sentence silenced the room .

Just like what Tanaka said, testing the virus in Country F was the Nepon parliament members' decision . Although Tanaka first proposed to test the virus in Wanghai, it was vetoed by the assembly . While the virus was prepared for Han, the timing was absolutely off . Nippon hoped to produce more finished products and spread the virus simultaneous to deal the killing blow to the annoying arch enemy .

So that vest went onto the plane, and the plan was blown down near Country F's sea territory . The previous crash was intended for City S that allowed for better containment, but it ended up crash landing in the City K on MLL Island .

Just then, the Defense Minister who sat at the head of the table that has been silent spoke out .

"I just have one question, why did you decide to infiltrate the UA Navy?"

"We didn't infiltrate anyone, and it is just Kurofune's advanced ideology that attracted Mr . Gordan . Two years ago during his tour in East City, he came to find me asking to join the organization," Tanaka said .

"It is unwise to draw the attention of UA," the Defense Minister stared into Tanaka's eyes and said word by word .

"I will remember your words of caution," Tanaka put his head down and replied humbly .

Ladisiv confessed everything without any information hidden, and the lie detector proved this point .

First, it was the origin of Kurofune . Because 16 years ago a coincidental astronomical observation event caused Tanaka to join Kurofune and work for them .

"Wait, Tanaka is not the founder of Kurofune?" After recording the specific details of Kurofune, Jiang Chen asked .

Before the interrogation, Jiang Chen already told Ladisiv that Tanaka and the Professor was the same person .

"No, the origin of Kurofune could be traced to pre-World War Two . The Holy Emperor at the time was the honorary leader of Kurofune, and that was the most glorious time of the organization . "

"But it didn't even appear in history . "

"Because it is inappropriate for it to appear . " Ladisiv paused, "I only know one point, the Holy Emperor visited Europe in 1921 and met Felter in Belgium who was researching in the field of astronomy and biology . He took Felter back to Nippon after and funded his research in extra-territorial civilization which marked the founding of Kurfune . The ideology of the Kurofune before was "use the alien force to conquer the earth" . But after they established contact with extra-territorial civilization, the organization's belief started to change . They didn't manage to wait for the Golden Apple, Nippon lost, the Holy Emperor lost his power, a series of reasons that caused Kurofune to decline to the point of collapsing . "

"And you managed to established contact?" Jiang Chen asked .

Jiang Chen didn't feel too surprised by this . The fact Tanaka knew his ability already proved his point .

"Yes, I don't know the exact time, but it seemed to be at the end of the 90s . " Since it was not something he was interested in, Ladisiv took some effort before he recollected his thoughts .

Nippon was facing an unprecedented economic crisis at the time, and the entire country was in the gloom of bankruptcy . At the same time, it was the rise of Han .

Perhaps at that time, someone's apocalyptic thought and determination gained the response for Natural Selection .

"Another question . I noticed that you mentioned the Golden Apple, then do you know about the Willie Society?"

"During the Second World War, we were allies . But now, we are enemies . "


"Based on Tanaka's description, we had a fundamental difference in our communication channels," Ladisiv said .

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes without saying anything . Ladisiv's words contained a lot of information that he needed time to process .

'A fundamental difference in communication channels? Did they contact two different groups of people? The two are enemies, where did the difference arise; interest or belief?'

"Let's put this question aside for now . I've a pretty good understand of Kurofune already . Now…" Jiang Chen glanced at his watch, his pen tapping on the notebook, "why would you be immune to the truth-telling liquid?"

Ladisiv shook his head . "That I don't know . I'm not a doctor, only a mercenary that did the dirty work for him . I don't even know what the truth-telling liquid is . "

"I see . " Jiang Chen pondered while he tapped on his shoulder .

Ladisiv then seemed to have recalled something .

"But all the core members are injected with a special serum that could increase brain cell activity and muscle strength… perhaps it has to do with that . "

"Genetic vaccine!" Jiang Chen's pupils narrowed .

"I don't know," Ladisiv shook his head," I just know that it is one of the few technologies that 'Kurofune' actually gifted to the organization of Kurofune . They are very conservative with transferring technology to the point where it can be described as stingy . Also, their technology seems to be heavily focused on biotechnology which is the most incredible point… Could biotechnology alone achieve galactic travel?"

Even Ladisiv without too much knowledge questioned this point . But Jiang Chen who witnessed the humongous ship with his own eyes didn't question if Natural Selection could reach Earth at all .

"If it is the genetic vaccine… that explains the regeneration ability of the captive," Jiang Chen nodded and muttered to himself .

Should it be described as fortunate or unfortunate? Although they achieved a lot in biotechnology, from the effect of the genetic vaccine, their technology seemed to have stopped at pre-war levels or have even regressed . . . They did abandon the human body after all and stepped onto the path of Harmony .

Of course, he didn't eliminate the possibility where they were reserved about transferring technology .

"One last question . Why could I use… that ability in City K . " Without being able to disclose the details, Jiang Chen could only ask vaguely .

Ladisiv was completely lost as Jiang Chen's ambiguous question . To be cautious, Tanaka clearly didn't tell him Jiang Chen's ability to interdimensional travel .

The progress of the conversation stalled . Just as Jiang Chen was debating if he should ask the guards to leave and make the question more clear, Ladisiv spoke .

"Giles said that you couldn't escape in three days . He described the ability as some particle interference . I don't really understand, but it had to do with that 'Kurofune' . "

Tanaka could contact Natural Selection through some means or "Kurofune" in their words . At the same time, Natural Selection could use a method to interfere the Klein particles on earth and stop his ability to travel .

The time limit of this is likely to be three days, and this ability must have a cooldown time with a high cost . Or they could just continue to maintain this interference state and lock Jiang Chen eternally in the modern world . Then there would be no need to fight the war .

Without utilizing the power from the apocalypse and just depending on the resources in the modern world, Jiang Chen had zero confidence to win at all .

"I appreciate all of this, Mr . Ladisiv . Humanity will remember your contribution . Also, you will be able to meet your family very soon on Coro Island . " Because of Ladisiv's cooperation, the interrogation ended quickly .

He was delighted because he managed to see the trap cards hidden in Tanaka's hand .

"I hope you can fulfill your promise . "

"Of course, I will pay you a handsome reward . But in the next five years, you and your family will not be permitted to leave the border . You will be very safe living in Xin . The Ghost Agents and the army of Celestial Trade will guarantee that," Jiang Chen pleasantly said .

When he felt pleasant, he didn't mind sharing his good mood .

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