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Chapter 584
Chapter 584: Playing with Fire

Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

The zombies were indeed a problem for the Country F government force, Moro, and Celestial Trade . It was impossible to expect a bunch of poorly organized guerillas to learn infection control despite they just took over 21st Division's UA weapons .

Because it was the modern world, he couldn't use the apocalypse's way to resolve problems . What solution was the most direct in resolving the crisis at City K? The most efficient way was to launch thousands of burning bombs and scorch everything inside . And since the opponent was Country F, Jiang Chen wouldn't feel too burdened executing this order .

And what was presented to him, in the end, will be a figure .

But if he really did that, without needing this to process through his head, the world will not spare him as a butcher .

City K was taken over, the outcome at MLL Island had been decided .

Therefore, on the push toward the safe zone, the Moro 5th Division without armor protection did pay a heavy price . While the guerillas performed well compared to the government force in shooting their previous kind, it wasn't much better .

In the end under the assistance of Celestial Trade Marines, the 5th Division under the pressure of the zombies eliminated the last mechanized brigade of the Country F 14th Division . The last two remaining M113A2 armored vehicles chose to put out the white flag and surrender .

The war was over . Other than some government forces still remaining in the northern area, Moro had established full control of the MLL Islands . Just like what Jiang Chen said, Celestial Trade will successfully knock the opponent out, and then drag their necks and force them to sign on the negotiation table .

Without exaggeration, in modern warfare, the importance of negotiations could exceed all previous efforts .

The latter only dictated how many people died, the former would determine how many will go die .

Before Celestial Trade soldiers entered City K's safe zone, the survivors in the area rioted . Having robbed the shotguns and flamethrowers that belonged to the cleaners, and beating up at least ten cleaners due to their build-up hatred, the survivors that occupied the safe zone had a brief standoff against the Moro guerillas through the barbed fences . However, when they saw the captured armored vehicles and tanks drove over, everyone dropped their weapons and squatted by the wall with their hands over their head .

When Jiang Chen saw how malnourished the survivors looked on the battle footage, while he felt compassionate, he had another plan . He called Ivan who arrived at the safe zone and told him to take care of the survivors .

Then, Jiang Chen instructed the promoted Xia Shiyu to transport 1000 tons of rice, vegetable, crackers, and milk through Future Group's subsidiary by air City K Airport and distribute it to the local survivors .

Celestial Trade's philanthropic act instantly gained the praise of the survivors . When Celestial Trade's people asked them to assist the media in capturing video footages in order to help Celestial Trade to win international recognition, no one rejected the idea .

Jiang Chen gained another chip in steering the public opinion .

While the ground force entered the city, the navy didn't stop either .

A Guardian-class frigate with the accompany of a Kilo-class submarine entered into the strait and anchored in the region . The Type-50 J-type electromagnetic pulse cannon aimed toward the capital of F .

Celestial Trade's action almost made Aquino collapse down from his chair in fear . Only now did he experience the fear the soldiers on the frontline experienced .

The fear of the cannon at his front door .

The Country F Assembly Committee was completely in shambles . They previously spent time forging sovereignty documents and attempting to claim Pannu Islands as part of Country F's historical sovereignty . But now, they immediately destroyed the documents while changing the discussion to how to seek an unconditional surrender .

The other frigate and submarine moved east along the Xin-F border while on alert for the Stan aircraft carrier group stationed in the region .

All ten Aurora-20s at the New Moon Base were on 24 hours alert with the 20 pilots rotating inside the plane to respond to a potential escalation in the regional conflict .

At the same time, the G013 missile silo deployed at the west Pacific Ocean opened its hatch and slowly allowed the sea water to fill inside the silo to complete launch preparations . The G013 missile silo was deployed with the Dolphin-10 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, the installed module was not a nuclear head but just regular explosives .

If the UA acted impulsively, Celestial Trade would prove its long-range missile strike ability several hours after .

No nuclear weapon and thus no deterrence?


Don't forget who controlled the city of Kejia! If a missile could transport explosives, it could also transport a virus . Would nuclear weapons or biological weapons have more deterrence; UA must carefully evaluate this .

Now, Jiang Chen had pushed all of his chips onto the gambling table .

Whether UA would disregard the potential consequences and launch an Asian version of the "Gulf War" and punish Celestial Trade like how Iraq that invaded Kuwait was punished, or compromise similar to how Fran comprised to Frankberg at the fact the Blitz was successful, give up the not helpful ally in exchange for regional stability .

. . .

What is worth noting is that F didn't have the rich oil or gas reserves like Kuwait .

What if the above options all didn't work?

Then the final option was the nuclear button .

Unless he had absolutely no other choices, he didn't want to make the last choice .

"You're playing with fire . "

The night Celestial Trade overtook the city of Kejia, Natasha rang the bell to Jiang Chen's mansion . Jiang Chen didn't want to open the door, but the girl had the determination that if Jiang Chen didn't open the door, she wouldn't let her finger go .

Losing to Natasha's determination, Jiang Chen opened the door

Since he disappeared for so long, it was time to return to the public's eyes .

But what he didn't think was that the first thing Natasha said to him was not "you're not injured?", but rather something else .

"Playing with fire? Our President Zhang seems to have told Aquino this before . " Jiang Chen invited her to sit on the sofa . "Please sit, I prepared vodka this time .

"I'm not here to drink . " Natasha narrowed her eyes and examined Jiang Chen, the vibrant lips curled up thoughtfully, "I knew nothing would have happened to you, you old fox . "

"I'm still young okay? Ms . Polar bear," Jiang Chen jokingly said .

"That joke is not gentlemanly at all," Natasha gave him a hard stare, walked passed him, and sat down on the sofa . However, this time, she oddly didn't touch the alcohol .

She crossed her smooth legs and crossed her arms, "What are you planning to do next? How are you going to take care of this mess?"

"Make Country F return to the negotiation table . " Jiang Chen sat down across from Natasha with his legs crossed, his fingers on one of his knees .

"What if UA doesn't agree . " Natasha raised her eyebrows .

"Then they should be prepared to be dealt with together . "

Jiang Chen wasn't joking at all .

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