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Chapter 592
Chapter 592: Virus Vaccine

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Jiang Chen had a relaxing time during the New Year, although he was never busy to begin with .

His parents insisted on going back to their hometown for a visit, so Jiang Chen sent his private plane with them . Although his parents said there was no need to be wasteful, Jiang Chen still insisted on his idea . He also arranged for bodyguards to protect the two elders .

Different from commercial airplanes, his private plane was equipped with heat luring missiles, making anti-air missiles mostly ineffective . Although he didn't think people would plot against his parents, it was better to be cautious .

With Celestial Trade's bodyguards on the surface and Ghost Agents hidden in the dark, there was no problem ensuring the safe of the two elders at all .

After sending them on the plane, Jiang Chen headed to New Moon Island and moved 20 newly manufactured T-3 power armors into the armory .

The soldiers who were training in the virtual reality training chamber mostly completed the training tasks . Xin and UA already experienced tension regarding the issue of MLL Islands . To respond to any potential threat, Celestial Trade could only strength its firearms in order to prevent any unexpected situationp .

Moro 11th brigade commander Chen Zhitian sent out a clean-up team to City K after speaking with Ivan on the phone .

With the assistance of the Scorpion tanks and the United Nations heavy trucks, cleaners with protective suits and shot guns headed out from the safe zone and gradually recovered the corpses scattered around the city . The bodies would be sent to the burners at the rural area for incrimination under the supervision of United Nations observers .

257,201 was the total fatality figure in this infection calculated by Moro .

The thick smoke of the incrimination added another hint of despair to the already in shambles city .

Some people captured this despairing scene through paintings . The fragility of life was exquisitely painted through the trail of smokes . But the pain of the living intensified the tragedy of the situation . The painting was later showcased at the International Painting Festival and made all viewers stop and ponder .

On the other hand, the the anti-infection medicine produced by Takeda Pharmaceutical, known as "mint-flavored candy" hit the market . After the medicine was proven effective clinically, the survivors at the safe zone finally welcomed the day the quarantine ended .

But there were clear flaws to the medicine .

The person taking the drug could not be granted with permanent resistance to the T virus . In three years, they must take another dosage of the pill in order to maintain resistance . The most critical fact was that consuming multiple dosages of the medicine would decrease the effective of and hence lower one's immunity against the T virus .

The second the clinical result was published, it caught Jiang Chen's attention .

Ladisiv confessed to Jiang Chen that before he was executing the mission, he took a mint-flavored pill .

Based on what the dead Kurofune member Giles said, it was the medicine that granted immunity against the infection .

Takeda Pharmaceutical could bring out the antidote to the T virus was suspicious in nature . But Jiang Chen was uncertain if Kurofune controlled Takeda Pharmaceutical or there was an exchange of interest between the two parties .

Regardless, this corporation was playing with fire .

But due to the insufficient amount of evidence, Ladisiv's words alone could not prove direct connection between Takeda Pharmaceutical and the infection that broke out in the city of Kejia . Nepon government absolutely would not sanction their star enterprise based on Jiang Chen's one-sided warning and accusation .

Jiang Chen could only hope that the Ghost Agent sent to Yoto could bring him good news .

After Takeda Pharmaceutical introduced the "pill", Future Biology also brought out corresponding research results – injection type T virus vaccine . The patient taking the vaccine would be granted with permanent immunity against the T virus that broke out in City K . And there would be no possibility of being infected by that the virus in at least 50 years .

Once the vaccine hit the market, it received wide recognition from the international community and directly impacted Takeda Pharmaceutical's sales .

Regardless of costs or clinical results, Future Biology's vaccine was far superior with the only minor drawback being the production quantity . Takeda Pharmaceutical had to call an urgent press release promising for the development of a more effective anti-virus medicine or vaccine .

Because the vaccine problem was solve, the international medical teams in the city began to gradually leave .

Future Biology invested in a new pharmaceutical plant in Kejia and expanded the daily vaccine production amount to 100 thousand per day . A lot of international and national heal organizations ordered the vaccine . Based on the estimation provided by Tao Ming, because of the gap of T virus vaccine on the international market, Future Biology's 2017 earnings could exceed 12 billion USD!

Although it was only the beginning of the year, when he made the estimate, he voice was filled with certainty .

Even then, Future Biology's financial report was nowhere comparable to Future Technology .

At the end of February, Godly Land was already on the right track and the media had an overwhelmingly positive reception . Based on the report from Future Technology's new CEO Ning Huajian, Godly Land had 110 million active users .

Sitting on such a massive amount of users, even though game was free, there was no need to worry about profitability .

Future Technology gained a large amount of operating experience from New Era . And these experiences were worth being utilized into Godly Land . For example, the auction system and the costume system . Without interfering with the game's playability, they maximized the profitability channels .

But followed the launch of the global server, the small questions missed during the internal testing phase were gradually discovered and fixed with the help of the developers in the apocalypse .

For example, people would become too addicted and spent all day in the virtual world, completely forgetting day and night . The Phantom will not cause any physiological damage to the user's body, but lying on the bed without moving for a long time was damaging to the body itself, and this is without the discussion of eating and drinking water .

To tackle this, Du Yongkang and his programmers added a status panel in the user's menu . Based on the body's response to the brain to confirm the hunger and thirst level of the body, once it was determined to be abnormal, it would remind the player in the field of vision . If the player neglect the warning, the helmet will auto log out to act as a protection mechanism .

On the other hand, to prevent players from becoming too addicted to the virtual world, Future Technology added some limits to gaming time . Based on the time zone of the player, between 8 at night to 6 in the morning, the player's experience and gold reward was 100% . In the day time, any gaming time over 8 hours will be considered tired status with reward level only at 50% . 24 hours of continuous time online (The gap between each login is less than one hour) will trigger the protection mechanism .

Of course, the protection mechanism only applied to workdays . Holidays and weekends restricted the limit on time online with the consideration of people's habit of playing all night long .

Future Technology would introduce the virtual reality hibernation chamber in the future .

With the protection of the nutrient liquid, users could remain in sleep state for an extensive amount of time without causing damage to the body . At that time, players who bought the hibernation chamber which is equivalent to VIP users will be granted the ability to stay online for a continuous period of time until all nutrient liquid is exhausted .

But Jiang Chen thought that for the rich players that could afford the half a million hibernation chambers, they probably won't have that much time to play the game .

But he also knew that in the near future, the application of virtual reality was not limited to gaming . It will become a tool that completely changes everyone's life .

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The word incrimination being used when referencing the furnaces for burning corpses in the 8th, 9th & 10th paragraphs is wrong. Incrimination derives from ‘criminal’. The word you should use in reference to the corpses burning in the furnaces is ‘incineration’ which derives from ‘incinerator’ (another name for a furnace.)

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