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Chapter 595: 595
Chapter 595: Extremely Greedy
Translator: _Min_ Editor: Rundi

Jiang Chen hung up the phone . Seeing it was around lunchtime, he put the task at hand aside and headed to the elevator .

The Future Building was 110 floors above the ground with five floors being dining space with a variety of gourmet foods . With Future Group funding it, reputable food companies were contracted to provide dining service for all 6000 employees in the building .

Future Group had a lot of money, it was not only reflected on the President's bank account, but it was also reflected in the daily work and bank account of each employee . Jiang Chen will never mistreat his own employees; Future Group's bonus each year was generous to the point of it being shocking .

The low cost of research and unrivaled competition in the market brought Future Group a high profitability margin . Jiang Chen's requirements for all employees were just asking them to have the ability to accept new knowledge, as well as the most critical sense of belonging and loyalty .

Jiang Chen's office was located in the uppermost office space and the highest floor of the entire building . If he were eating at the company, he would usually head to the diner on the 100th floor . His appetite was always excellent when he watched the island change because of him .

Medium Australia coal-roasted steak, spaghetti, mashed potato, eggs, as well as a bowl of rich and thick chicken mushroom soup .

The seat along the left window was his special spot . Since Jiang Chen always sat here, the employees of the company left the seat specifically for their president . Respect will cause distance . Although Jiang Chen acted friendly to everyone and even could be said to not to bureaucratic at all, the employees would still leave a safe distance out of habit .

This point was reflected on the fact that all the employees that saw Jiang Chen would greet him warmly and they were happy to chat with him during breaks, but no one would sit across from him when eating . If the diner were not crowded, people usually wouldn't sit near him . Partially because they didn't want to disturb him, and partially because they didn't know if he wanted people to sit with him .

Of course, it could be because of the fear of height, since it was the window seat on the 100th floor .

Jiang Chen described this phenomenon as the "emperor vibe", but he didn't mind it personally since he was a person that enjoyed the quietness .

"The steak is not bad today, it is a pity that Ayesha is not here . " He chewed on a piece of steak and nodded in approval .

Ayesha had a particularly fond relationship with beef, but because she was at New Moon Island today taking care of tasks regarding the Ghost Agents, she was not at the Future Building .

While Jiang Chen was untiringly enjoying the scenery outside and feeding delicious gourmet foods into his mouth, the sound of high heels approached him before he noticed a person sat down across from him .

When Jiang Chen saw the gorgeous but cold face, the fork stopped by his mouth for two seconds, but he quickly returned to his normal state and smiled at her .

"Are you going to eat here?"

"I always eat here, okay?" Xia Shiyu placed the tray on the table and said nonchalantly .

Fruit salad, corn soup, croissant… no meat .

Xia Shiyu saw Jiang Chen was staring at his plate and she tilted her head, puzzled .

"Is there a problem?"

"No… will you be full?" Jiang Chen felt a bit shocked .

"Mhmm, because…" Xia Shiyu couldn't tell him that because she sat for too long, therefore her legs got a bit wider . Therefore she opened her mouth, but then swallowed the words down and said, "Don't really have the appetite . "

"Take care of your body, don't catch a cold . " Jiang Chen then masticated .

[You're already so thin, and you still eat this little, I'm afraid you'll be blown away during a typhoon…]

Xia Shiyu didn't know what Jiang Chen was thinking, she bit into the small tomato before she replied in a whisper .

"Mhmm . "

After the kiss at the end of the year ball, the two didn't have lunch like this for a long time . But after the New Year's Eve dinner, although nothing happened, it magically brought them closer together .

After getting to know her, Xia Shiyu who always had a distant expression, surprisingly was easy to get to . Sometimes Jiang Chen thought it would be great to maintain their current relationship . They could discuss anything work or life-related .

Although he knew it was impossible .

The conversation then turned into work . Jiang Chen remembered the conversation with Liu Xiangguo and then told her what they discussed on the phone .

"We have to put the 1 . 4 billion people market aside for now . "

Jiang Chen sounded casual, but he was very reluctant to do so .

Based on the stats published at the end of 2016, the total number of Han netizens broke through the 700 million mark and more than doubled the population of the UA . Even if every netizen's fee was 10 RMB per month, it was monthly earnings of 7 billion and at least 12 . 9 billion USD of earning per year . If providing the Wi-Fi service required seven large quantum communication satellites, the yearly maintenance cost would be around 700 million USD . After all miscellaneous expenses, the net profit could easily surpass 500 million USD .

Since Celestial Trade didn't require an actual storefront, payment could be done online and acquiring the service would just need the user to have an account and the APP and the savings in labor and rent were substantial enough . While the current incumbents have a monopoly, their 2015 revenue of 331 billion RMB only netted a profit of 20 billion RMB .

"I'm the current CEO of Future Group, are you discussing this with the wrong person?" Xia Shiyu joked .

The satellite Wi-Fi plan was Celestial Trade's project . While Celestial Trade's projects were working to serve Future Group without directly pursuing a profit, the management and share structure was independent .

"What's the big deal? Besides, the software maintenance service of the satellite Wi-Fi project is provided by Future Technology . Also, I want to hear your opinion," Jiang Chen said .

"What's the big deal? Besides, the software maintenance service of the satellite Wi-Fi project is provided by Future Technology . Also, I want to hear your opinion," Jiang Chen said .

"The relationships there are too complicated . My recommendation is to remain cautious and avoid the interests chain . " Xia Shiyu gave it a thought and carefully suggested, "To avoid affecting the group's other business sectors . "

"So you're just letting that 10 billion USD sit there?" Jiang Chen let out a sigh before he stuffed a tomato in his mouth .

"Of course not," A confident curvature appeared on Xia Shiyu's red lips, "If Celestial Trade's Wi-Fi covers the entire world and completely outcast the submarine cable service, could they still reject you?"

Jiang Chen first took a moment to process before he smiled delightfully .

They could surprisingly be on the same page

'Reject? You have to be able to reject first!'

After the meal, Xia Shiyu picked up the napkin and elegantly cleaned off the salad sauce from the tip of her mouth . She hesitated for a moment while looking at Jiang Chen still working on the steak before speaking .

"Can I… Can I ask you a personal question?"

"Go ahead," Jiang Chen openly said .

"What's your view on Ayesha?"

Jiang Chen's fork froze, he began to regret saying yes so freely .

"Is this a topic related to work?"

"Is this a topic related to work?"

"This is lunch time . "

Jiang Chen closed his eyes and gently said the words Xia Shiyu didn't want to hear .

"An important person to me . "

With a hint of remorse quickly fading in her eyes, Xia Shiyu looked down .

"Then how do you look at me . "

Jiang Chen said sternly while looking at her face .

"An important person to me . "

In the black pupils, surprise and anger were mixed together .

Without knowing how to reply to the answer, Xia Shiyu bit her lips, stood up, and picked up the tray .

Just as when she passed by Jiang Chen, she stepped on his foot fiercely .

Without caring for Jiang Chen's exaggerated scream, she left in quick steps .

Jiang Chen wiped off his shoes with a napkin and looked peculiarly at the elegant figure before letting out a long sigh .

Sometimes he thought he was extremely greedy…

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