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Chapter 585: 585
Chapter 585: Go Back to the Negotiation Table
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

The aircraft carrier battle group began to mobilize in the west Pacific direction with the fighter jets constantly taking off from the carrier to increase the patrol frequency in public waters . At the same time, a bomber was deployed at the nearby military base .

Two "ocean fortresses" clamped down on Xin's water, but it made Jiang Chen feel relieved .

The attack postures meant that they don't plant to actually attack . Or else they would not mobilize their aircraft carrier battle group and the bomber, but their nuclear submarine to launch the cruise missile .

Jiang Chen knew clearly that with just two Guardian-class frigates and the ultra-speed cruising Aurora-20s were not enough to win against the five thugs, the weapons would at most make them be extra cautious . Technology is always only an element of the war, but not everything that dictates the outcome of the war, unless the technology is powerful enough to change the structure of the war .

An Aurora-20 could simultaneously face five FA-50s, 50 Mustangs, but it would be a stretch to go against three fifth general fighters at the same time . Just like the Axis' ME262 Turbo Jet against the propeller planes of the Allies, although it caused the Allies some problems, it didn't fundamentally change the outcome of the war .

Since both sides didn't want to fight, then what's left was negotiations .

City K, Jiang Chen arrived at MLL Island by AN-12 cargo plane .

Ivan was there to greet him . He was the acting chief commander at MLL Island .

The AN-12 was a Russian product sold at 50 million USD for two . Celestial Trade had been using them as transportation of humanitarian aids and weapons used to maintain humanitarianism . Out of the five thugs, only Russia was willing to sell firearms to Xin .

On the side of the airport, Jiang Chen saw four captured OV-10 "Mustang" fighters as well as a Boeing commercial plane that had been abandoned for who knows how long . Under the air suppression by the Aurora-20s, the four fighters didn't have the opportunity to take off before they were captured by the Moro guerillas .

Santos generously offered Jiang Chen two of them since both parties captured them together, but Jiang Chen thanked and rejected the offer .

The antique and second handed stuff that participated in the Vietnam war, Jiang Chen didn't even have the interest to modify it .

Sitting in the army green Jeep, Jiang Chen began to inquire Ivan about the stats .

"The airstrike consumed around 60 thousand rounds of aviation bullets, 37 bombs, 15 midrange air-to-ground missiles, 17 closerange air-to-air missiles…"

"Close to 100 million USD? War certainly burns through money . " Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes and watched the desolated streets outside the window .

That was just the airstrike part, the cost to this war far exceeded 100 million USD . But as soon as Jiang Chen thought about his Celestial Trade destroying the F air force, land force, and navy with a military budget of 500 million per year, he was relieved .

Especially Moro who achieved its dream of independence will use MLL Island's rich resources to pay for the bill of the war .

"What about the casualty number?"

"Only 11 fatalities, the soldiers in critical condition are sent to Coro Island for treatment… the smart medical pod is great . "

"It is a Future product after all . Also, make sure you take care of the family of the deceased soldiers, we can't let down our soldiers," Jiang Chen ordered .

"Roger!" Ivan nodded .

The Jeep entered the city . The blinding sunlight didn't feel like the apocalypse at all . All major road and highway were controlled by Moro soldiers with protective suits and anti-poison masks provided by Celestial Trade . They were equipped with rifles and cautiously watching the blank faces stained with blood outside of the barbed fences .

The safe zone was currently under the control of Celestial Trade . The kinetic skeleton soldier checked Ivan's identity, saluted before letting the car pass .

The Jeep passed through the safe zone under the warm welcome of the survivors . Jiang Chen and Ivan then arrived at the port in City K and met the delegation sent by the Aquino government . The Aquino government could not withstand the anti-war sentiment as well as the protest from the family of the captured soldiers . It was forced to give up their firm stance to discuss the terms of releasing the captives .

Meeting Jiang Chen who clearly didn't look "critically injured", the Country F ambassador Tate's eyes were covered in gloom, he felt his government, and he was fooled .

"Ha, looks like Mr . Jiang is in good shape . "

Jiang Chen nonchalantly shook his head when he faced Tate's unfriendly gaze .

"Thank you for caring . Say hello to your President for me; he must not have slept well in the last couple of days . Also, I saw that you guys were planning to host a celebration ceremony sometime before, but by the looks of it now, it won't be needed . "

The mockery in Jiang Chen's voice made Tate's expression look as if he had just eaten a fly . The entire capital didn't sleep well with a cannon directly pointed toward it .

The mockery in Jiang Chen's voice made Tate's expression look as if he had just eaten a fly . The entire capital didn't sleep well with a cannon directly pointed toward it .

"This is?" Jiang Chen let go of Tate's hand and looked at two other people on the side .

A white man with sideburns was in a suit; the other muscular looking man wore the UA Navy uniform . Jiang Chen noticed the UA soldier was a Colonel .

"Eric, United Nations Observer . " The man with white sideburns shook hands with Jiang Chen and introduced the person beside him, "This is Colonel Reston, a mediator from UA . "

Jiang Chen's sight stopped on Colonel Reston for a while .

He knew that this was the actual person leading the negotiation .

After some small talk, Jiang Chen and Ivan took the two to the safe zone and met with Santos who just arrived from Port D .

With all parties at the scene, after half a year, the discussion between the Country F government and the guerillas restarted again .

"Let's put it simply, I hope everyone can put down their weapons and solve the difference on the negotiation table, Eric said straightforwardly, "This discussion has been long due . Then first—"

"We won't give grounds on our sovereignty completely . " Tate interrupted Eric's words while looking at Santos coldly, "but I brought the kindness of Mr . Aquino . Moro will exist as an autonomous territory, as long as you put down your weapons and release all illegally detained F soldiers . "

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes to gaze directly into Tate's eyes . The F citizen didn't bring out the attitude to negotiate in the first place .

Jiang Chen narrowed his eyes to gaze directly into Tate's eyes . The F citizen didn't bring out the attitude to negotiate in the first place .

"Looks like we'll have to chat in your capital then . " Santos shrugged and opened his hands .

"We won't let that happen . " Colonel Reston who didn't say a word spoke abruptly . He slightly raised his hooked nose and stared at Santos' smug face, "The Satan aircraft carrier battle group won't permit . If you dare to step out of MLL Island, then we must redefine the situation to a point where we must intervene, I promise that our troops won't always stay on the deck of the aircraft carrier . "

Reston warned Jiang Chen with his look .

Since Santos was born a bandit, he immediately scoffed, "then my guerrillas will make MLL Islands into a second Vietnam . "

. . .

The negotiation from the start was on the course to failure . Jiang Chen's sight scanned the United Nations observer who was smiling, the gloomy looking Tate, and the poker-faced Reston .

Just as the parties were about to call the negotiation off, Jiang Chen suddenly coughed, took out a thumb-sized bottle from his pocket, and placed it on the table .

The bottle was sealed by a mini cork with transparent and clear liquid inside . The sunshine scattering from outside of the window reflected an oily liquid inside .

"What's this?" Tate glanced at the bottle, picked it up, and put it close to his nose .

"Something to make all of us go back to the negotiation table . "

Jiang Chen spoke as he put his cell phone onto the table and then looked at Reston with a smile .

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