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Chapter 596
Chapter 596: Global Situation

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Although Jiang Chen was stomped by Xia Shiyu's high heel, his mood was particularly delighted .

Not to be mistaken, it wasn't because he was an M . It was just that he thought it is refreshing to see Xia Shiyu, who normally didn't like to smile, displaying such a womanly character .

When he returned to the office, he took the stack of documents organized by the assistant and started the afternoon's work .

With Future Group's business expanding globally, as the president who must provide a strategic direction for the company, it was mandatory for him to follow the news to be aware of the global situation .

February of 2017 .

The UA Congress officially passed the defense budget and permanently established the most advanced missile interception system in the eastern Pacific to replace the previous system .

At the same, the UA Congress was holding discussions on whether they should sell the replaced missile defense system to Country F and they were wondering if this would cause tensions with Hua .

Jiang Chen wasn't too worried about the new system . It certainly existed in UA before, but it still couldn't manage to capture the Dolphin-10 flying in the near-earth orbit .

The newest defense system was equipped with a state-of-the-art active phased array radar that could be used to track enemy ballistic missiles in the early phase and allow for interception at the end phase .

But it was futile . In order to track Dolphin-10 at the launch stage and intercept it during flight, it would require the most advanced passive phased array radar .

Of course, UA wouldn't admit that the move was a precaution against Celestial Trade . They only explained to the media that the missile system was directed at North Korea's fireworks - wait, no, their ICBM .

On the other hand, the International Energy Summit was held in Wanghai . During the summit, the international leaders discussed the exploration progress of shale gas, combustible ice, and the applications of new energy sources .

The summit was great news for Future Heavy Indutries since it has a focus on the pure electric car battery sector .

A total of 147 patents for electrode materials, membrane components, new electrolytes and high-energy additives for solid-state lithium-air batteries applied through PCT were approved by patent offices in various countries . For the first time, Future Group was invariably welcomed by patent offices from countries around the world .

At the same time, Future Group's car battery project scientists managed to process technology from the apocalypse only half a step ahead of the modern world and they designed the first model of the MIX1 pure electric car battery .

The specifications of the "MIX" would be used as the standard in the next ten years for all pure electric vehicles .

The MIX1 battery was being built in a plant located in New Guinea and they received orders from Jiang Chen to invest in Luer Automotive Company . The company pushed out a pure electric vehicle and landed first in France's automotive market . While they received France's New Energy Funding subsidy, the price tag of 60,000 Euros received the support from mid-to-low end customers .

At the same time, Luer's application for an IPO was approved with a price of 15 Euros for a total of 10 million shares . The 10 million shares accounted for 20% of the total shares outstanding and the IPO price represented a Price of Earning ratio of 11 times .

Jiang Chen's share controls hence changed from 80% to 64% as a result of the IPO .

On the day of the offering, Luer's share price peaked to 18 . 3 Euros before stabilizing at around 17 Euros .

Jiang Chen purchased Luer shares for 100 million USD at the Ber Auto Exhibition and the IPO predicted the investment to be worth 760 million USD . But that was just the beginning - once Luer entered Europe and the rest of the world; it was inevitable for the company's market cap to break 10 billion .

Electric vehicles would be the future, just like how diesel vehicles would become part of the meusems like steam vehicles before . It was inevitable as the wheel of history turned .

Finally, there was news from Europe .

From the Paris Opera at the beginning of 2016 to the Berlin train station and the Frankberg terrorist attack at the end of the year, the flames of terrorism ignited panic among the public and ignited heightened patriotism .

Fear was always the catalyst to hatred . In the last century, people spread hatred due to bankruptcy . Right now, no one felt guilty about refugees .

The first was Frankberg . The more radical New Choice Party came into power with the party leader Peter elected as the new prime minister . He declared that Frankberg was no longer a camp for refugees all over the world . Refugees would no longer enjoy the same treatment as their own nationals . Any illegal immigrants would be sanctioned . If you couldn't find a job there, you must get out!

Reinstate death sentences for terrorists!

Expand the national anti-terrorist force!

All anti-terrorists missions were given the permission to shoot right away .

Crete's list of radical movements received criticism from human rights activists, but it received the support of most Frankberg people .

Next was France, the home base for the Rothschild family . Although they were nowhere near as radical, they were following the movement .

Could this solve the problem? No . It might even make the problem worse .

But satirically, the refugee problem had plagued Europe for so long, and the crisis facing a separated Europe was resolved perfectly .

Governments with the same ideology could do their best to understand and compromise for each other . Before, around the roundtable of Europe, people would argue about one problem nonstop to the point where countries were threatening to leave . While there were still ten people, the opinions were no longer divided .

They were a family now .

At least on the refugee crisis, the previously divergent Europe no longer shared any disparities of opinion .

At the back of the "radicalization movement," Jiang Chen saw the shadow of the Rothschilds .

Looks like Evelyn lost . Although Jiang Chen helped him escape to Austria, the power of a deputy prime minister wasn't enough to turn the tables against the longstanding Rothschilds, especially since it wasn't just Rothschild power alone behind all of this .

The allies of the old aristocracy weren't to be underestimated .

When Jiang Chen put his newspaper down, he suddenly had an odd idea in his head .

The Rothschild family was connected to The Golden Apple, so which side did they represent?

90 years ago, during the darkest era of humanity, the SS Nature Selection set sail from Gliese 581g .

At the same time, Willie Society was formed with the support of the Rothschilds, and the tool to communicate with "heaven," the Golden Apple, was transferred into the Nazi's hands . The Nippon Emperor who visited Europe had the idea of using "the alien force to conquer the world' after witnessing the powerful Europe…

This was an entanglement from 20 . 5 light years away .

Just like a spider that weaved an invisible spider web that was disguised as part of the history .

Jiang Chen had the feeling that he was close to the truth . Maybe he was even standing at the gateway to the truth .

But what could the truth be?