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Chapter 598
Chapter 598: Speaking of Robots and Maids

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Of course, Jiang Chen watched Big Hero 6 before and had a deep impression of Baymax, who looked humbled and cute normally . But he was cool when he fought, and acted as a warmhearted maid . Even from a commercial point of view, Baymax was one of the more successful characters Disney created in recent years .

"Housework robot? Baymax?" Jiang Chen looked curiously at the 3D visualization on the computer screen and adjusted the angle with the turn of the mouse .

Human structure with the outside covered in polyethylene . To avoid causing unwanted physiological effects, the head of the robot was designed to be cylindrical, but the other parts replicated a human body . The legs were designed with both wheels and walking mode to suit both flat ground and stairs .

Amos was being too humble . Not only was he knowledgeable in robots and artificial intelligence, but he had quite an understanding of human ergonomics .

"Sweeping, washing dishes, simple gourmet skills, even fixing light bulbs, sinks, and simple woodwork…"

"The functionalities are nice, but is there a market for this?" Jiang Chen noticed the robot's blueprints wrote that the skeleton required a titanium alloy, and the special polyethylene material used to cover the body wasn't cheap, even produced at scale .

The price of the robot might not be the nicest .

Unless people were extremely lazy, they could do housework by themselves .

"There is no low end market, but there should be a mid to high tier market . Because of living habits, Asians might not need it, but Americans definitely would love it .

UA had a high cost of labor, but their living spaces were particularly large . Therefore, the housework robot could have a positive market outlook in UA and European countries . As for the Asian market, just with Future Group's brand power alone, the sales won't be too shabby either .

Jiang Chen was becoming more pleased with the robot still in its conceptual stage .

Not only the robot, but he was also extremely pleased with Amos .

Precisely speaking, it would be the first Future brand product developed by the modern world . The doctor from Ber didn't disappoint . Not only did he digest the programming language from the apocalypse as a "beginner," he also designed an interesting product .

"I'm extremely pleased with this product, but basic artificial intelligence and D++ programming language—"

"I know . These are all corporate secrets, but this housework robot can be considered part of Future Group's assets . My only request is to include my name as one of the developers of the robot," Amos said immediately .

"No, you've mistaken what I meant . " Jiang Chen shook his head . "The program and robot are designed by you, so of course it will have your name . This robot will be manufactured by Future Heavy Industries, and I hope you can design the production line yourself . Future Group will use the authentication of the database and 200 million USD to invest in this project for 80% control . What do you think?"

Amos was processing the information .

He didn't think Jiang Chen would be so generous .

The housework robot's research was initiated a long time ago, but due to restraints in technology, he couldn't control the program's usage within the capabilities of the control chip . He had to either reduce the functionality of the robot or design a more powerful control chip .

But D++ programming language solved his problem perfectly . The utilization of the basic artificial intelligence database not only made the robot more user-friendly, but it also made its logical responses more human . He also designed a program similar to Little White in Future 1 . 0 where it allowed the robot to communicate with the user .

Without Future Group providing the basic artificial intelligence database and D++ programming language, he absolutely couldn't finish the next generational housework robot .

Especially since he completed the final design using Future Group's lab . From an intellectual property point of view, the robot belonged to Future Group . Therefore, when Jiang Chen talked about the database authentication problem, he straightforwardly said the robot belonged to Jiang Chen .

He just didn't think Jiang Chen would offer cooperation and give him a percentage of the profits .

Amos wouldn't say no to Jiang Chen's generosity because there was absolutely no reason to do so . Out of the spirit of scientific research, he couldn't do something that used other people's research to profit himself, even if the creator hadn't applied for a patent and only corporate secrets belonged to Future Group . But that didn't mean he disliked money .

Of course, he was thankful for Jiang Chen's offer . Since the work was the result of all his efforts, it would be impossible to say he didn't want a cut .

With Future Group providing the funds and authentication while he could garner 20% of the profit without taking any risk, it was undoubtedly generosity to the extreme . As for the designing the production line, it wouldn't be hard for him at all .

"Regarding the details of the production line, I want you to reference some recommendations . Before that, could you ask your daughter to give us some space?" Jiang Chen smiled at the little girl standing at the door to the living room .

Amos nodded and signaled his daughter to close the door then he looked back at Jiang Chen .

"Is it something inappropriate for other people to know? You don't have to worry; my Millian is very thoughtful . "

"It's true that it's inappropriate for other people to know… but rather than that being the reason, it is embarrassing to say . " Jiang Chen lowered his voice and leaned toward Amos while suppressing the discomfort in his mind . "If we're talking about the three keywords: artificial intelligence, robot, and maid, did you not think about adult toys?"

"How could I have thought about that?"

"It was weird for you not to think about it!"

Therefore, the two almost started an argument .

]Stats suggested that the Han adult toy market demand exceeded over 50 billion in 2015 . The annual compounded growth rate of the market from 2006 to 2016 was 30%, ranked highest out of the entire profiteering industry . As for how big the global market was, no reliable data could provide an estimate . But it wouldn't be a small number nonetheless .

Note, it was the size of the market!

It was too wasteful just to create a housework robot with artificial intelligence and special polyethylene that could mimic the touch of human skin . Why not build a product that could satisfy the needs for all the singles out there from the existing design?

It could do housework, it could cook, it could warm your bed, and it wouldn't throw a tantrum . Where else could you find such a great partner?

It was, of course, necessary to have a housework robot with only housework capabilities for all ages, but it was necessary to also have an R-18 simulated housework robot!

But then Amos would have to work harder .

Although he had experience in researching human ergonomics, he had no knowledge in adult toys at all . To incorporate the simulation of facial expressions, the contents from the basic artificial intelligence database related to personality and emotion, new positions and other new elements must all be included .

In order to reduce his workload, Jiang Chen increased the budget of the lab and ordered Amos to establish a project team to specifically design the "highly simulated" robot still in its conceptual stage .

Before he left the lab, he repeatedly warned him .

The program in the chip must be encrypted by Future Group encryption software . The basic artificial intelligence database was one of the core technologies that led the world . Even if D++ would be released to the public later, the artificial intelligence database would absolutely not be released this early .

Unless Future Group gained new advantages .

After taking care of everything, Jiang Chen returned to the apocalypse and went to see Du Yongkong with the software Amos designed .

"The development of the program has a computer rating at least C . " Du Yongkong reluctantly nodded after he tested the software out .

"If it was before the war and this guy went to your company, would you hire him?" Jiang Chen asked .

Not understanding the General's meaning, Du Yongkong debated for a while then carefully articulated, "Ability is only part of the hiring process . The game studio I worked for placed more emphasis on creativity and passion for work . A design level project for university can only prove that he didn't waste his four years in university . My department may want him, or may not want him . "

Jiang Chen forced a smile .

If the former university professor Amos heard that the program he diligently worked on only looked like a design project for graduation, would the dual doctor professor, renowned as a genius, fight him?

"Could you assign him to my department?" Seeing as Jiang Chen was about to leave, Du Yongkong asked .

"Didn't you say his abilities are only at a university graduation project level?" Jiang Chen rolled his eyes .

"I'll be okay even if he's a high school student . Our department is really lacking people! At least he has a C rating! He meets the standard! You promised us that once there are people who fit, you'll assign them to our department…"

Once he saw Du Yongkong starting to beg and plead for people, Jiang Chen dashed out without hesitation before he got on his knees asking for more people…

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