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Chapter 590
Chapter 590: Godly Land Online!

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Godly Land, anticipated by over 100 million players around the world, was finally launched .

In order to allow 100 million users to connect into the game simultaneously, Jiang Chen used his permissions to open up the computation capacity of the quantum computer at Coro Island underground to 90%! The spike caused Coro Island's total electricity usage to spike by 13 . 7%, which brought pressure to the tidal and wind power generators on the island .

To resolve the electricity shortage, Future Biology had to set up ten additional square kilometers of seaweed electricity generating farms on the west Pacific Ocean in order to satisfy Future Group's electricity needs .

The quantum computer's astronomical power usage was evident!

What was worth noting was that since commercial quantum computers had to process multiple instances of computational tasks, their power consumption was high . Experimental quantum computers were far more powerful compared to commercial units, which had much lower power consumption and were unable to provide service to millions of users simultaneously .

In order to meet the demands of the growing users in the modern world, Jiang Chen had to continuously rush Zhao Chenwu's trade fleet to bring back quantum computers from outside Wanghai; otherwise, VR community and VR e-commerce couldn't be established .

Zhao Chenwu had his own troubles since he had trouble finding the materials . The more advanced the technology, the more precise it was . Even though they didn't suffer destruction from the nuclear explosion, the quantum computers left on the wasteland for over ten years were mostly broken, especially since they offered no value to most survivors since it was neither food nor weapon .

On the entire wasteland, only NAC collected the "game servers . "

Hua, Wanghai, in a normal apartment building .

A young man with glasses was using a mouse to scroll through the pages on his laptop .

His name was Wei Wendong and his IGN was known as the Shadow King . He was previously a professional gamer for League of Legends and an honorary club member of the Kings Esports Club . After retirement, he became a streamer of the mobile game New Era… Of course, after he acquired an internal test spot for Godly Land, he was signed for 20 million RMB by Kings Esports Club, thus making him a member of the Kings again .

In the past few days, Wei Wendong had been following Future Technology's news closely .

Godly Land's unexpected delays disrupted his streaming plans . What surprised him was that not only did it not influence his popularity, but it surprisingly attracted more viewers . He received over one hundred private messages each day, asking him when he would start streaming the VR MMORPG .

He could only tell his viewers with a bitter smile that the question was better directed at Jiang Chen – the President of Future Group .

Because the official launch date was approaching, the official forum of Godly Land was filled with emotions .

Wei Wendong flipped through the lines of unconstructive comments and attempted to gather some useful information from the netizens .

"Internal test secrets, first-hand game information released! Please call me Lei Feng! (1) Don't need to thank me!"

"OP is a dumba*s - you call this an internal test player?"


"Fu*k, is the server going to be launched or not? I'm going to sell the helmet and play something else . The Internet is so expansive - there are tons of other fun games out there!"

"OP, don't run . I'll pay 10,000, sell me the helmet! Contact me at …"

"Get out! I paid 4000 in tax already . I specifically went to the duty-free shop in Xin, but I was still charged tax when I got off the plane . "

"Hahaha, allow me to use a sad emoji . Also, if OP is willing to sell, I'll offer 11 thousand . "


"I'm a girl, Priest main . Please carry me, :) . "


There was no difference compared to yesterday - no constructive comments at all .

Although it was unfortunate, Wei Wendong felt relieved sitting in front of the computer .

Being an internal test player was his only advantage . Other than the basic game controls, the location of the regular missions, and the spawn points of monsters, he also discovered a class mission for a hidden class! Most of the hidden classes were unique or limited in number . He was most afraid that other internal test players would also discover the same secret and publish it online .

But by the looks of it now, his worries were completely extraneous . All the players wishing to make a mark in this era-defining global MMORPG were selfish; no one was willing to expose their trap card .

Finally, he made it to the date of the server launch . Wei Wendong adjusted his body into a comfortable position, laid on the bed with the helmet and muttered the start command .

It was the feeling of his spirit drifting away to another world .

Following the brief interruption of his consciousness, he appeared in the grey cube when he opened his eyes again .

He eagerly called out for the menu and he discovered in surprise that the icon to the Godly Land light up!

It was !

Just like Future Technology's official explanation, after character creation, he found the icon to record and stream .

Then he hovered over the icon to log out .

Perfect, the logout icon was also lit up .

Before he entered the game, he wondered if the plot in the movie occurred, what would he do if he was locked in the game? But by the looks of it now, his worries were completely excessive .

Although it was an open world, the new player village existed in the form of a scenario . This allowed new players to access guides and communicate their learnings to familiarize themselves with the game .

But even then, the new player village with the code 00001 was filled with people .

Wei Wendong ignored the long list of team invites, opened the game map, set the target to the middle of the village and walked there with hasty steps .

Compared to the newbies who were wandering around the village and touring the world, the internal test players already passed the phase of excitement upon entering an open virtual world . They went to the village center immediately, found the mayor and picked up their first newbie quest .

Kill ten demonic toads and gain the newbie title – the Demonic Toad Killer! The reward was three silver coins as well as a soul continuation candle .

But in the middle of the village, he saw a strange player . He was standing beside the mayor, but he didn't ask a question nor was he speaking with the mayor . He only muttered with his hand on his chin: "Is this house too small?" "The street is definitely too narrow," "The new player guide's skirt isn't short enough" and other sentences that sounded odd .

Suddenly, Wei Wendong noticed the mayor's annoyed expression and he instantly realized something .

Could it be…

A hidden quest!

Now long after, the odd player chatted with the mayor for a brief moment before leaving .

It looked like he accepted a quest!

Wei Wendong made up his mind and walked up, mimicking the other player's posture . He examined the village for a moment, pretending like he knew things . The mayor had a contemptuous look but wasn't moved at all .

His eyes seemed to be saying: "Too young, too simple . "

Seeing this, Wei Wendong gritted his teeth and made up his mind . His voice of criticism continued to rise higher and his questions began to become harsher . For example, he said the door wasn't placed properly for the best fortune, the window had poor lighting, the mayor's abilities were mediocre at best…

The mayor's expression began to change . First, he scoffed, then he ignored him by looking away and he finally turned cold .

Just as Wei Wendong was about to give up, the major jumped up in anger while cursing at Wei Wendong .

"I'm angry!"

[He-he can speak English?]

But the mayor didn't give him any hidden quest .

Not only that - what made Wei Wendong dumbfounded was that regardless of how much he begged the mayor to give him the mission, the mayor ignored him . Without that candle, he couldn't continue with the missions! Even NPCs could throw tantrums - this game was way too smart .

He was really angry .

(1) Lei Feng - An individual known for his life of good deeds .