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Chapter 586
Chapter 586: Within Strike Range

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Reston and Eric didn't know what tricks Jiang Chen was planning . They exchanged glances before looking back at Jiang Chen, waiting for him to continue . The F representative, Tate, narrowed his eyes and repeatedly played with the bottle in his hands, hoping to find something odd .

Just as he squeezed on the cork and was about to sniff it, Jiang Chen spoke again .

"I don't suggest you do that . "

Tate stopped mid-action and glared at Jiang Chen .

"Why not?"

"That's the pathogen extract from the zombies; we refer to it as the T virus . "

Just as Jiang Chen's words dropped, Tate dropped the bottle in his hand, terrified . The thumb-sized bottle smashed onto the table with a "clang" and the bottle spun two times . Reston and Eric's expressions didn't look too great either . They subconsciously moved back .

"Mr . Jiang Chen, I need an explanation . " Reston looked at Jiang Chen sternly . "Your careless actions will be viewed as an act of aggression against the UA . We will—"

"Aren't we negotiating today?" Jiang Chen interrupted Reston and opened his hands . "But from the start of negotiations until now, I haven't seen any sincerity . I've only seen you flexing . "

"I understand flexing is an important part of negotiations since peace can only be achieved through force . " Jiang Chen raised his fingers and gently tapped on the phone screen on the table . "Please allow me to demonstrate our power . "

When the red button was pressed, the circular missile silo hatch opened hundreds of kilometers below the west Pacific Ocean, exposing the fearsome Dolphin-10 Intercontinental Ballistic Missile .

The propulsion ring around the side walls of the missile suddenly created a large number of bubbles, pushing the missile to a depth of 100 meters . Afterward, it split the propulsion ring and separated it from the missile . At the same time, the missile's engine ignited while accompanied by thick smoke, leaving the ocean sea far below as it galloped toward the blue sky .

The engine stalled when it reached the near-Earth orbit . The Dolphin-10 followed the Earth's own orbit to pass across the Pacific, cross Honduras, and float across the Caribbean . The engine reignited again and the missile began to fall back toward the Earth .

Like a meteor crashing down from the sky, the missile directly hit a desolated island in the north Atlantic Ocean .

Flames instantly erupted . The debris of the explosion, along with rocks, instantly splashed across the sky . The shockwaves of the explosion swept through the sea surface near the island and even smoothened the violent waves .

A drop of cold sweat rolled down from Reston's forehead and dropped onto his sleeve .

Tate was completely dumbfounded, unable to accept the reality played out on the phone . Eric was silent as he stared at the ceiling .

"It must be a lie . " Tate squeezed out this sentence with a trembling voice as he put on a tough act .

Reston and the United Nations observer both looked at Jiang Chen attempting to spot a sign on his face, but they were disappointed to discover that there was only calmness .

"I heard that the UA satellites are scattered across the world . If you don't believe me, just see for yourself . " Jiang Chen sunk into his chair and said casually while inviting them to find out the truth for themselves . "The location of the strike is on the phone . "

"Our satellites aren't broad enough to monitor the North Atlantic Ocean," Reston said while staring into Jiang Chen's eyes .

"Then send people to make observations? They should at least find out the explosion impact rating . " Jiang Chen rolled his eyes .

Reston didn't say anything . He was waiting for a call from the Stan aircraft carrier .

If a missile soared through the entire Pacific Ocean and Central America, it was impossible to not have been captured by UA's satellites . From the missile's trajectory, the missile should've gone through near-Earth orbit . If it climbed to the altitude of the near-Earth orbit, it should've been captured by the military base when it entered the stratosphere .

Jiang Chen knew what he was waiting for, so he didn't speak . Instead, he picked up his phone and started playing games .

Tate looked agitated because he thought he and his country were being ignored completely . Although Reston was helping him, the conversation revolved around UA and Xin from start to finish . He didn't view him as important at all nor did he ask about F's opinion . The feeling of being neglected stabled his heart like a dagger .

But Santos, on the contrary, looked calm . The revolutionary leader, born as a bandit, didn't mind his opinion being ignored on the negotiation table . He only cared about one thing - his decades-long political pursuit would finally become a reality in his hands .

Half an hour passed, and Reston couldn't sit around any longer . He glanced at the watch, took a deep breath, and stood up .

"I need to make a phone call . "

"No problem . You should've called a long time ago . " Jiang Chen played with his phone while responding nonchalantly .

Reston glanced at Jiang Chen and stepped outside with his satellite phone .

When he called the aircraft carrier, Captain Huffman immediately asked about the result of negotiations . If negotiations were unsuccessful, they would act accordingly and advance a few more kilometers toward Xin's waters .

But Reston was smiling bitterly .

From Huffman's words, he immediately understood that aside from himself, no UA citizens noticed the missile that flew across their backyards . After reporting the situation to Huffman, Reston hung up the phone, leaned on the wall outside the conference room, and lit himself a cigar .

His head was a mess because the lunatic who didn't play by the rules disrupted his plan . He just wanted to calm down and recollect his thoughts during a smoke break .

Half an hour passed . This time, it didn't come from an aircraft carrier but from the Capital .

A few minutes ago, a fighter jet equipped with cameras took off from a domestic military base and arrived in the airspace above the small island . From the image taken, the island looked like it was struck not long ago…

Although no one wanted to accept this, the reality was clear to everyone .

Xin… No, Celestial Trade, possessed global strike abilities .

Reston silently put his phone back and returned to the conference room .

"That took a while . " Jiang Chen put down his phone . His fingers were drawing circles on the table, and he smiled at Reston back in his seat .

"Do you think one ICBM can threaten us? How many ICBMs do you think UA possesses?" Reston said with a menacing expression .

"What about this, then? It isn't too difficult to extract this from the zombies . " Jiang Chen picked up the bottle dropped by Tate and placed it squarely on the table . "Do you want to test the interception abilities of your missile defense system? For your little friend thousands of kilometers away?"

Reston's pupils drastically constricted . Tate's expression also froze .

"It's against international law to use biological weapons - you sure you want to do that?" Reston's Adam's apple bobbed up and down with unease . He placed his palms on the table .

He thought a lunatic was standing in front of him .

"Don't joke around . Do you promise UA won't use nuclear weapons in the face of survival? We're just imitating what you do . If you send out your forces, I will send out an ICBM . Either we are peaceful together, or we die together!" Jiang Chen emotionlessly replied to Reston's stare and enunciated the last sentence word by word .

Within striking range, no one could safely stay away from this mess .

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